Monday, June 11, 2018

Tips For A Fresh And Flawless Face

Dull skin, too much shine, large looking pores, dry skin and of course, “mask-face” can make you want to scream. Sometimes it feels as if nothing we do can help us attain an even looking skin tone. But, with a little know-how from Team TME anything is possible... most especially a fresh, flawless face!

Exfoliate: Yes, you’ve read our warnings about over-exfoliating your skin and that warning remains in effect. But, that’s not to say that you shouldn’t exfoliate your skin. Dry flakes and dead skin cells can make your skin appear dull as well as clog your pores leading to blemishes. So, exfoliate that face!

Use a Primer: Primers are multipurpose. Finding one that contains SPF 15 or higher and you’re protecting your skin against harmful UV rays. Plus, primer is just that... it primes your skin with a protective layer, which will reduce the look of large pores and will help foundation set more evenly. Speaking of multipurpose, some primers are dual primer/moisturizer.

Rethink your foundation application: From our own experience, we can assure you of two things. One, it is not always necessary to apply foundation from forehead to collarbone and two, the habit of completely covering your face with foundation will be difficult to break but well worth it! Try a BB Cream. BB Creams are lighter than foundation and can give you more then adequate coverage. Don’t forget to look for one that contains SPF.

Concealer is beauty sleep in a bottle: Concealer is different from foundation. It’s much heavier and is intended for use in small areas such as a blemish or under-eye circles. When you haven’t gotten a good night’s rest or for those prone to dark under-eye circles, use concealer before you apply your foundation.

Setting powder is your friend: While you want your makeup to give you the appearance of a natural glow, you don’t want others to be able to see their reflection. There are a plethora of setting powders on the market. And you’re guaranteed to find one that works for your skin whether it be dry, oily or somewhere in between. Also, to keep shine at bay throughout the day try bloating paper.

Find the right foundation shade: First, start off with testing foundation it the proper spot. Contrary to popular belief, it is not the back of your hand! Test the shade on your jaw line and don’t forget to check that shade with the seasons. What was the perfect color for winter probably isn’t going to be for summer.

PRO TIP! Let us not forget the most important step towards a flawless looking face … clean skin! If you don’t have a skincare regimen, it’s time to start one!

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