Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Easy Holiday Hair Looks With Lisa Richards and RPZL

The holiday season is upon us and we’re all going to be busier then ever. From office parties to social gatherings, making the mad dash from one party to the next and doing so in style isn’t easy. Who wants to show up at their boss’s cocktail party looking disheveled? Perhaps you would never have thought about using RPZL Hair Extensions, but read on for the lovely looks for the holidays from RPZL co-founder Lisa Richards, that you can do yourself, and you will rethink the entire hair extensions issue!

Romantic Curls - Curls are such a classic holiday hair look that anyone can rock. You can go for a bouncy curl or a loose wave simply by choosing the right curling iron. We recommend starting with day old hair.  Unwashed hair holds style way better than freshly washed hair. If you are starting with wet hair, apply mousse and blowdry the hair with a medium size brush to create volume and body. If you are starting with dry hair, take your hair dryer, flip your head upside-down and “dry” it for a few minutes after applying dry shampoo to the roots to create that extra volume.

  • Step One: You must section off your hair so you don’t miss any spots!  We recommend dividing hair into three layers and then curl about 1-2 inch sections at a time. When curling your hair, you want to hold your curling iron kind of upside-down. The curling iron should wrap in the same direction of your hair, not against it.  But you want to curl it away from your face and not toward it.  
  • Step Two: Start curling your hair from the back and work your way up to the front. Don’t touch your curls yet.  Spray them using R+Co Outer Space Flexible Hairspray and let them cool. Take your time! Work your way through your sections and keep curling away from your face.
  • Step Three: Do your makeup in order to let your hair cool.  Then flip your head over and hairspray away using our favorite R+Co Vicious Strong Hold Hairspray. When you flip your head back over, feel free to break up some of the curls with your fingers and do a light layer of hairspray on top. Don’t touch it too much though, or those curls will fall.  But your hair should stay pretty BIG all day!

Glam Ponytail - Use RPZL’s Pony In an Instant for a low maintenance hairstyle if you’re hosting a holiday event. It keeps the hair up and away from your face in an elegant way and can easily be accessorized. Begin with unwashed hair.  While you can wear a ponytail with freshly-washed locks, this style is great for second or third day hair, even if you’re aiming to create our gorgeous girl sleek and chic ponytail look.  You’ll have fewer fly-aways, and the natural oils that come from not washing your hair help with hold and give you shine.

  • Step One: Create a part down the middle using the end of a tailtooth comb. Begin brushing hair with a small amount of hair gel to give a sleek look. Gather hair loosely at the nape. Secure the pony with an elastic while keeping 1-inch section of hair free.
  • Step Two Wrap the loose part around the elastic. Secure the ends with a hairpin. Run a flatiron down the length of the pony, bending the ends gently under. Use finishing spray to smooth out fly-aways and help secure the style.
  • Pro Tip: An easier solution - Purchase RPZL’s new customized Pony clip-in extensions and all you need to do is wrap and secure it to get the perfect pony look in an instant (adding length and volume too!).

Elegant Updo - Twisted updos with a side part and loose hair framing the face add a romantic touch to any holiday style. This hairdo requires extra length and volume, which can easily be achieved with RPZL Clip-In Extensions.

  • Step One: Spray damp hair with R+Co Rockaway Salt Spray for texture. Then, twist random sections of your hair into knots, secure each with a metal duckbill clip, and blow dry. Unravel them after a few minutes for perfectly rumpled waves.
  • Step Two:  Now for the chignon … Section off your bang area and gather the rest of your hair into a loose bun on the side of your head. Secure the ends with hairpins. Then tease the bang section at the root and use your fingers to incorporate them (leaving a few strands out) into the rest of your hair. Secure with bobby pins.
Please note that all looks were created using RPZL clip in extensions, which are available online at RPZL and at the RPZL Salon.

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