Thursday, July 3, 2014

American Beauty

4th of July is a time for everyone in America to rejoice in their independence. American Pride lights the evening skies on America’sIndependence Day in the form of fireworks, family and friends gather to enjoy traditional American fare, and we all celebrate the beauty of red, white, and blue. Speaking of American fare, checkout a few Independence Day Cocktail Recipes, as you peruse American Beauty Trends throughout history and see how the trends of yesteryear have made their way back around!

1920’s: Bobbed hair and finger waves were the “it” hairstyle during this time. Anyone who has attended school for Cosmetology can attest to learning how to create finger waves! Makeup was worn bold for the first time as an acceptable attractive trend. Black eyeliner was applied generously to add to the dramatic look of flapper dresses. Eyebrows were usually penciled in high on the face and kept thin. Powder was used generously to keep skin looking pale.

1930’s: Hollywood influenced beauty heavily (as it does today). Women wanted their hair color to match the hair of their favorite on-screen actresses. Platinum blondes, redheads, and brunettes each had their Hollywood icon to emulate. Powders for pale skin lost their popularity and women used foundations that matched their complexions. The “cupid’s bow” became a must-do, with women lining their upper lip for the perfect pout.

1940’s: Brows began to return to a slightly more natural look versus pencil thin, and a bold brow was popular. Red lipstick made its way to become a true beauty staple for all women. Rosy cheeks, achieved by blush, were a popular makeup technique. This is the time matching your nail polish to your outfit became very popular and leaving the “half-moon” at the bottom of you nail unpainted was the style.

1950’s: During the ‘50s women were expected never to leave the house looking any less perfect. Even a quick trip to the market meant full-on market and coiffed hair. Loose soft curls and waves grazed the heads of all women. Peaches and pinks were now incorporated widely into women’s beauty routines. Think soft peach cheeks with a pink pout. Lip liners were now used to accentuate the mouth.

1960’s: This era belonged to Twiggy. Eyes were everything, the bigger the better. Fake lashes became a must-have and no look was ever complete with many coats of mascara. Hair was either kept as a short pixie cut for that mod-girl look or long and flowing with minimal product for the ‘60s hippie look.

1970’s: Farrah Fawcett influenced women’s hair greatly at this time. Long layers and classic feathery style was what most women wanted. For the first time ever women began using bronzers and self-tanners. The bronzed look was very in during this time.

1980’s: There wasn’t enough hairspray on the planet. Big was in. Big hair, big shoulder pads … it was bad. Blue eyeshadows and bold colored liners became very trendy. Thanks to Brook Shields, the best brows were now thick and natural.

1990’s: Grunge and androgyny were the two looks that dominated the ‘90’s. The “bed-head” look became very in vogue. Minimal makeup was used amongst women. The classic 90’s haircut was “the Rachel” named after Jennifer Anniston’s character on the hit TV show Friends.

2000’s: Beauty takes a bit from history with an added modern spin. Hair extensions are very popular, as well as lash extensions. While many women go for bronzers, contouring, and lots of makeup, just as many women are opting for a natural look in their beauty routines. The biggest trend, and one that I hope will remain, is great looking skin. The best beauty “secret” that will be forever timeless is taking care of one’s skin!

Happy 4th of July Beautynistas! Have fun, stay safe, and remain beautiful! 

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