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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fragrance Of The Month September 2014

Welcome Beautynistas and Suavies to our first “Fragrance Of The Month” feature! Each month, TME will introduce readers to fragrances that we’ve chosen to help you express yourselves through one of the most pleasurable and personal experiences … scent. Fragrance Of The Month offers a scent introduction, for both the gentlemen and the ladies, in hopes that you’ll find your true olfaction personality.

We can hardly believe that it’s the unofficial end of summer and that the fall season will begin in just a few short weeks -- September 22 to be exact. Although, today’s weather hardly reflects any sign of the cooler temperatures soon to come. And that, dear readers, means you’ve still got plenty of warm weather ahead. So without further ado, we give you Fragrance Of The Month September 2014!

For the ladies, we present Beso Del Mar by Spadaro Luxury Fragrances. Beso Del Mar (100 ml - $95) the newest offering from Spadaro having launched in February, is a Woody Citrus that is fresh and clean with a hint of seduction.

Beso Del Mar Notes ~
  • Top Notes: Agave and Lime
  • Mid Notes: Sand Accord and Hibiscus
  • Base Notes: Driftwood and Musk
Upon application is a refreshing snap of citrus that lingers for a time before giving way to a seductive note of Agave, and then introducing a sexy blend of mid notes before finally resting into drydown that leaves a lasting essence driftwood with a hint of citrus. Yes the base note is musk, yet Beso Del Mar leaves your body scented with the essence of the sunset in the Caribbean. The bottle offers a clean and elegant design that is perfectly reflective of this perfume. Created by: Kim Spadaro; Season: All Seasons; Sillage: 3-Moderate; Longevity: 4-Long Lasting; Bottling-5

Beso Del Mar is available online at Spadaro Luxury Fragrances and select retail locations.

For the gentlemen, we present Artisan by John Varvatos. Artisan (124 ml - $84), which was launched in 2009 and is quite the classic men’s fragrance -- classic as in the way that we want our men to smell. The fragrance is a Woody Citrus/Spice blend that is clean and masculine like a freshly pressed button-down.

Artisan by John Varvatos Notes ~
  • Top Notes: Sicilian Clementine, Tangelo, Mandarin, Wild Thyme, Marjoram, Lavandin
  • Mid Notes: Orange Tree Blossoms, Murraya, Essence of Orange Jasmine Tree, Ginger extracts
  • Base Notes: Kephalis, Georgywood, Amber, Musk

We’ve found that all too many men’s fragrances are overbearing and leave us begging for the wearer to simply stand elsewhere. However, that is not the case with this scent. The fragrance opens with a gorgeous citrus and spice blend and follows with a lasting woody impression. Artisan by John Varvatos is, as we’ve stated, masculine and clean and sexy. Artisan’s flacon was designed by Jon Cisler, with the bottle encased in hand-woven rattan. There isn’t anything that we didn’t enjoy about this men’s fragrance and we just may be asking our SO to make it part of their permanent stock. Created by: Rodrigo Flores-Roux of Givaudan; Season: All Seasons; Sillage: 3-Moderate; Longevity: 3–Moderate; Bottling-5

Artisan by John Varvatos is available online at John Vargas and Nordstrom.

We hoped that you’ve enjoyed our first Fragrance Of The Month and that you’ll stop back for more suggestions. Fragrance Of The Month October isn't going to be what one might expect!