Monday, March 18, 2019

Secrets Of Organized People From Expert Emma Gordon

With Spring 2019 kicking off this Wednesday, March 20, we have been on a major Spring Cleaning kick. It began with cleaning out our products closet and has led to the office and beyond. When you start a major cleaning project we think that most people often ask, “How did things become so disorganized?” At least that was the question that we were all asking.

The answer is that life happens -- we all get busy with work, school and families. But, it is actually possible to have a very busy life and a well organized one too. Turning to Organizing and Storing Expert, Emma Gordon of Clutter, we found out about a few brilliant tips and secrets … Secrets of organized people! So read on and check back all throughout this week as we share tips from our own in-house experts!

Secret Number One: Clutter piles up quickly when you're not paying attention. One of the easiest ways to prevent clutter is to follow a simple rule … when you have an object in your hand (book, jacket, house keys) don't just put it down anywhere, put it away.  When you challenge yourself to put things away in their designated places, not in the most convenient location at the moment, keeping your home organized or office becomes second nature.

Secret Number Two: If a task takes less than two minutes to complete, do it immediately. Small tasks that are allowed to pile up will turn into fodder for procrastination later.

Secret Number Three: It is really easy to schedule away your time and be left with no room for bigger projects that require more concentration. If you're having a hard time making progress on personal projects, a major presentation, or other “deep work,” put it on your calendar as if it’s an appointment. Then treat it like an appointment … don't be late, turn off your phone, don't cancel at the last minute. This is especially helpful if you share your calendar with others to book appointments.

Secret Number Four: Whenever possible, outsource mundane errands. Use on-demand storage like rather than wasting driving your stuff to and from storage. Instead of running to the grocery store, use Instacart or find a tasker on TaskRabbit. Everyday a new service company emerges who can lighten your task list for a small fee.

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