Friday, October 24, 2014

Lorac Holiday 2014 The Royal Collection

Lorac Holiday 2014 The Royal Collection offers an abundance of gifts sets for the holidays. From eyeshadow palettes to lips glosses and perfect pro palettes, that are so affordable, you’ll be able to pick up one as a gift and one to gift to yourself!

Lorac the Royal Eyeshadow Collection ($38 Ulta Exclusive) - This collection includes sixteen Lorac Eyeshadows that are packaged in four eyeshadow quad palettes: Queen, Countess, Princess, and Duchess.

Lorac the Royal Lip Lustre Cream Collection ($25 Ulta Exclusive) - This collection includes six Lorac Lip Lustre Cream Lip Glosses packaged in a pretty velveteen box that is perfect for gifting. Shades include: Tiara (nude), Crown Jewel (red), Debutante (soft pink), Your Highness (hot pink), English Rose (pale pink) and Majestic (mauve).

Lorac Party Palette ($24 Ulta Exclusive) – Includes 8 exciting shades of Lorac Eyeshadow as well as two over sized highlighter shades to create stunning looks.

Lorac the Royal Pro Eye Collection ($28) – This set includes the stunning eyeshadows, Lorac Pro Mascara and Lorac Front of the Line Pro Eyeliner.

Lorac Sultry Starlet Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette and Vintage Vixen Matte Eyeshadow Palette ($12 ea. Ulta Black Friday Exclusive) – Whether you desire matte or a bit of shimmer, you can choose from either the Sultry Starlet Palette (five shimmery shadows) or the Vintage Vixen Palette (five matte shades).

Lorac Champagne Dreams Eyeshadow Palette ($15 Ulta Cyber Monday Exclusive) – A TME favorite, this gorgeous palette includes seven perfect natural shades.

Lorac the Royal Full Face Collection ($40 Kohls Exclusive) – As the name implies, this is a full-face kit, stocked with Lorac goodies for your lips, eyes, and cheeks. Royal Full Face Collection Includes: Eyeshadows in Cream, Honey, Chai, and Espresso, Blush in Coral, Lorac Cobra Mascara, Lorac 3 in 1 Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil in Ultra Black, Lorac Alter Ego Lipstick in Duchess and Lorac 3D Lustre Gloss in Rose LustreO

Lorac The Royal Eyeshadow Palette Set ($35 available at Ulta and Kohls) – Is a trio of gorgeous palettes that contain four shades each to create three different looks: Plum Velvet, Gold Satin, and Silver Silk.

Lorac the Royal Lip Lustre Creme Set ($25 available at Ulta and Kohls) – Is a selection of six Lorac Lip Lustre Creme Lip Glosses. Shades Include: Empress - Pink Mauve, Princess – Pink, Enchanted - Peach Nude, Reign – Berry, Crown Jewel - Cherry Red, and Tiara – Nude.

Lorac the Royal Eye Duo ($22 available at Ulta, Kohls and Lorac) – Includes Lorac 3D Lustre/Liner in Copper/Black Cherry and Lorac Cobra Mascara.

Lorac the Royal 3D Liquid Lustre Set ($28 available at Ulta, Kohls and Lorac) - Lorac The Royal 3d Liquid Lustre Set Includes shimmery shades: Opal, 24K, Rose Quartz, and Amethyst.

The Lorac Holiday 2014 The Royal Collection will be offered a varying times and with exclusives at certain stores as noted. Visit Lorac Cosmetics for further details.

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