Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Fall Decor Ideas To Celebrate The Season

We can finally see, and feel, that fall is very much here. With the temperatures beginning to drop, we can begin to see the leaves changing into hues of jewel colored combinations with dazzling yellow, orange, red, purple, green, and brown. This makes a perfect backdrop for fall décor and it’s easier then you think to add the charm of the season to your home.

Of course not only does a fall décor change celebrate the “harvest” season, with slight changes and a little imagination these décor recommendations can easily take you from Halloween to Thanksgiving. For example now that Halloween is over, keep your pumpkin hues but change up the black. And for Thanksgiving, you may want to opt for more natural elements like corn and squash. Fortunately for us, the hues for fall's holidays are in the same décor family.

When it comes to seasonal décor, we always like to begin outside. A fall inspired wreath and topiary, like the ones picture here, set the tone. We also like to change our greeting mat. For us, it’s a nice introduction when friends and family visit. Keep in mind not to overdue it, as a little goes a long way when it comes to the hues of fall.

Moving to the inside of your home, adding a beautiful vase filled with harvest colored gourds, or willow spheres, makes a lovely touch to the foyer table. Begin the backdrop with a jute runner and add a few fall leaves to pull the look together.

We do a lot of entertaining throughout the fall and winter, often opting to host small dinner parties. The dining room table is very simple give a seasonal change. Again using a runner, this one being fall inspired, you begin your backdrop. We found these lanterns and filled the bottom third with miniature pumpkins, changed our hurricane vase and added brass chargers.

For the living room -- where most people spend the majority of their time relaxing -- changing pillows, throws and candles make the room ready for a fall celebration. Taking inspiration from nature, add a few well-chosen pops of color mixed in with the neutrals of the season like apricot and brown. All of the suggested items were found at T.J. Maxx and were a fraction of the price of department stores -- proving that luxury does not need to cost a fortune.

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