Friday, November 2, 2018

Movember Moustache Manicures and Easy ‘Stache Stencils

Movember kicked off yesterday, Nov. 1! Last month, the guys supported Breast Cancer Awareness Month, now it’s our turn to support them with some conversation starting nail art. But before we take to our nail lacquer, it’s important to understand why we’re supporting the gentlemen and to get a brief history lesson about the Movember movement.

Founded in Australia in 2003 with a mere 30 guys participating, Movember has developed into a global movement with approximately 3 million registered supporters. The objective for the guys is to grow out their mustaches for the 30 days of November, with bragging rights as the “prize”. But, by growing out their mustaches, guys gain an opportunity to educate others and raise funds for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer, which a whopping one in six men will experience their lifetime. For The Makeup Examiner’s gentlemen readers, who wish to participate, please visit Movember.

For us ladies, or even the guys, there are quiet a few trendy accessories to don and you can check out “Trendy Ways To Support Movember” for inspiration. Team TME has found that the Movember moustache manicure is the easiest avenue to show support for the Movember movement and to make this super simply, you can find a printable ‘stache stencil in the slideshow, as well as three-step style guide below.

Movember Moustache Style Guide:

1. Select a light base color so that your Movember moustache design really pops.

2. Choose one, or more, designs from the ‘stache stencil and place design either on the nail tip in a French manicure style, or mid-point and paint away.

3. Add a clear topcoat and you’re good to go.

Try each one of the stencils or change up the nail polish color. With Movember manicures, the possibilities are endless. For the hardcore nail art ladies, check out an easy freehand tutorial HERE. Just remember that whenever someone asks why you have moustaches painted on your nails, you let them know it’s for the guys!

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