Wednesday, September 28, 2016

What's Trending with Artis Brush?

Everyone was in awe over Gigi Hadid’s eyes at the Anna Sui show this past New York Fashion Week. Artis Brush even created a “How-To” video before the show! Ahead of the trend? Team TME thinks so! There is no doubt this look will stick around for some time. It’s innovative, fun, and Artis shows now you exactly how to get this gorgeous look.

In the below video, Artis features their NEW Elite Mirror Linear 1 Brush ($35)!

Product Features:
  • Users wanted to make lines that curve, and now that is more possible with the Linear Demi brushes.
  • The Demi versions have fibre bundles that are half the length of the standard size, but the same width. This reduction in length gives the User increased maneuverability so that the brush can be moved in curving angles. This creates a thin line that can bend and curve as the brush handle is angled during application. If you want to create a curved wing liner effect, the Demi versions help you do it with a slight tilt of the handle.
  • This Demi version of the Linear is also ultra-precise. You can place powders and gels even more precisely within the brow area replicating the look of brow hairs, and can be used along the perimeter or end point of the brow shape.
  • The precision fibre bundle can also use powder, creme or gel to create a remarkably thin line at the base of the lashes, making a shadow/contrast look more realistic.
The NEW Elite Mirror Linear 1 Brush, and all Artis Brushes, are available online at Artis!

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