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Hollywood's Leading Stuntman Shares His Best Grooming and Fitness Secrets

In an ongoing series to bring the guys some much deserved attention, The Makeup Examiner caught up with Hollywood Stuntman, Bobby Holland Hanton on April 1, to discuss men’s grooming, health and lifestyle. Bobby Holland Hanton is an National Gold Medalist (GB), former footballer and award-winning stunt double who has worked with the likes of leading men Chris Hemsworth in “Thor: The Dark World” and “Heart of the Sea,” Christian Bale in “The Dark Knight Rises,” Daniel Craig in “Quantum of Solace,” and most recently Channing Tatum in Jupiter Ascending (set to hit theaters July 2014).

Bobby has won SAG Awards for “Inception”, “Harry Potter the Deathly Hollows” and “Skyfall”; two Taurus World Stunt Award nominations for “Quantum of Solace” and “The Prince of Persia the Sands of Time", and landed in the 2009 Guinness World Records for the most targets hit with a back somersault throw in one hour. So, when it comes to understanding what it takes to push your body to its limits, and still look amazing, Bobby knows of what he speaks!

The Makeup Examiner: Your resume is amazing! Modeling, acting, gold medalist … How did you get into the intense world of stunt double?

Bobby Holland Hanton: I have had a physical career since a very young age, particularly in gymnastics. I enjoy being active, and crave the adrenaline that comes along with the job. I got a call out of the blue to audition to double for Daniel Craig in "Quantum of Solace." It was a dream come true. I went in for four or five vigorous exercise auditions; six weeks turned into six months, and I've never looked back.

I’d read that your schedule for “Thor: The Dark World” was up at 5:30 am and you kept going until 10 pm. With such an intense schedule how do you keep your energy at level?

Energy levels were very difficult to maintain, all due to the fact that my diet was so strict. I had to play around with a few things, changing around the diet, experimenting with different foods within the diet at different times. I was given Paleo protein bars from a nutritionist that I would eat as a last resort. For me, real food is better, say a breast of chicken, but sometimes that wasn't necessary available at times I needed the energy. I also had protein shakes, and powder which would offer an energy boost. Another thing I found effective is black coffee.

What advice can you give my readers for maintaining energy levels throughout the day?

Find a clean protein bar that works for you. I try and avoid ones with sugar, to eliminate the crash. I also would say a quick, double espresso shot or some black coffee.

Regarding diet and exercise, is there a different regimen for when you’re working on set versus down time?

During my down time I have the capabilities to train twice a day, more consistently. When filming or on set, I have to find time and squeeze in a workout whenever I can, whether it be during lunchtime, or late at night after we've wrapped for the day.

You've doubled for so many leading men, all of whom look so different. How do you morph into someone like, let’s say, Channing Tatum for “Jupiter Ascending” or Chris Hemsworth for “Heart of the Sea”?

For Chris, I was working out twice a day for nearly 9 months, with heavy weights and a lot of protein mixed in with my diet. Upper body workouts were very frequent. I have found that between movies it has been best to maintain a middle ground, and I have been blessed to have the ability to change body types rather easily.

As a woman, I know that makeup can give our skin a bit of a beating. With all of the makeup that’s used for your roles, how do you care for skin?

It is extremely important to maintain a strict grooming regimen, especially when I am constantly wearing makeup like you said, and wigs, while being physically active. I am lucky enough to work with Dove Men+Care who offer a full range of products specifically made for men’s skin, face and hair. I love the thickening shampoo, which truly does work, when I have wigs pulling at my hair for 12 hours a day (in Thor!). I also use the Odor Guard PW, which is extremely gentle on my skin, and keeps me moisturized after all of the makeup and prosthetics used in many of these Superhero movies.

What is your everyday skincare routine and how can the average guy implement this into his lifestyle?

I am all about having a routine day in and day out from skincare to diet and exercise. I wake up in the morning and have a quick shower, where I’ll wash and cleanse my face thoroughly. I immediately apply face lotion to keep my skin moisturized throughout the day following the shower. If I am filming outdoors, I love to use the Dove Men+Care Hydrate face lotion, because it has SPF. Just like my diet and exercise, I think discipline is a large part of a skincare regimen. Guys must take the extra 5-10 minutes every day to care for their skin and be sure they are applying the correct products to ensure the skin stays moisturized.

Can you share what you’re working on now and what we can next see you in?

I am currently working on the new Avengers (Captain America), and then have some things in the pipeline, which I cannot disclose at this time unfortunately -- but stay tuned for more to come! The movie releases, which you can expect to see me in throughout the months, are Maleficent (May), Jupiter Ascending (July), and Heart of the sea (2015).

What’s the most important thing that you’d like my readers to know regarding an overall healthy lifestyle?

An overall healthy lifestyle requires discipline. You have to set a goal for yourself and strive towards that. I try and focus on the longevity in trying to maintain that goal. For example, I give myself a treat day, which keeps me disciplined throughout the week, I looking forward to that day. You must set goals, but also rewards too – otherwise the goals seem quite unattainable at times.

Note: A very special thank to Bobby Holland Hanton for taking time from his busy schedule to share his expertise on a healthy lifestyle! Dove Men+Care products are available online at Dove and retailers nationwide. You can check out some of Bobby's stunt work at Bobby Holland Hanton!

This interview first appeared on TME April 3, 2014

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