Friday, February 16, 2018

Golden Door Offers Up A Pop Of Citrus For Spring

After so many weeks of wicked winter weather, we’re getting a brief (very brief) reprieve. This seems to happen every winter -- it’s a day or two, smack in the middle of February, that fools us into thinking that spring will soon be here. But don’t worry. Just in case you were actually missing winter slop, it’s returning with full force.

However, just in case you are so over winter and so ready for spring you can keep that fresh and revitalized feeling of spring with a few items from our favorite spa -- Golden Door! The Golden Door’s Yuzu Sugar Body Scrub and Yuzu Body Oil is an absolute dynamic duo for your skin. These two Golden Door products are an amazing way to say Bye-Bye to winter ravaged skin and bring a little spring into your life.

What is Yuzu and why we love it? Yuzu is a fruit known in East Asia for its uplifting and fragrant citrus scent. The Yuzu Fruit is known to guard against colds, treat the roughness of skin, and relax the mind. What better way to give yourself a complete boost?!?

Yuzu Sugar Body Scrub, Japanese Citrus Blend ($58 on sale for $44): This aromatic and invigorating body scrub contains an extraordinary combination of selected ingredients to immediately improve the appearance of the skin. Sugar granules meticulously exfoliate while nourishing sesame, sunflower, safflower and jojoba oils deeply condition and moisturize the skin leaving it radiant and silky soft! All while the invigorating Yuzu citrus blend uplifts your spirit and mind.

Yuzu Body Oil, Japanese Citrus Blend ($48): A combination of essential oils in a light, nourishing coconut-based oil. As the oil is applied, it releases several different natural aromas from the essential oils that heal, calm and soothe in addition to uplifting the spirit. Perfect for dry or mature skin.

Always made with love -- 100% of Golden Door’s profits go to select charities across the U.S. dedicated to transforming the lives of children. You can find Golden Door Yuzu Sugar Body Scrub and Yuzu Body Oil, as well as many skin-loving products, online at Golden Door

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