Monday, March 16, 2015

Debunking The Most Common Hair Myths

As a society, we are hair obsessed. We can remember a time – not so long ago – when we would spend hours coiffing so that our hair looked perfect … and that was just for a girl’s night in! We understand that our hair goes beyond “protection for our head”. It’s part of our personal style. Having been on both sides if the chair, the amount of “hair myths” buzzing about is astounding and it’s time to set the record straight!

Myth: If one gray hair is plucked, two more will grow.

Truth: If you pluck away one hair strand, only one will grow back no matter what color the hair is!

Myth: Trimming your hair will make it grow faster.

Truth: Hair growth is based upon many variables, most of which are tied to our hormones. But, statistically speaking the average rate of hair growth is ½ inch per month and the only thing that trimming your hair will do is keep your locks looking fresh.

Myth: Shampooing – Rinse and Repeat.

Truth: Unless you’ve been working in a coal mine, your hair does not need “two washings” in one shot. Lathering up twice in one washing will strip hair from its natural oils and can lead to hair damage and dry scalp issues.

Myth: If your hair is oily don’t use conditioner.

Truth: Oily hair is usually caused by the excess production of sebum. Finding the correct type of conditioner and applying it just to the hair shaft is the proper hair care regime. 

Myth: Sun doesn’t damage hair.

Truth: Just like every other part of our body, our hair and scalp are susceptible to UV damage. The sun can cause color fade, dry out hair and let’s not forget about sunburn on our scalps! Protect your hair and scalp with a hat. And if your lounging poolside, give yourself a little spa treatment with a hair mask.

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