Thursday, November 1, 2018

Fall and Winter Skincare Beauty Bargains

If you’re living in the Northeast part of the country, you may be thinking that the cold weather is never going to arrive. Oh the bliss of delusion. According to the weather experts, we can welcome to the cold, windy weather this weekend! Okay, so enough about the weather... we all know what's coming isn’t exactly idea and that the cold, harsh elements are going  play havoc on our skin. Happily, we finally got around to testing out a few skin-loving products and these babies won’t break the bank!

You can begin any at-home spa time with the Spin Spa Body Brush ($19.99). This battery-powered brush comes with 5 attachments including a massage, mesh sponge, cleansing, microdermabrasion, and pumice stone for through and complete indulgence.

After using the Spin Spa Body Brush, we dove write into the Spin Spa Face Brush ($12.99) for an at-home facial experience. This water resistant, battery-powered brush comes with two cleansing attachments for through and complete indulgence that will bring the spa to you.

One of the most surprising products that we found is from essence cosmetics. This brand is extremely bargain based and we were highly skeptical about product efficacy. Can you find hand and nail happiness for $3.99 each? Well, YES you can! essence cosmetics honey care smoothing nail & cuticle scrub is an absolute nail saver with exfoliating properties and soothing, nourishing oils that leave nails looking perfect! Paired with essence cosmetics honey care moisturizing & caring hand cream for all over hand care and you are good to go throughout the cold months! Did we mention that both products smell amazing?!?

Rounding out our finds is another essence product that actually is a year-round absolute must-have. essence makeup cooling & relaxing eye pads ($3.99) are the ultimate wake-up, pick-up for tired eyes. Toss them in the fridge and they are ready to go anytime, plus they’re super cute!

The products total around $45, which is a lot less then you would spend for one spa treatment and together they make the perfect holiday gift! The Spin Spa Body Brush and the Spin Spa Facial are available online at Spin Spa and mass retailers. essence products available online at essence makeup!

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