Tuesday, September 22, 2015

MAC Cosmetics London Fashion Week Dailies II

Inspiration: “Skitzo, disco, Cindy doll store, grotesque glamour, lots of reds and whites.” – Val Garland

FACE – Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation blended into the skin with a sponge to even and tone between the face and the bald cap Mineralize Foundation/Loose pressed into the skin with a powder puff to polish to a “plastic” perfection all over the bald cap and face The head was then covered with a flesh-toned stocking to prepare A small, round piece of black felt was glued to the cheek, over the stocking, to create a beauty mark

EYES - The following details were executed over the stocking: M·A·C Pro Marine Blue and Pure White Acrylic Paints mixed together and placed onto the eye in an egg-rectangle shape with a soft-point sponge to apply Rapidblack Penultimate Eye Liner used to sketch black lines above the brow, through the crease and under the eye M·A·C Pro Black Black Acrylic Paint drawn over Rapidblack Penultimate Eye Liner to thicken the lines

LIPS – M·A·C Pro Basic Red Acrylic Paint blended over the lips with the 228 Mini Shader Brush to finish

“For Gareth Pugh - “Showgirl nails.” Marian Newman

  • Look 1 Red glitter was embedded in several layers of gloss for a 3-D effect, inspired by car paint
  • Look 2 Black shimmer embedded in layers of gloss with a hint of red that just catches the light, still car paint, but Gareth’s signature black
  • Look 3 A few nails were pierced with coins as a reference to slot machines in a fairground

Inspiration: “A desert trip.” Isamaya Ffrench

FACE – Mineralize Charged Water Face and Body Lotion applied over the face to instantly hydrate and prepare Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation applied in a shade warmer than the skin tone, avoiding the eye area to create a natural highlight Shadester Sculpting Powder Pro Palette used to lightly contour the face and swept over with Matte Bronze Bronzing Powder Matte Bronze Bronzing Powder blended over the areas of the face prone to sun exposure – forehead, temples, cheeks, down the nose and chin – for a bronzing effect Keep It Loose Casual Colour blended over the high planes of the face over Bronzing Powder with the 109 Small Contour Brush for a peachy warmth to skin, then washed over with Matte Bronze Bronzing Powder to finish

EYES – Clear Brow Set brushed upwards through the brow to groom and set Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer blended through the brows of models with blonde hair to further lighten the brow Lashes were well curled and swept over with two coats of Haute & Naughty Brown Lash through the upper and lower lashes to define LIPS - Seen Around Town Lipstick from M·A·C Trend Forecast Spring 16/LIP (available Spring/Summer 2016) applied over the lips for a monochromatic look to finish

LIPS - Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer used to soften the natural lip colour Keep It Loose Casual Colour pressed into the lips for a natural and nude look to finish

“We went for a tan, matte nail to go with the deeply tanned skin, inspire d by a 70’s bottle tan rather than the orange, fake tan of today.” Sophy Robson

NAILS - Skin M·A·C Studio Nail Lacquer mixed with M·A·C Pro Naked Deep Dark Pigment and applied in two coats over nails M·A·C Studio Matte Overlacquer applied to create a matte finish to the nails

SHOW: Sibling

Inspiration: “Brigitte Bardot.” – Miranda Joyce

FACE – Prep + Prime Fix+ spritzed over the face to hydrate and refresh Oil Control Lotion blended into skin to lightly moisturize and control shine Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer applied as needed to perfect

EYES – Mineralize Multi-Effect Lash applied through the lashes to define and prepare1 Lash and 44 Lash ironed together to create a perfectly straight lash without a flick, then applied to the upper lash line Rapidblack Penultimate Eye Liner filled in along the lashes after the Lash application to create an opaque lash line for the eye Clear Brow Set combed upwards through the brow to groom and set

LIPS - Promise Me Velvetease Lip Pencil (ava ilable Spring/Summer 2016) pressed into lips for natural look to finish

 SHOW: Simone Rocha

Inspiration: “This look is a nod to Japanese Kabuki make up, with a young Punk fee ling.” Sam Bryant

FACE – Mineralize Charged Water Face and Body Lotion worked into the skin to instantly hydrate and prepare M·A·C Studio Face and Body Foundation blended over the face to even and tone, followed with a bit of concealer as needed to perfect Brit Wit and So Sweet, So Easy Cremeblend Blush mixed together and applied over the high planes of the cheekbones, buffed outward and upward toward the temple

EYES – Strobe Cream lightly applied through the inner corner of the eyes to highlight Brows were perfected as needed and naturally groomed

LIPS - Strobe Cream lightly pressed onto the lower lip for a bit of highlight and dimension to finish

“Inspired by PVC shoes … three coats of top coat at least, to look like latex.” – Marian Newman

NAILS - The nails were given a clean, natural, soft-shaped manicure M·A·C Studio Overlacquer applied in two-to-three coats to achieve a super glossy, high-shine, natural looking nail on both fingers and toes

Inspiration: “Individual Glow.” Tom Pecheux

FACE – Mineralize Charged Water Face and Body Lotion massaged into the skin to instantly hydrate and prepare Studio Water weight SPF 30 Foundation pressed into the skin with fingers to even and tone Studio Finish 35 Concealer applied as needed to perfect for a flawless, natural look to skin Pearl and Hush Cream Colour Base blended together and pushed onto the tops of the cheekbones to highlight The cheekbones were slightly warmed up using a deeper shade of foundation or concealer to contour Invisible Set Powder applied over the T-zone to polish and set

EYES – Lashes were well curled Haute & Naughty Lash pressed into the roots of the lashes to imperceptibly define Mixing Medium Shine applied over the eyelids, spilling onto the cheekbones and up to the brow, adding dimension and shine

LIPS - Lip Conditioner (Tube) minimally applied to hydrate and perfect the lip

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