Monday, August 10, 2015

Mirabella Beauty ‘Borrowed from the Boys’ Collection Preview

Mirabella Beauty will launch its newest offering September 2015 and Team TME was fortunate to get a sneak peak. Mirabella Beauty’s Borrowed from the Boys is the brand’s premiere brow collection, which will include The Brow Shaper, an all-in-one eyebrow groomer, and The Brow Pencil, offering three shades of brow color.

“Strong, beautifully groomed eyebrows really enhance the eyes and the whole face,” states Amber Bowen, Mirabella Creative Director. “I looked to eyebrow queens like Cara Delevingne and Emma Watson – who have inspired full eyebrows and highlighted the impact they can bring to the face. Trendy eyebrows have become intense and heavy. I wanted to move away from the overly bold brows to a well-manicured full, natural looking brow. A softer version of the masculine trend.”

Offering shape, definition, universal color fill, and thickness, The Brow Shaper ($25 US/$32.50 CAN) instantly creates beautiful brows. The 5-in-1 tool features a unique formula with powder allowing the product to have a flexible texture when dry for natural looking brows. With panthenol and vitamin E, the product also conditions hair and skin.

The Brow Pencil ($21 US/$27.30 CAN) is available in three shades -- Light, Medium and Dark. Featuring a special formulation, this pencil glides on easily with soft microfine lead, laying rich color smoothly in fine hair-like formation without chipping. A grooming spoolie is included for shaping and softening color as needed. The formula is waterproof, smudge-proof and contains vitamin E and C for hair and skin conditioning.

For Team TME we found the collection to be a must-have and added it to the TME Vault. The Brow Pencil is incredibly easy to use and offers want every woman wants in brow makeup -- the ability to created or accentuate stunningly groomed brows in seconds. The Brow Shaper is natural looking and for us this is super important for brows. The Borrowed from the Boys Collection will be available online at Mirabella and at professional salons beginning September 2015.

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