Monday, August 20, 2018

Cartier Introduces Carat Eau de Parfum

Photo Source: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Europe

Cartier has announced the launch of the house’s latest fragrance offering -- Cartier Carat. This fragrance is In-House Perfumer Mathilde Laurent’s newest feminine fragrance creation, inspired by the radiance of a diamond. Cartier brings diamonds to life by showcasing them so stunningly, by introducing light and making it scintillate and shimmer. It is this play of light that so moves us.

“’Who are you? You, who perfume diamonds!’ When I first joined Cartier, I was impressed and enthralled by this remark made by Princess Bibesco to Jeanne Toussaint. When I started working around the theme of diamonds, the quote became an obsession. For me, coming from the world of fragrance and its history - religious and artistic - Princess Bibesco meant that Cartier brought diamonds to life. So very often in both these areas, fragrance becomes the embodiment of living.” - Mathilde Laurent

Cartier Carat ($145-3.3oz) inverts the fractal order in dazzling color with Mathilde Laurent ’s original, unusual and imaginative interpretation. From excess to refinement, from the multitude to the unique, Cartier Carat Eau de Parfum is diamond fire transposed to the olfactory realm. The eau de parfum marries seven floral notes with the seven colors of the rainbow as seen reflected through a diamond and Mathilde Laurent chose to utilize the flowers instead of rays of light to represent every color of the rainbow

These seven beautiful fresh flowers come together to form a new flower, abstract but alive, like the light of a diamond. The scent works together to create an abstract white flower, to mirror the white light of fire that creates a diamond.
  • Hyacinth for Indigo 
  • Violet for Violet
  • Iris for blue 
  • Honeysuckle for Orange 
  • Tulip for Red
  • Ylang-Ylang for Green
  • Daffodil for Yellow

The bottle captures the light, diffracting all the colors of the prism and mirroring the multiple reflections of its clean-cut glass facets. An Art Deco faceted bottle updated by Cartier with modern, clean-cut square edges. In a structure as pure and simple as the scent itself, it evolves from clear white to rainbow hues, a holographic projection of colorful vibrations. Pared down to the essentials: the fire of diamond and the surprise of a crystalline cap that clicks open with one hand.

Cartier Carat is now available for pre-order online at Cartier and will launch to market September 1st.

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