Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Winter Skincare For Your Legs

Our skin changes for multiple reasons. Stress, hormones, age, climate and yes, the weather all contribute to changes in tone and texture. As for our legs, being protected by clothing during the cooler months with fabric actually works as a moisture thief. Stockings and slacks are constantly against the skin on our legs so not only is the fabric robbing moisture, it’s also irritating it by constantly rubbing against the skin. But there are various ways to keep your legs looking summer sexy throughout autumn and winter.

Exfoliate. TME readers will know that we emphasize not over-exfoliating the skin on your face, but you may be neglecting the rest of your body, specifically your legs. You need to remove dead skin cells, which are most likely more prevalent during the cooler months. We recommend that you exfoliate your legs every other time that you bath or shower. Our current fave is L’Occitane Aromachologie Revitalizing Body Scrub ($36). 

Hair Removal. So many of us don’t shave our legs during the winter and this actually contributes to lackluster legs. Keeping a leg care routine throughout the cooler months is important. Our current fave is Gillette Venus Swirl with 5 Contour Blades individually adjust to every curve and are 6x more flexible ($8.99). 

Moisturize. You absolutely need to pay special attention to moisturizing your skin, from head-to-toe, during the cooler months and our legs are no exception. For conditioned, supple and sexy winter legs you need to moisturize them everyday. Our current fave is Colorado Aromatics Oasis Spray Lotion ($9.45).

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