Monday, January 29, 2018

Rihanna's 'Wild Thoughts' Grammy's Look How To

WHERE: 60TH Annual Grammy Awards

WHO: Rihanna

HAIR BY: Yusef Williams

INSPIRATION: “To match the vibe of the performance, we wanted to give Rihanna super big, dreamy disco diva hair.” - Yusef Williams

  1. To start, I prepped Rihanna’s hair with mousse and then blew it out using the ghd air hairdryer ($199) to create extra volume in the root.
  2. Once dried, I used the NEW ghd gold professional styler ($199) to smooth out the root and get rid of flyaways.
  3. Then, using the ghd CURVE classic wave wand ($199), I curled sections of the hair to create fluffy, gorgeous curls.
  4. Once all the hair was curled, I used the NEW ghd gold professional styler ($199) to soften any tight curls and create bouncy waves.
  5. I then softly brushed out the curls for added volume using ghd oval dressing brush ($40). Lastly, I spritzed a finishing spray to hold the style and added in an orchid to complete the look for the “Wild Thoughts” performance.

ghd air hairdryer ($199), NEW ghd gold professional styler($199), ghd CURVE classic wave wand ($199), ghd oval dressing brush ($40).

The NEW gold professional styler will be launching February 1st, and all ghd products are available online at ghd hair and select retail locations!

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