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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Acquarella Nails Introduces New Colors For F/W Collection

Acquarella, the premiere water-based nail polish brand, announced today Nov. 5, the launch of their long awaited Fall/Winter collection. For those unfamiliar with the brand, Acquarella offers an alternative to traditional nail lacquers with their non-toxic formula.

Founded in 2004, Acquarella introduced an alternative not only to nail polishes, but to nail care as well. There is a regimen to been done when one switches from a traditional nail polish to Acquarella’s offerings, and readers can learn about this in The Makeup Examiner’s productreview.

Now for the stunning and on-trend shades from the Acquarella Fall/Winter collection!

  • Covert: An Army green with a hint of shimmer
  • Prancer: A rich burgundy metallic that is absolutely perfect for the holidays.
  • Obscure: A deep brown/black crème that is a warm toasty brown, which is perfect for the winter.
  • La Luna: A translucent grey/silver metallic that reminds The Makeup Examiner of the festive season ahead.
The new shades bring Acquarella’s color count up to 44 diverse shades. Acquarella has also introduced “The Color Selector,” which suggests a sister formula for each shade. For example, if you love “La Luna,” but would like a crème or shimmer versus a metallic, the brand suggests “Celestial” and this goes for all of Acquarella’s shades. Acquarella Water Colors ($16) are available at Acquarella and select retail locations.