Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Met Ball Beautiful with Hair by Adir Abergel

The Met Gala took place Monday, May 5th at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. And, as always, the stars were shining brightly for this annual fundraiser. The Met Ball served as an opening celebration for The Met’s annual fashion exhibit, which features designer Charles James in a new show titled “Beyond Fashion”. In a TME exclusive, Adir Abergel, whose name is absolutely synonymous with Red Carpet Glam, shares the how-tos for Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart and Maggie Q!

Anne Hathaway - Inspiration: “With her Calvin Klein dress, it had great long lines, so I knew I wanted to continue with that and do a hairstyle that would emphasize and elongate her gorgeous neckline. We decided because her hair has grown in with a little more length that we should do a faux up-do,” shared Adir.

HOW TO: Anne had just washed her hair before I arrived so starting on damp hair, I set in a deep side part and sprayed Suave Volumizing Root Boost Spray and started to rough-dry just using my hands. I wanted to use my hands to get a really nice texture in her hair. Once the hair was dried, I sprayed a little Suave Touchable Finish Lightweight Spray to add texture and separation so it wasn't so sleek. The look we wanted was a faux updo, I started the styling by Spraying a little Suave Moroccan Infusion weightless dry shampoo and back combing the crown give great lift on top. To start the back I twisted the back of her hair into a tight twist and then used hairpins to secure it into place. Once the back was into the twist I sprayed more of the Suave Lightweight Hairspray for hold. I Finish Anne's faux updo and I left her fringe down and swept to the side with added texture.  The side swept bang gave it the softness and a more angled look I was looking for.

Kristen Stewart – Inspiration: “After seeing the Chanel dress, I knew immediately I wanted to do a braid with knots in the back but with a great 40's inspired wave in the front.  Because her hair is colored and a little damaged, I wanted to make sure the products I used were moisturizing and would help me get a great finish in the hair”.

HOW TO: I first started by blow-drying Kristen's hair with KMS Free Shape 2-in-1 Leave In from roots to ends, which acts like a great heat styler and adds moisture. Then I layered KMS Add Volume Volumizing Spray on the roots.  Once the hair was prepped I rough-dried it using just my hands no round brush.  Once it was 100% dried I put in a deep side part.  Once the side part was determined I took sections of hair on the top front section and curled it around a 1 1/4 in curling iron and pinned to cool and set. After about 10 minutes, I took the hair down and brushed with a Mason Pearson brush into a gorgeous wave and used the KMS Hair Play Wax to smooth out the waves, the wax was perfect because its not too heavy or greasy.  On the sides I pulled it back into a French braid and half way down started to change it into a fish tail. Once the braid was finished I sprayed KMS Hair Stay Maximum Hold Spray and pulled the braid out to give it an undone feel that I love.

Maggie Q – Inspiration:  “The Zac Posen dress she chose had such great volume and drama on the bottom and was nice a sleek with a great high neckline, that I immediately started pulling from Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. I wanted a classic updo but with a very modern twist”.

HOW TO: Maggie has great thick hair so I wanted to start by giving her a great blow out as a base.  I sprayed Rene Furterer Volumizing Root Boost Spray and started my round brush blow-dry using boar bristle brush. The boar bristles gives great shine and luster to the hair.  Once Maggie's blow-dry was finished I put in a clean center part, and used Rene Furterer Sculpting Gel to smooth and slick her hair into a low ponytail. To clean it up any extra fly-aways I rubbed a little Rene Furterer Style Wax into my hands to heat it up and ran it over the top and sides.  To start the bun, I teased the ponytail to make it big and followed it by smoothing the top section only, using my Mason Pearson brush.  Then I wrapped the ends under and created a bun in the shape of a half moon, using large bobby pins to secure it into place making sure I crisscrossed the pins for the most amount of hold. Once the bun was secure I sprayed Rene Furterer Vegetal Finishing Spray and shaped the bun into the final shape.

You can more Red Carpet and Celebrity Glam from Adir at @hairbyadir

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