Thursday, May 15, 2014

Kerastase Paris Densifique Collection Preview

Launching in the US in May, the Kérastase DensifiqueCollection is the first line of luxury care to address life-stressed hair and is designed to focus upon hair density. The Makeup Examiner was thrilled to preview the newest offering from Kérastase Paris and the science behind this new collection is rather fascinating, as it combines several tech-based solutions to counter everything from loss of root thickness to loss of shine and resilience.

Based upon a found link between life stressors and women suffering from thinning hair, the Kérastase Densifique Collection takes a multi-targeted approach by addressing the problem from root to ends. “The effects of ‘life-stressed hair’ – loss of density, shine and resilience – can be brought on at any stage in a woman’s life. From the stress of a break-up or finding your first job in your 20’s, to pregnancy or divorce in your 30’s, or the multitude of health and hormonal shifts that occur in a woman’s 40’s, 50’s and beyond.” explains Barbara De Laere, VP and General Manager of Kérastase USA.

Unlike prescription or OTC remedies aimed at hair loss, Densifique takes a multifaceted approach suitable for anyone frustrated by loss of density for any reason. The Densifique collection uses innovation from the L’Oréal Advanced Research Laboratories in Paris to treat the three hair growth zones – roots, lengths and ends – with a proprietary renewal complex of ceramides, gluco-peptides and hyaluronic acid. So, now that you’ve had your science lesson for the day, let’s check out the products!

The Kérastase Densifique Collection offers three products, all of which smell delicious and are actually very effective. The Makeup Examiner tapped her mother to test the collection and she too agreed that the line smells amazing, but was more thrilled with the results. I can’t state my mother’s age because I enjoy my life, but the factors that have led to her issues with thinning hair are a combination of hormonal shifts and life-stressors [Life-Stressor -- She’s The Makeup Examiner’s Mother! ;)].

Densifique Collection:

Densifique Bain Densité ($39) - Formulated with Ceramides and Hyaluronic Acid, Bain Densité gently cleanses while helping strengthen hair from the root to ends. It leaves the hair more supple, resistant and denser-looking.

Densifique Masque Densité ($62.50) – Is a unique gel-texture mask, which combines Gluco-Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid to create immediate hair transformation as soon as it is applied, provides smoothness and lightness to hair that is lacking density. The hair is regenerated from roots to ends. The Makeup Examiner couldn’t resist testing the Masque Densité and found that it delivered great luster to my hair.

Densifique Densimorphose Mousse ($42) - This decadent, skin-care inspired rich mousse is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Gluco-Peptides that instantly transforms the hair, fiber by fiber for a visible volume result. The hair fiber is suppler, beginning at the roots, and the hair is light and shiny.

Hands-down, the Kérastase Densifique Collection is worth trying according to TME’s mother/model. The Kérastase Densifique Collection will be available in May at KérastaseConsultant Salons and online at Kérastase. For more information about this transformative line, check out Kérastase on Facebook and YouTube.


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