Sunday, May 25, 2014

Bond No. 9 To Offer Free Full Size Perfume Refills

Who doesn’t love a good secret? Well Bond No. 9 apparently loves to keep secrets like the formulas for their award-winning eau de parfum and perhaps customer secrets … But, the brand has recently disclosed a major secret about a very special refill program.

Quietly in operation since 2007, Bond No. 9 has held a semiannual free refill program. The program is whispered about among the most passionately committed of the brand’s loyal cognoscenti and connoisseurs. So popular is this semiannual event that many Bond No. 9 aficionados use the opportunity to stock up on as-yet untried scents. 7 years is a very long time to keep this delectable transaction a secret.

So for spring 2014 Bond No. 9 has let the cat out of the bag or in this case … let the scent in the bottle. Here’s how it works: From Thursday, May 29 through Wednesday, June 11, you bring your empty scent containers -- regardless of brand -- to any Bond No. 9 counter. By way of thanks, the brand will reward you with a large-size (100ml) bottle of your choice. Just one caveat: You must purchase any two Bond No. 9 items, excluding pocket sprays. The upshot? You’ll be in possession of three new bottles of perfume.

To find a store near you, visit Bond No. 9.

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