Friday, December 4, 2015

MicroSculpting: A Better Way To Highlight and Contour

Oy vey … the contouring craze. While you won’t find a single member of Team TME criticizing anyone for doing the “full-on” contour, you also won’t find any member doing this on a daily basis. Our core philosophy is to enhance your natural beauty and the adage that “less is more” rings true for almost every situation with the exception of accessories (acquiring – not wearing all at once). Just ask our beloved editor and she will tell you that you can never own too many of the essential beauty item … sunglasses!

What is MicroSculpting? We turn to Artis Brush Founder, Matthew Waitesmith whose Artis Elite Mirror Circle 1R is perfect for this new way to enhance your assets. “The idea is that everyone lately seems to only be focused on the large sculpting areas of the face and forget that very small sculpting placements can have very big impact on the final look,” Matthew Waitesmith.

Matthew’s MicroSculpting [mircohighlighting and microcontouring] Tips:

Highlighting product is applied with the Circle 1R under and above the brows, by the inner corners of the eyes, down the ridge of the nose, on the muscle clusters of the lips, along the edge of the upper lip, etc.

Contouring product is applied under the lower lashes and outer corner of the eye opening, along the sides of the nose, near the meeting of the nose and the brow start, in the center of the lower lip, onto the outer 2/3s portions of the lower and upper lips, etc.

Yes loves … less is more. Okay, we are off to try out these tips with our Artis Elite Mirror Circle 1R. But, before we do we suggest that you take a moment to visit Artis and treat yourself to one of the best brushes that we’ve ever used!

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