Monday, February 15, 2016

Lela Rose AW16 Backstage Beauty Report

Show: Lela Rose AW16 

Get The Look HairEsther Langham

  1. Prep the hair with a light spray of Alterna Bamboo Volume 48 Hour Sustainable Volume Spray from roots to ends
  2. Give the hair added texture by spraying Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Perfect Texture
  3. Finishing Spray through the roots of the hair
  4. Create a clean, side part in the hair starting at the arch of the brow
  5. Create soft waves using The Beachwaver Co. Beachwaver S1 by wrapping large sections of hair around the iron, leaving the ends out creating a more natural look
  6. Comb through the hair with a large tooth comb to maintain texture
  7. Tuck the hair at the front of the face behind the ears on both sides to create a clean, sleeker feel
  8. Finish the look with a light spray of Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Working Hairspray
Get The Look Skincare - Romy Soleimani

  1. Cleanse the skin using Marula Pure Beauty Oil Foaming Cleansing Oil followed by Marula Pure Marula Facial Oil
  2. Apply Marula Pure Marula Eye Cream to finish the look

Get The Look Makeup - Romy Soleimani

  1. Apply Bliss Stay’cation Long Wear Liquid Foundation for sheer coverage where needed in the center of the face
  2. Press Bliss Feeling Bright Illuminating Under Eye Concealer in Radiant Ivory in the inner corners of the eyes and to the orbital crescent to brighten
  3. Take Bliss Holy Brow Tinted Brow Gel and apply to the brows, pushing them upwards for a full look
  4. Apply Bliss Where There’s Smoke Long Wear Eyeliner in Olive Me under the lower lashline
  5. Take Bliss Hey Four Eyes 4 Piece Eyeshadow Palette’s Brulee Crème and diffuse under the lower lash line and up into the crease of the lid
  6. Apply Bliss Accent Lighting Brightening Stick in Candlelit to the inner corners of the eyes and press in using the pad of your finger
  7. Press Marula Pure Marula Facial Oil into the cheeks for added glow
  8. Finish the look with Bliss Un-Buffing Believable Smoothing Finishing Balm to mattify the center of the face

Get The Look Nails - Geraldine Holford

  1. Apply one coat of Londontown Lakur in Put The Kettle On to the nails

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