Friday, June 24, 2016

Summer 2016 Sunglasses Trends

In anticipation of the “International Sunglasses Day,” Edel-Optics reveals the shapes, colors and features that are on trend this year. “This summer, we shall see glasses in panto or butterfly styles everywhere,” says Phil Thomas, vision specialist at the online opticians Edel-Optics. Men and women alike are going for round frames with lenses that are slightly flattened at the top. “Ladies like their glasses a little larger and more feminine. But this year, the glasses will not be quite as over-sized as last year,” Thomas says about this year’s trend for the lifestyle accessory, which even has June 27 dedicated to it as International Sunglasses Day!

Matte Colors and Tinted Lenses

In addition to rounded shapes, frames in matte colors are playing a large role -- in line with the matte vehicle colors that have become popular of late. “This makes the model appear softer and more understated,” explains Thomas. Models with mirrored lenses are a totally different matter. While the colors blue, orange and green continue to dominate, the new thing this year is the so-called graduated mirror finish, which means that the glass becomes gradually more transparent towards the bottom … a small help to all those who are desperately trying to look the other person in the eye.

Sustainable and Vintage Sunglasses

According to Edel-Optics expert Phil Thomas, (and Team TME) there is also a new trend emerging with respect to the materials used in the manufacture. The frame of a pair of 2016 sunglasses is no longer made from a single material. The arms could be made from plastic, for instance, but the rims and bridge from metal. There are even sunglasses for vegans this year, which do not involve any animal products in their manufacture. Fair-trade wood is being used instead. While Mr. Thomas states that the “this market is still very limited,” The Makeup Examiner completely disagrees. Wooden frames have gained mass popularity! Gaining momentum are people recycling their grandmother’s "vintage" sunglasses. Yep, apparently granny was hip long ago and this trend proves it.

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