Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Shu Uemura Vision Of Beauty Collection Fall 2014 Review

In 2013, the year of Shu Uemura’s 30th anniversary, the brand launched a new creative force: Shu Atelier. Directed by Shu Uemura’s international artistic director, Uchiide, Shu Atelier is comprised of a new generation of makeup artists … the disciples of Mr. Shu Uemura. In 2014, the Vision Of Beauty Collection debuted as the first edition of a new annual project by Shu Atelier to express Shu Uemura’s new vision and endless pioneering spirit.

Vision Of Beauty Collection Includes:

Brave Beauty Eye Palettes ($65) - Available in green, orange, and pink based hue palettes - The brave beauty eye palettes -- each containing six luxe eyeshadows -- pay tribute to strong, rebellious femininity with six different eye shadows in an array of shades and textures, from easy to wear pearl neutrals to eye-catching matte shades. These palettes can be used to create a soft and beautiful look or one that is both bold and daring. We received Brave Beauty Eye Palette in green and although the shadows offer an amazing amount of color delivery and blendability, we were less then enthused with the various green hues that are definitely not easy shades for most to wear.

Rouge Unlimited ($30) - Available in five shades: maroon, beige, fuchsia, rose, red and orange – Vision of beauty’s rouge unlimited lipstick offers a high color payoff, moisturizes lips and is a fairly longwearing lipstick. We’re in love with beige as it’s not your typical blah neutral. This particular shade is perfect to give your lips a little natural enhancement of color.

Satin Radiant Stick ($39) - Available in four different shades: light pink, bronze gold, pink and orange coral – Satin Radiant Stick is a smooth formulation that blends easily. It’s meant to be used as a highlighter or cheek color stick and the pink that we received does just that. Love the color and the kiss of glimmer.

Gel Pencil Liner ($24) – Available in three shades: green, violet purple and wine.

Collectors Edition Premium False Lashes ($500) – Limited edition lashes created by Uchiide.

Vision Of Beauty Collection is currently available online at Shu Uemura.

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