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Thursday, December 24, 2015

2015 The Year Not In Review

I could have whipped up a “Year In Review” like many others have been doing for the past week -- and doing so quite well. But I’m not one to look back too often, most especially upon a year that has left me feeling as if the world has gone completely mad.

The other evening I did find myself thinking about how much the world has changed and how easy it would be to become paralyzed by the fear of violence that makes absolutely no sense to a logical mind. It was in those moments that I made a commitment to myself. I have committed to not change my lifestyle, to not give in to fear, to not let them win.

It is through genuine acts of kindness that we remain a humane and decent society. Will I lay down my arms? Uh … NO! Will I put forth as much positivity as I can? Yes!

From my tribe to yours … Peace, Love and Joy
xo Yvonne and Team TME