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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

AfterSpa Allows The Spa To Come To You

We all know that after a day at the spa, your skin feels supple and luxurious and your mind, Zen and relaxed. You want to hold on to that feeling forever, but how? Our EIC here at The Makeup Examiner is an ardent believer in “me time.” Although she’s not popping over to the spa on a weekly basis, she has a strict routine of at-home spa Sundays. Taking time to focus upon one’s self and pamper from head-to-toe is what keeps her level. And, she encourages all of us to do the same.

Of course even at-home spa treatments can be pricey. So, when Yvonne was sent AfterSpa products to test out (Range: $9 to $18) she happily did so and was thrilled with the efficacy. Emilio Smeke, creator of AfterSpa, states, “I wanted to create an apothecary line that was affordable for anyone who can’t make it to the spa regularly. In the real world, we are all so busy; a spa trip possibly happens maybe every 6 months or once a year. With AfterSpa, you will have all you need to create a spa atmosphere at home.”

AfterSpa comes in two luxurious skin-loving scents: Macadamia-Coconut and Honey-Mint. AfterSpa Collection:                          
  • AfterSpa Head Towel  ($12)
  • AfterSpa Back Scrubber ($9)
  • AfterSpa Macadamia Coconut Hand Soap ($18)
  • AfterSpa Honey Mint Scrub ($12)
  • AfterSpa Macadamia Coconut Scrub ($12)
  • AfterSpa Sleep Mask ($12)

Launching this spring/summer at Ross Stores nationwide AfterSpa is a line of eco-friendly bath and body products and accessories that will transform your mind, body and spirit … all in the luxury of your own home!