Monday, December 11, 2017

A Holiday Party Season Must Have

I don’t know about you, but I cannot stand to wear stockings! I know that stockings/pantyhose are still produced because my grandmother wears them and I’ve had the occasion to pick up a pair for my dear granny. While she would never leave the house without the spandex torture device on her legs, the thought of having them on my legs is actually anxiety inducing.

However equally anxiety inducing is the thought of pasty, pale pins that ruin the stunning silhouette of my perfectly picked party dress! Happily, I’ve found a super easy answer to change winter white legs into gorgeous gams. The St. Tropez One Night Only Finishing Gloss ($25) is this holiday party season’s must-have.

One Night Only Finishing Gloss is quick and easy to use. It applies evenly to give an instant touch of bronze and a lasting glossy effect for your ultimate holiday party tan. Available in a universal golden shade, this product works for all skin tones and easily washes off with soap and water. The easy removal is my favorite part!

Application: Apply in circulator motions to buff it into the skin and add a worn in, golden glow without that heavy and greasy feeling.  For a super highlighted look, build up the Finishing Gloss on collarbones, shoulders, shins and even on cheekbones. This gloss is the perfect finish to any look! St. Tropez One Night Only Finishing Gloss is available at Sephora!

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