Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Number 4 Hair Review

Hello beautynistas and suavies! We wanted to write a quick review for Number 4 Hair to show that product quality can change … nope it isn’t necessarily you that’s experiencing a hormonal change or, what have you, that has caused your favorite hair care brand to work less effectively. In 2013, TME editor reviewed Number 4 and loved the products to the point that Number 4 Hair had become her favorite brand -- fast forward to a few years later and things have changed.

Founding principals: “Our collection was founded with the mission to develop a creative, high performance hair care line that runs parallel to fashion, science, art, music and Industrial Design creative cycles. By combining nature's greatest ingredients, forward-edge technology and innovation, we make your hair be what it should be- the ultimate look that defines new stylistic territories. We use the highest quality essential oils and extracts to repair damage, keep hair young, supple and color new. We gently cleanse with no harsh sulfates and we style with no stripping alcohols. We exclude all ingredients potentially toxic to humans, rare vintage couture, and our dear environment; 100% Vegan, Sulfate, Gluten, Bad Taste and Paraben Free formulas are never ever tested on any animal.”

Number 4 Hair sounds like an amazing brand and holds the same values that we do, but the efficacy has changed. For all the great things about this brand we are sad to say that no matter how conscientious a brand may be, if their products don’t work then everyone has wasted their money and resources. For us, this is a major bummer.

What we recently received:
  • L'eau de Mare Hydrating Shampoo ($34)
  • L'eau de Mare Hydrating Condition ($36)
  • L'eau de Mare Hydrating Body Lotion ($30)

Let us clarify that if it had only been one person testing Number 4 we may have had a much different opinion. But as it were, three of us tried the products and three of us had the same reaction. L'eau de Mare Hydrating Shampoo did not cleanse well, L'eau de Mare Hydrating Condition did not condition well, and L'eau de Mare Hydrating Body Lotion was an all around unhappy experience. Based upon our editor’s previous experience with Number 4 Hair, we were really excited to try the brand that she has praised for so long. While our experiences may be completely different form yours, we at The Makeup Examiner have to call it like we see it.

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