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Q: What is a "trifecta"? 
A: A beauty product that is Organic, Cruelty-free and Eco-Friendly

Q: What is a Beautynista? 
A: A woman who knows that beauty truly comes from within. It’s the light, laughter, and love that you project that makes you beautiful or a lack thereof that makes you horrifically ugly. The bottom line, there is no such thing a physically ugly human being. You are beautiful if you choose to be!

Q: What is a Suavie? 
A: Not to be confused with the overly used “Metro-Male”, a Suavie is any male who may engage in the most basic of personal hygiene (daily bathing/clean clothes) or go full-tilt with grooming, style and manscaping. That’s right ... you don’t have to be a “polished” guy in order to be a suavie ... just a clean one and a guy that actually values others!

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