Thursday, March 30, 2017

Secrets Of People Who Have Organized Bathrooms

We hate to name names, but the same person who has her perfectly organized closet also has a perfectly organized bathroom. Our editor believes that the bathroom is a sanctuary and should be kept immaculate at all times. We used to think that she was off her nut (okay we still do) but she’s right about easily keeping your bathroom a clean, organized and lovely space.

Secret Number One: Bathrooms can become overwhelming disorganized, especially if you’re sharing one bathroom. Just as with cleaning your closet, you want to create to piles for your bathroom items -- keep and discard. Yvonne’s tip is to go through every drawer, cabinet and basket because you know that you’re going to find those dumb sparkly butterfly mini-clips from the 90s in one of your drawers, as well as a 2-year-old can of hairspray that need to go.

Secret Number Two: After you’ve disposed of items that you’re never going to use (yes, parting with products is never easy), get creative with storage. If you’re short on drawer and cabinet space, go upward and invest in shelves. Baskets are a great way to keep your items organized and if they’re on “display” in the bathroom, you’re sort of forced to keep them clean. Check out our “DIY Makeup Brush Holder” to get the creative juices flowing.

Secret Number Three: Life is busy, we know. And you don’t always have time to scrub the bathroom from top to bottom. However, it takes seconds to wipe down the mirror and sink. Keep a container of paper towels, glass cleaner and disinfectant wipes under the vanity -- that way they’ll always be right at hand and it will take five minutes to “freshen up” the bathroom.

Secret Number Four: Of course you can’t “freshen up” the bathroom if it’s filthy to begin with. So, you may need to begin with a full-on scrub-fest. If you have serious soap scum in your shower/bath the easiest way to remove it is to first use a magic eraser followed by a proper bathroom-cleaning product. To remove water spots and gunk from around faucet fixtures use vinegar, rinse and follow with glass cleaner to make them shine.

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