Monday, April 11, 2016

International Beauty Trendspotting at 49th Edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide

The 49th edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide was held in Bologna from March 18 through 21, 2016. Cosmoprof Worldwide unearthed some interesting International beauty and grooming trends that will no doubt filter into the American market … and your beauty bag or dopp kit over the coming months. The eye behind the beauty and grooming trendspotting was Cosmoprof North America Marketing Director, Daniela Ciocan -- a woman who is known as a true industry influencer with an uncanny ability to spot the trends that we’ll be sporting in the upcoming seasons. 

Daniela shares a list of the top trends that will most likely be on display at the upcoming Cosmoprof North America in Las Vegas -- July 24-26, 2016. Cosmoprof North America is also home to the North American Hairstyling Awards (NAHA), which our very own TME Editor, Yvonne Pearce Mazzulo, had the pleasure of serving as a judge for this highly prestigious event.

Looking ahead, let’s check out what will be on trend for Summer, Fall, and Winter 2016/2017!

  • The timeless Japanese Anti-Aging Facial Roller Device has been around for years, but as it’s no surprise with Asian beauty trends dominating the market, it’s making a comeback with new advanced technology. Slim Cera (Japan), a luxury, simple hand-held tool that stimulates facial muscles and helps tighten and revitalize the skin, imitates the motion of estheticians’ hands to provide anti-aging benefits.

Masks - Individual single use masks in a variety of shapes to target specific areas and concerns continue to be popular.

  • The It Girl Real Egging Pack (Korea) face mask combines all of the positive nutrients of eggs, such as egg yolk rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, which brightens, whitens, moisturizes and firms, while wearing the mask overnight. 
  • Bowil | Biotech (Poland) plans to launch the first and only bionanocellulose mask, where bionanocellulose fibers do not exceed 100 nm in width and are far smaller than skin pores, which enables the deepest penetration of active ingredients.


  • The next best thing to your own personal dermatologist is your own customized, ingredient specific skincare regimen. Haute Custom Beauty (HCB - Spain) is the first 100 percent fully-tailored 30-Day Beauty Ritual personalized based on skin type, lifestyle, skin care goals, oil spectrum and sensitivity level, containing the most advanced actives and nutrients from around the world. The company developed a proprietary algorithm and an online survey to segment customers into one of 600 different HCB DermaProfiles, which includes a Collagen Tonic, a Moisturizer and any one of 30 different Elixirs, all arranged in a specific 30-day sequence.
  • Per Fumum Ex Haute Perfumerie (Switzerland) – A super personalized service for the most discerning clientele seeking to have a customized scent developed for personal use or home scenting; recipe saved on file for life.

Rare Natural Ingredient in Beauty:

  • CHADO (Switzerland) makeup incorporates the science behind a rare Swiss almost-ancient apple, the Uttwiler Spatlauber, known for its exceptional preservation ability.
  • The Rosehip Specialists (Australia) uses the very best organic cold pressed oil found in the Andes Mountain range in Chile, South America.

Precious Elements:

  • BeautyLab (UK) luxury skincare contains formulas based on peptide rich innovations combined with a philosophy of re-activating and re-educating the skin to achieve a flawless complexion. Among the show stoppers was its Black Diamond line of skin care products, which infuses black diamonds and other precious gems to reveal glowing skin.
  • All Sins Luxury 18K International (Spain) – Ultra effective products, featuring 18K gold, with refined and glamorous textures, surprising and stylish packaging and simple rituals of treatments for essential products that go beyond the daily beauty routine.

Nails: Almond Shaped Nails and 3-D Art

  • MoYou (USA) offers a plethora of nail art plates, polishes and stampers for nearly every occasion, which are inspired by fashion trends, art, music and more.
  • Indigo Nails Italia (Italy) maximizes a new 3-D sugar pouring technique.

Men’s Grooming: Major Focus on Facial Hair

  • Solomon's Beard (Italy) – Natural products created and backed by several influential Barbers 
  • Reuzel (Netherlands) - Schorem is an old school men-only barbershop in the heart of the working class city of Rotterdam whose founders Leen and Bertus introduced the pomades made from animal fats and fragranced with apples.

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