Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Rock Revival Rose Limited Edition Perfume Review

Buckle introduced their Limited Edition Rock Revival Rose Eau de Parfum in February and it’s the second in a series of Limited Edition Rock Revival perfumes from the brand. With an obvious objective to appeal to the rocker chic that lives inside all of us, the packaging hits the mark.

Rock Revival Rose ($49.95 - 3.4oz) comes packaged in an embossed and embellished rose gold box that matches the perfume bottle, which shimmers gold and has a metallic rose gold cap that’s studded with rhinestones. Aesthetically the bottle is fun, edgy and a little kick-ass. The bottle in and of itself peeks interest … but … The Makeup Examiner is not an easy woman to please and her interest fades fast.

Top Notes: Apple, Passionfruit, Quince, Nectarine
Mid Notes: Peach, Jasmine, Lush Rose, Magnolia
Base Notes: Sugared Musk, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Amber, Sandalwood

First spritz brings a nice apple and fruit scent, which quickly dissipates into a twirl of, well, The Makeup Examiner isn’t quite sure how to describe what the perfume smells like from mid note to drydown other then to say it’s olfaction overload. Drydown is straight up musk that had TME running for a cotton ball and witch hazel. Rock Revival Rose is a heavy scent that I, personally, didn’t care for.

With that said, we know that perfume is unique to the wearer and TME readers know that I’m going to ask (wrangle) one or more friends to test out products. This time, TME chose Bryne as her tester. Bryne’s experience was slightly different then mine, and although she had stated that drydown also left a heavy scent of the base notes, she enjoyed the fragrance and recommended it for a cooler weather scent.

Bottom line, Rock Revival Rose is a heavy fragrance. It isn’t one that TME would choose for herself, but it isn’t noxious or cheap smelling either. Limited Edition Rock Revival Rose Eau de Parfum is available online at Buckle and Buckle Stores nationwide. Check out more from Buckle on Facebook and Twitter.

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