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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Adovia Dead Sea Mud Shampoo Review

Always in search of products that are organic and effective, The Makeup Examiner was pretty stoked when Adovia approached TME to do a review. Adovia Mineral Skincare is an Israeli brand so I knew immediately that it would be cruelty-free and TME was rather excited to try out a shampoo that’s main ingredient is Dead Sea Mud. After all, it’s an interesting concept to wash one’s hair with mud.

Dead Sea Mud contains the highest concentration of minerals found on the planet and people have bathed in the Dead Sea for centuries, soaking in the healing properties of the waters and mud. Minerals from the Dead Sea are known to provide relief from dry and irritated skin including the scalp. So, what can one expect from the experience of using Adovia Dead Sea Mud Shampoo?

To start Adovia Dead Sea Mud Shampoo ($23) has a lovely scent, but is extremely thick. It’s not a bad thing that the shampoo is sludge-like, just something to point out. TME’s experience was fairly positive, as Adovia Dead Sea Mud Shampoo left my hair feeing cleansed, nourished and soft. Other ingredients, such as Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Papaya, Aloe Vera and Shea Butter help to alleviate discomfort from issues like dandruff, scalp psoriasis, and seborrhea dermatitis.

Adovia Dead Sea Mud Shampoo and Adovia products are available online at Amazon and Cleopatra’s Choice.