Tuesday, July 19, 2016

NARS Sephora Exclusives Fall 2016

NARS Cosmetics has revealed its Sephora Exclusives for Fall 2016 and these are too stunning to miss. The first must-have for Fall 2016 … NARS Sculpting Multiple Duo. NARS’ iconic multi-tasker works two places at once. The darker shades blend effortlessly to create a contour enhancing the face’s natural features, while the illuminating shades provide a sheer color that illuminates the high points of the face. Also for Fall 2016 … NARS Cosmetics introduces the limited-edition Hardwired Eyeshadow Collection! A rich and radiant lineup of six precious metals. A rare combination of high-pigment with high-shine, ultra fine blends of shimmer, glitter, and pearl reflect light for eye-catching effects.

The Multiple Duo ($39 – each) comes in three shades:
  • Copacabana / Sidari Beach - Shimmering pink silver & rose bronze
  • Hot Sand / Laguna - Peach champagne & bronzed brown
  • Playa Flamenco / Oahu - Sparkling soft gold & deep bronze

The Hardwired Eyeshadow Collection ($28 – each) features six rich and radiant precious metals (shown left to right): Earthshine, Lunar, Outer Limits, Parallax, Pygar, and Stud.

  • Earthshine - Iridescent Pink Lilac
  • Lunar - Soft Iridescent Violet
  • Outer Limits - Iridescent Rose Gold
  • Parallax - Metallic Dove Grey
  • Pygar - Gold Lame
  • Stud - Soft Pewter Bronze

NARS Sculpting Multiple Duos will be available at on July 21, 2016 and The Hardwired Eyeshadow Collection will be available on August 1, 2016 at Sephora.

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