Friday, January 22, 2016

What Is Nicol Concilio's Latest Obsession

It’s no secret and no wonder that Nicol Concilio has been loving Artis! Artis brushes help to bring order out of chaos. When highlight and contour is first applied to the face, it can look somewhat complicated, even chaotic, leaving you wondering how to effectively transform this application into something beautiful on the skin. Artis Oval Brushes are the perfect tools to help synergize the various elements of contour and highlight into a flawless, hyperblended look.

Artis Elite Mirror Oval Brush Tutorial:

  • Artis Elite Mirror Oval 4: Glide the Oval 4 to conceal and color correct the under eye area. Use this brush to contour and highlight, sweeping it across the skin to define the cheekbones and jawline.
  • Artis Elite Mirror Oval 7: The perfect size brush to evenly distribute foundation, as well as flawlessly blend the contour and highlight applied with the Oval 4. 
  • Artis Elite Mirror Circle 1:  Glide along the bridge of the nose to highlight and define its shape.

Winged Liner with Artis Elite Mirror Linear 1

What truly makes a makeup look unforgettable are the details that can only be achieved with smaller, precision tools, like the Artis Elite Mirror Linear 1 brush. -Nicol Concilio
  • Glide the Linear 1 along the upper lash line in continuous movements to create a precise winged shape.
Check out Nicol's how-to video tutorial on Instagram

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