Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Golden Door To Host Child Abuse Prevention Summit

Each year more than 3.6 million referrals of child abuse and neglect, that involve approximately 6.6 million children, are made to child protection agencies across the United States. According to studies by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the United States has one of the highest incidences of child abuse among industrialized nations with an average of four and seven children lost to abuse and neglect every day.

The Child Abuse Prevention Summit, Golden Door's first round-table forum focused on bringing about real and lasting change in society, will be a 3-day sponsored event held at Golden Door on how to stop the escalation of child abuse and neglect in America. Attendees will include leaders in the field of child abuse education and prevention as well as child advocates from the communities of business, government, medicine and academia.

"Child abuse is an on-going issue that will not go away on its own," said Kathy Van Ness, COO, Golden Door. "There is a report of child abuse every 10 seconds in the United States, and we need to determine together how to stop this from happening. Through the Golden Door Foundation, we pledge 100 percent of our net profits to support philanthropic child abuse-related causes. The Child Abuse Prevention Summit is the next step in our mission to positively change lives and to extend our responsibilities beyond our walls."

Currently, Golden Door works with The New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NYSPCC), San Francisco Child Abuse Prevention Center, Palomar Health FoundationRady Children's Hospital and others to help stop child abuse and bring awareness to the cause. The Golden Door Child Abuse Summit will take place May 20–May 23, 2018, at Golden Door in San Marcos, CA. This three-day summit provides in-depth discussions and speakers on how to end child abuse. For more information visit Golden Door online.

About Golden Door: The Golden Door Foundation was founded in 2013 to show support to improving our communities, both globally and locally. Golden Door is passionate about the values and principles that we share with our beneficiary charities and believe in changing lives. We believe that responsibility extends beyond our walls.  As a show of support to those involved in making the world a more loving, more humane and more peaceful place. 100% of Golden Door profits go to help end child abuse and transform young lives.

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