Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Organic Beauty: What is it?

April marks National Earth Month, and we’ve found that a lot of us are taking pause to think about the environment and how what we choose for ourselves makes an impact our the health and well being of our planet and ourselves. Whether it is face, body or hair care -- organic cosmetics are gaining more and more influence with all of us. Organic raw materials, sustainable sourcing, and ecological thinking are not only becoming important to manufacturers, but they are increasingly important to us. Which begs the question, “What is an authentic organic or natural beauty product?”

What defines an “organic” beauty product?

Although the terms “organic cosmetics” or “natural beauty” do not have legal definitions, the products must meet certain specific requirements in order to be truly organic. Ingredients should be obtained under sustainably sourced processes and be free of all synthetic derivatives, as well as pesticides. A great source to check for authenticity is ECOCERT.

Are organic cosmetics or natural beauty products better than synthetic?

In short, yes. Organic cosmetics and natural beauty products are generally sourced under fair trade practices, which results in fair prices for the farmers. These products are also sourced under strict ecological guidelines, which are good for our planet -- and us. The efficacy of organic or natural products is often better than traditional products with far less sensitivity issues.

Can organic or natural cosmetics cause allergies?

Yes. Any product can result in an allergic reaction – even products that you have used for years. An organic beauty product is no different then a synthetic product when it comes to your body’s acceptance or rejection.

What about the longevity of organic products?

Natural cosmetics are more conducive to the formation of microorganisms that cause its deterioration. Those who use natural cosmetics should know the following rules:
  • Respect the expiration date
  • Use a product as soon as possible after opening
  • Store at room temperature
  • Protect from direct sunlight

What do you need to know when switching to organic cosmetics?

Sometimes the body needs a little time to adapt to organic and natural substances. So, take your time and switch out on or two products at once. Irritations can occur when switching to organic products or any type of product for that matter.

A fabulous article about organic labeling is “Learn How to Tell When ‘Organic’ on a Label Is True,” written by Jennifer Chait for The Balance. It is so worth the read!

Sources: ECOCERT, Beauty Press 

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