Tuesday, July 1, 2014

NARS Nails Reformulated

NARS announced June 30, the introduction of NARS new Nail Polish, which is a brilliantly curated palette of enamels featuring a flexible, high gloss finish for a freshly painted look that lasts. With a unique combination of resins and polymers, the upgraded formula is designed to improve wear and strengthen nails, while the removable cap and specially designed brush allow for easy application.

The comprehensive 43-shade ($20 each) collection includes 19 new shades and 24 fan favorites for a full range of lacquered looks. Base and Top Coats complete the chip-defying, color-enhancing trifecta for an iconic nail look with serious staying power.

  1. Amarapura - Silver chrome
  2. Blow-up - Mandarin orange
  3. Delos - Copper brown infused with gold
  4. Elbrus - Plum
  5. Fearless - Bright pink violet
  6. Ikiru - Light blue
  7. Ithaque - Light pink
  8. Kalymnos - Lilac
  9. La Notte - Navy
  10. Milos - Rich gold
  11. Mots Bleus - Storm blue
  12. Night Out - Bright true blue
  13. Obscura - Lavender charcoal
  14. Paradiso - Strawberry pink
  15. Paros - Red brown
  16. Pastorale - Rose gold
  17. Thasos - Mint green
  18. Torre del Oro - Cherry red
  19. Zakynthos - Beige

NARS “Reformulated” will be available July 15 at NARS and NARS Boutiques and August 1 at Sephora and select retail locations. #NARSissist

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