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Friday, June 28, 2019

Summer Skincare Solutions For Problem Skin

This Article First Appeared On TME May 2016

For those that suffer from skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, or sensitive skin, summertime can bring a set of very unique problems. Any skin condition can make us feel unattractive and while those with skin conditions such as acne may feel self-conscious, society general knows what those bumps are. The same cannot be said for skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis. Despite that over 30 million Americans suffer from the aforementioned skin disorders, many people don’t have a clue about the rough, inflamed and sometimes blistering skin patches that occur during an eczema or psoriasis flare up. To help us understand more about our skin and tackle the unique summertime challenges of eczematous and psoriasis skin, TME turned to Board Certified Dermatologist Dr. Ranella Hirsch.

Called an “Expert Derm” by Allure and a “Beauty Guru” by Marie Clare, Dr. Hirsch is a frequently quoted expert in the fields of cosmetic and laser dermatology. Due to her unique expertise in the areas of skin care development and laser-skin interactions, Dr. Hirsch is highly sought after as an expert. Dr. Hirsch is the author of several articles and book chapters on the subject of injectable neurotoxins and other dermal fillers. McGraw-Hill released her most recent textbook, “Aesthetic Regional Rejuvenation”.

TME: What causes dry skin?

Dr. Ranella Hirsch: There are a multitude of causes in addition to some people having a genetic predisposition. Contributing factors can include the weather, humidity, bathing habits, and using skincare products that are too harsh or any combination of these.

TME: What’s the difference between severely dry skin and eczema or psoriasis?

Dr. Hirsch: There is some overlap in symptoms but generally eczema refers to a hereditary condition of dry skin known to wax and wane. For some people there are also certain allergic tendencies along with it.

TME: Summer brings skin-baring clothes. For those of us that suffer with skin issues, what can we do to prepare our skin for the summer?

Dr. Hirsch: Prevention is key. Think about sun protection appropriate to your level of activity, so as an example, look for something labeled for an active person if you will be outside in the heat. With other conditions, such as dry or oily skin, think about getting ahead of the curve. Look for products that help keep dry skin well hydrated, [look for] products that are specifically formulated for extremely dry, compromised skin.  For oily skin, look for products in a gel form that are labeled as mattifying.

TME: For those of us with severely dry skin or eczema, is it possible to “overdo it” with the moisturizer?

Dr. Hirsch: Interesting question! I suppose it would be theoretically possible to use SO much of something SO heavy that you could get break outs, but it would be difficult. As a general rule, best practice with dry skin is leaving the skin damp and then applying a product to seal in the moisture.

TME: Shaving and summer go hand-in-hand and shaving can exacerbate existing skin issues. What’s the best way for us to approach shaving?

Dr. Hirsch: Shaving brings with it both good and potential for challenges so it’s helpful to get it right. When done properly, on well-lubricated legs, which have had time for the hair to soften, it is a great form of exfoliation. In fact, a great beauty trick is to shave as a way to prep for applying self-tanner. However, shaving dry skin can cause it to become very irritated especially in the delicate bikini area.

TME: What things do you recommend that we avoid during the summer?

Dr. Hirsch: Well, I am a dermatologist so the most appropriate answer is too much sun! Not saying it needs to be avoided, just respected though.

TME: Once we achieve a healthy state for our skin, how do we maintain this throughout the warmer months?

Dr. Hirsch: Maintenance is key. Once you get your skin into a good place, look for skincare that supports where you want to stay. Avoid picking, scratching, and too much sun.

Note: A very special thank you to Dr. Hirsch for her time and wisdom! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’: Your questions answered by Dr. Victoria Karlinsky

Recently, Team TME had the privilege of interviewing one of New York's leading female cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Victoria Karlinsky. They discussed what has become one of the most asked for cosmetic enhancement procedures -- buttock augmentation -- better known as the “Brazilian Butt Lift” or BBL. As cited by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, in 2017 approximately 21,000 Americans opted for some type of buttock augmentation making this specific cosmetic enhancement one of the most requested.

High profile entertainers, such as Jennifer Lopez and Beyoncé, have been celebrated for more than their talents on stage. These women have enviable naturally curvaceous figures, and it should come as no surprise that one would want to emulate his or her favorite celebrity. And if you’re considering buttock augmentation, read on for great insights regarding the how and what to expect from the fastest growing body augmentation.

TME: Of late, we’ve seen a bit of negative press regarding buttock lift procedures. What are the different procedures one can have for a buttock lift and what deems certain procedures unsafe?

Dr. Victoria Karlinsky: There are two ways to enlarge someone’s buttocks. This can be done via fat grafting or by utilizing solid silicone implants. In my practice I only offer fat grafting to enlarge and uplift someone’s buttocks. The reason for that is the complication rate. Liposuction and fat grafting has a much lower rate of complications then that of Silicone implants. While there are many people who do not have enough fat for the fat grafting procedure, I feel that the high rate of complications with solid buttock implants is not acceptable.

How does the Brazilian Butt Lift differ from the other type(s) of buttock enhancement procedures?

Dr. Karlinsky: BBL is completely different from buttock augmentation with silicone implants. When performing BBL, we typically perform circumferential liposuction of the torso (abdomen, flanks, back), we can also harvest fat from arms and thighs. The fat is then cleaned and re-injected into the buttocks to create a fuller, shapelier form. Because we are injecting the patient’s own tissue, the risks of infection, extrusion, and encapsulation (to name a few potential complications associated with silicone implants) do not exist.

What are the common misconceptions that patients have regarding the results of the Brazilian Butt Lift?

Dr. Karlinsky: Many times, patients come to see me with a photo of J Lo or similar celebrities, asking if I can give them a butt like theirs. The answer is most always “No”. One limitation of fat grafting is that there is only so much fat we can inject at one time and sometimes more than one treatment is needed to achieve the desired size and projection. If too much fat is injected, we know that it will simply not survive. The fat is a free graft and its survival depends on the formation of a new blood supply, which will provide the tissue with the nutrients it needs to stay alive. If we simply clump a bunch of fat in one place, the butt will look big and full for a few weeks but little by little, the fat cells, which never got the blood supply, will die and will be reabsorbed by the body.

What advice can you offer to a person exploring the possibility have having the procedure?

Dr. Karlinsky: First and foremost, a patient must do his or her due diligence and find a doctor who is well trained to perform this particular procedure. Secondly, if they have enough fat and realistic expectations, they should avoid solid silicone implants and go with fat grafting.

Once a patient has decided that this procedure is right from them, what can they expect from prior to the procedure through to recovery time?

Dr. Karlinsky: There is not much they need to worry about, prior to surgery. After surgery, they can expect to be fairly sore and uncomfortable, but not in major pain. I do not restrict my patients from sitting on their buttocks; I simply ask that they do not spend a prolonged period of time in one position. My patients are asked to wear an elastic garment for a week to ten days fulltime (day and night) and another week part-time after surgery. I do not put any restrictions on my patients after surgery, other than no heavy lifting and running for a week after the procedure. Most of my patients go back to work a week after surgery.

What is the price of the procedure and how long do the results of the Brazilian Butt Lift last?

Dr. Karlinsky: The cost for the procedure varies with your surgeon, but the average price for a Brazilian Butt Lift is $10,500. We know that about 30% of fat that we inject will not survive and will be reabsorbed by the body, so some of the volume that the patients see right after surgery will be decreased. As long as the patient who underwent the procedure maintains a healthy diet and keeps her or his weight stable, the results are permanent.

About Dr. Victoria Karlinsky
Dr. Karlinsky obtained her Bachelor’s degree from Hunter College City University in New York City and her medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine. She completed her residency training at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York City, graduating with distinction as Chief Resident of the Year and recipient of the Leon Ginsburg Award. Dr. Karlinsky completed her Cosmetic Surgery Fellowship at the Facial Plastic and Cosmetic Surgical Center in Abilene, Texas. Dr. Karlinsky is the chief surgeon at New Look New Life Surgical Arts.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Men’s Winter Skin Care and Shaving Tips With Dr. Jeffrey Benabio

This article first appeared on TME December 2016

We can all whimsically sigh that summer is officially over and days lounging poolside are now a memory. As we go into the cooler seasons, it’s time to change up our skincare regimen and that goes for the guys as well. But, the transition from “fun-in-the-sun” skincare to protective winter skincare can be challenging and not every guy knows the healthiest way to achieve and maintain amazing skin.

Here at The Makeup Examiner, we are huge advocates for encouraging men to learn how to care for their skin and to embrace a little “luxury” time for themselves. This is especially true for the harsher conditions that colder months bring. With this in mind we again turned to skincare expert, Dr. Jeffrey Benabio for his expert advice.

The Makeup Examiner: From our experience, men tend to believe in the “one-size” product theory. As women, we know that different skin types require skin type specific products. What are the various skin types and what is the easiest way for our guys to determine theirs?

Dr. Benabio: I think too much attention has been given to “skin types.” Sure, some people are more prone to having dry or oily skin, but the truth is that our skin changes. There are many factors that can alter your skin, ranging from hormonal fluctuations and medications to weather changes and skincare products. For example, most people don’t suffer from dry skin in the summertime because of the excess moisture in the air. However, when cold weather approaches, there is less humidity in the air that causes many people to suffer from dry skin. Many men (and women) have “combination” skin with some dry and some oily areas.

Once skin type is determined, what is the best avenue for our guys to approach skin care for each skin type?

Dr. Benabio: For example, if a guy has consistently dry, itchy, red skin, then he should look for skincare products that are extra moisturizing, like Dove Men+Care’s Hydrate Face Wash that replenishes lost moisture in the skin. And he should avoid using bar soaps that can strip natural oils off the skin leading to further dryness. Instead, he should look for body washes with built-in moisturizers like Dove Men+Care’s Clean Comfort Body and Face Wash that cleanses skin and helps prevents further dryness.

As we move away from summer and toward the colder weather, what tips can you offer the guys to protect their skin against the elements?

Dr. Benabio: Colder weather means less moisture in the air and more dryness in your skin, so I always suggest moisturizing more frequently. While you may have a moisturizer or skincare routine that worked well in the spring/summer, it may not cut it in the winter months. To fight wintertime dryness, I recommend using Dove Men+Care skincare products. The Dove Men+Care Hydrate+ range, which includes a face wash and face lotion, helps moisturize dry skin and absorbs quickly without feeling greasy. The Dove Men+Care Aqua Impact Body and Face Wash, is made with ultra-light micro-moisture technology that’s clinically proven to fight dry skin. Guys shouldn’t forget about their hair, which can also become dry and brittle in the colder winter months. The Dove Men+Care Aqua Impact Shampoo is specifically designed to moisturize and strengthen hair and as an added bonus, smells great too.

Do our guys need to change up their shaving routine for the colder months? If so, what’s the best approach to attain a great shave?

Dr. Benabio: Again, it’s all about moisturizing. Dry skin can become flaky which can make for a rough shave. That’s why it’s important for guys to use a moisturizing shave gel like Dove Men+Care’s Hydrate Shave Gel that lathers quickly and softens skin leading to a closer, smoother, more comfortable shave. It’s also a good idea to consider using a calming post-shave balm like Dove Men+Care’s Hydrate Post Shave Balm that absorbs into the skin quickly, soothes any skin irritation caused by shaving, and is lightweight and non-greasy.

Dr. Benabio is Physician Director of Healthcare Transformation, Kaiser Permanente in San Diego, CA and advised on the creation of the new Dove Men+Care Expert Shave product line. Dove Men+Care is available at retailers nationwide.

Note: A special thank you to Dr. Jeffrey Benabio for again taking time from his extremely busy schedule to share tips with TME readers! Looking for amazing tips to keep looking fresh this holiday season? Checkout this video from Dr. Jeff!

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Is Your Boxed Hair Dye Causing Hair Loss? The Experts Weigh In

It’s a fact that we love to color our hair -- whether to cover up grays or just make a change in the hue of our luscious locks. What many women don’t know, however, is that their boxed hair dye may be contributing to hair thinning and loss. Damage and allergy are the top two causes of hair loss from the use of hair color, and it’s more prevalent than you think. Over 40% of women experience visible hair loss by the time they’re 40, yet this topic isn’t widely discussed.

In honor of National Hair Loss Awareness Month in August, we wanted to share some tips and tricks from Dermatologist Dr. Joyce Davis on how to prevent hair loss when coloring your hair, and treating any thinning you’ve already experienced. Dr. Davis shares the following tips and information about the subject that none of us want to talk about.

Know the Difference Between Shedding and Hair Loss: Most of us lose somewhere between 50-150 strands of hair every day, but a normal, healthy scalp will simply produce more hair to replace that loss. When actual hair thinning is occurring, most women will notice an all-around overall thinning of the hair, as opposed to bald spots. Keep tabs on how much hair you’re losing in your brush, in the shower, etc. to determine if your shedding is cause for concern.

Minimize the Damage When Coloring: The chemicals in your hair dye may cause your hair shaft to weaken and break off. If you are experiencing hair loss after you have color treated your hair it is most likely due to damage to the hair shaft. To minimize the chance of such damage, use dye within three shades of your natural hair color, as the process will be less harsh. Also look for products that contain deep conditioners that will help counteract the drying chemicals. Clairol’s Nice’n Easy takes this a step further and added Damage-Blocking Technology into their dye to further minimize damage.

It’s all About the Timing: It’s best to wait at least 6 weeks in between colorings to allow the scalp and roots to heal completely from the irritation caused by coloring. If you are using a home coloring product, you may want to consult a stylist to see what can be done to avoid further damage and potential temporary hair loss.

Be Careful of Adverse Side Effects: While rare, there is a chance that if you’re losing hair after coloring that you’re allergic to the dye. Typically, hair dyes contain known allergens PTD and PPD, which can cause severe allergic reactions in some people. I always suggest using Clairol’s Nice’n Easy for dying your hair at home, as it replaced these allergens with a new molecule called ME+ that reduces the risk in developing an allergy. Patients can use it without worrying about harming the scalp and worsening hair loss due to an allergic reaction. Of course, always do a patch test prior to dying to ensure you don’t react, as allergies can still develop!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Summer Skin Care Tips from Dermatologist Dr. Ellen Marmur

The entire team at The Makeup Examiner loves the summer … who doesn't right? Although the warmth and fun-in-the-sun activities are a blast, and much-needed reprieve from winter, summertime presents its own set of unique issues that may leave you wanting to stay covered-up! Do you know the best ways to keep your skin looking great throughout the warmer months? Well, TME was fortunate to catch up with Dr. Ellen Marmur to find out how to get, and how to keep, our skin looking sexy all summer long!

The Makeup Examiner: What's the best way to maintain skin moisture during the warmer months?

Dr. Ellen Marmur: The first question I ask my patients who suffer from dry skin is what are they using to cleanse themselves with. For most, this is not something they even really consider as they use whatever is in the shower or what's on sale at the drugstore. So the first step to set yourself up for success is to trade in the soaps and body washes that use harsher cleansers for a body wash with milder ingredients. After the shower, the next step is to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Use a thick moisturizer while the skin is still damp and continue to apply throughout the day. The third step, and of course one that is even more important during the warmer months, is to apply sunscreen every time skin is exposed to the sun. 

Shaving and summer go hand-in-hand. What can we do to retain skin moisture before, during, and after we shave? 

Dr. Ellen: If you shave during your morning shower, apply moisturizer the night before you shave. Pay attention to the cleanser or shave cream you are using and seek out a product that won't strip essential oils from your skin. After you shave, immediately apply additional moisturizer while skin is still damp and then apply sunscreen before exposing skin to sun.

SPF is a given when we venture out, but what is the lowest you recommend?

Dr. Ellen: Broad spectrum UVA UVB SPF 30 is my lowest! Unless we are applying a shot glass, or a golf ball, amount of sunscreen lotion, we are only getting a fraction of the number of the SPF on the label. So don't skimp on sunscreen. You will still get sun even with SPF 50!

How often should SPF be reapplied?

Dr Ellen: Reapply sunscreen at least every two hours. There is no reason to forget or avoid this, because sunscreen formulations are more elegant and cosmetic than ever.

What are your three "must-dos" for summer skincare?

Dr. Ellen:
  1. Moisturize your skin three times a day! This will prep your skin for its natural glow.
  2. Avoid harsh soaps that strip your essential oils and use mild cleansers.
  3. And WEAR your sunscreen! There are no excuses.

Dr. Ellen Marmur

Dr. Ellen Marmur is a leading dermatologist and Founder of Marmur Medical in New York City. Dr. Marmur is recognized and admired expert in skincare and women's health dermatology, and is an Associate Clinical Professor in both the Department of Dermatology and the Department of Genetics & Genomic Research at The Mount Sinai Hospital. Dr. Marmur is also the author of "Simple Skin Beauty: Every Woman's Guide to a Lifetime of Healthy, Gorgeous Skin".

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Kristen Bell Get The Look and Summer Hair Health 101

Summer Is Here! Okay, well actually not until like 6:07 am EST tomorrow, June 21. But we have some amazing tips for a chic and easy summer hair look from celebrity hairstylist, Dimitris Giannetos, as well as rock star summer hair care tips from renowned dermatologist Dr. Joyce DavisTo start, let’s focus on Kristen’s look! Dimitris used ECRU New York to give Kristen an updated classic style for the 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards on June 16th.

“For Kristen’s look I wanted to do something modern and polished because of her edgy dress. I decided to go with a low sleek middle-parted ponytail. I added just one element at the end using black electric tape to create a leather band look!

I prepped the damp hair using my favorite Marine Thickening Balm from ECRU New York and then I blow-dried the hair with a large round brush. Next, I added the amazing Silk Nectar Serum. This protects the hair from the heat so that there are no split ends and it doesn’t make the hair heavy at all! I just love it! After, I flat-ironed the hair in small sections.

I gave her a very strict middle-part, and then I sprayed a flat brush with the Sunlight Styling Spray and brushed the hair to the neckline. I used an elastic band with 2 hooks to secure the ponytail and then I wrapped the black electric tape around it so it felt and looked like a leather band.  I sprayed the end of a toothbrush with the Sunlight Styling Spray to make sure there are no wisps or fly away pieces on the hairline. Lastly, I used the Silk Nectar Serum on the pony for a soft and shiny look!” -Dimitris Giannetos

How easy is that?!? This is sort of the perfect summer style that crosses ultra-chic with summer comfort. But, what happens if you’re a mere mortal and have misbehavin’ summer hair? Like many of us who color our hair, it’s a challenge to keep the rich color and highlights that we worked so hard (and spent so much money!) to maintain. That’s why we turned to Clairol’s dermatologist, Dr. Joyce Davis, for her expert tips on keeping your scalp and hair color happy and healthy all summer long.

Dr. Davis’ Top Tips:

  1. Shampoo less often: In the warmer months, our skin goes into oil overdrive, which gives the illusion of greasy strands. To counteract this, our first impulse is to shampoo more often. This is a scalp and color no-no, says Dr. Davis, since it causes your scalp to get dried out and itchy, as you’re eliminating the hair’s natural oils that nourish the scalp and hair. Additionally, excessively shampooing your hair causes the color to fade, with the need to color your hair arising sooner than usual. As we all know, coloring hair too often causes hair to become damaged and brittle; so, try to shampoo twice a week, max.
  2. Protect yourself: We all love tanning under the warm summer sun (preferably with a marg in hand!), but the sun is actually your hair and scalp’s worst enemy.  While the sun is great for getting a few highlights, Dr. Davis says it’s actually detrimental to those who color their hair as it fades the color at the roots and burns the scalp. This results in over-coloring your hair, since the need to blend your color becomes more apparent, in addition to dried out skin and dandruff. Dr. Davis recommends wearing a hat, spraying your roots with some SPF or staying under an umbrella. If looking for a healthy hair color option, Dr. Davis recommends Clariol’s Nice’n Easy -the formula actually makes hair healthy after you color, thanks to its EDDS technology, which provides conditioning in every step!
  3. Rinse your hair… with water before jumping in the pool, to minimize chlorine damage to your strands and your scalp. Chlorine not only fades color and can even cause color to change completely, it’s super harsh on your scalp, causing irritation and dryness. Since hair is very porous, thoroughly rinsing your hair with non-chlorinated water causes the hair to absorb clean, healthy water, as opposed to chlorinated, chemically-charged pool water that breaks down hair and results in faded color, split ends and itchiness.

In an effort to maintain rich color, a healthy scalp and hydrated hair, Dr. Davis says that it’s vital to find a hair color that keeps up with your summer routine. She recommends using Clairol’s Nice’n Easy as a tool to achieve beautiful color without compromising on your hair’s health; it’s non-drip crème formula is super easy to use at home and the formula protects your scalp from the risk of an allergic reaction (which is the last thing you want on top of all the harmful summer effects!).

Monday, June 18, 2018

Six Quick Tips For Feeling Fresh From Celebrity Stylist Negar Ali Kline

No doubt that we all love summer, or that Summer 2018 is promising to be both the best yet, and the purveyor of Humidgeddon! Yesterday, and today already, are certainly proving that June is acting like August! We here at The Makeup Examiner however happen to be very fortunate to have access to the best in the business and their amazing tips for weathering any type of weather. 

For instance, Celebrity Stylist Negar Ali Kline -- who has styled A-list celebs such as Reese Witherspoon, Naomi Watts, Jessica Lange and Eva Mendes and helped them to feel their freshest whether they are on location or hanging casually -- has availed herself to Team TME to offer up the best tips to help us enjoy the most of summer fun. Yes, Negar is passing along sage advice that is quick, easy, and guaranteed to keep us looking and feeling fresh all of Summer 2018!

Celebrity Stylist Negar Ali Kline

Negar’s Summertime Tips:

Tip One: Smooth It Out! - Spring forward with extra smooth skin! Mix crushed aspirin, honey and water to exfoliate and remove that pesky bikini rash.

Tip Two: Add A Scarf - For hot summer days, have a go-to silk scarf on hand for a quick and stylish updo. This will keep you cool and gives you the perfect opportunity to test out a new ‘do.

Tip Three: De-Puff Your Eyes - Beat the puff by refrigerating a raw sliced potato and laying the cool slice on your eyes to get that fresh-faced look back after a long summer night.

Tip Four: Don't Sweat It - Don’t let sweat stains ruin that perfect outfit! By spraying your clothes with lemon juice before each wash you can eliminate those pesky stains.

Tip Five: Refresh Yourself - For those unbearable summer heat waves, refresh your skin with a tomato-based scrub. Tomato naturally cools skin down leaving your skin feeling renewed after a harsh day in the sun.

Tip Six: Stay Fresh And Confident - Confidence is the best accessory for any look, whether you’re on-set or going out on the town. Wear Carefree Acti-fresh daily liners to help you feeling fresh and confident, while keeping your underwear clean, dry, and flawless.

Need more tips on Summertime Beauty? Check out The Makeup Examiner's Summer Beauty section! 

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Hollywood's Top Celeb Groomer Shares 2018 Grooming Trends

One of Hollywood’s hottest groomers, KC Fee, has spent plenty of time prepping and primping Hollywood’s gorgeous guys for the Red Carpet. Her portfolio of clients includes the likes of Armie Hammer, Milo Ventimiglia, and French actor Arnaud Valois, just to name a few and KC offers up her top tips for men to stay in top form this year! Read on to find out what KC Fee shared with us…

Q: What are your essential tips for get your male celebrity clients red-carpet ready?

KC Fee: Men don’t [usually] get “made up” with cosmetics, so skin is really what’s on display. The secret is getting a perfect combo of products to create a hydrated healthy glow without leaving any shine. My go-to grooming trick is to hydrate the skin, and then apply a mattifying gel on top to absorb extra sheen. I like finishing it off with a light translucent powder to ensure longevity, and a touch of bronzing powder to give my clients a healthy glow.

What are your favorite products for men?

For skin, I love the L’Occitane Divine Eye Balm and L’Occitane Cade Moisturizer. The Divine Eye Balm is incredibly rich and hydrating without being heavy. It leaves a silky finish and smooths the appearance of fine lines with anti-aging properties. I like it for men because it is so subtle in fragrance, so not overpowering. The Cade Men’s Moisturizer is incredibly hydrating and also gives the skin a natural glow without shine. I like the Laura Mercier Secret Finish Mattifying Gel for an anti-shine finish, and Tom Ford Bronzing Gel (add a bit to your everyday moisturizer for a subtle hint of a tan).

For hair, my favorite hair product is Oribe Rock Hard Gel.  I use it on wet hair to prep it for a blow dry, which creates amazing volume and fullness before styling it. I will also use it as a gel to sculpt hair into a classic old Hollywood style. I use Oribe’s Super Fine Hair spray to finish off any look. It’s light and not too shiny if you’re a doing a more matte look. I love Kevin Murphy’s Rough Rider as my go-to texturizing matte clay pomade. It gives the hair volume and texture if you want to rough up it up little for a more unkempt look.

Any additional tips you can give guys getting ready for a special event?

Keep it simple. A basic moisturizer rubbed into the face and neck; a hair product that will hold their hair for the distance. You don’t want your hair falling flat half way through the day. A fresh scented cologne isn’t a bad idea either!

To get more ideas and inspiration, talk with your dermatologist or hairstylist/barber. Look at Pinterest boards ideas. Guys should not be afraid of products. An everyday moisturizer and eye cream is essential. L’Occitane Divine Eye Balm and their Cade Moisturizer are my favorites. Also, every guy should try my favorite technique to give skin a little color boost: add a drop of Tom Ford Bronzing Gel to the Cade Moisturizer for a subtle every day sun kissed look. It goes a long way!

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

TATCHA Founder Victoria Tsai Talks Ban-No and Water Cream

TATCHA Founder, Victoria Tsai

Like many of us, TATCHA founder Victoria Tsai often feels like she has too much on her plate. But even though multi-tasking is a fact of life it can often leave us feeling off-balance and pulled in too many directions. Victoria traveled to Kyoto seeking a new approach to skincare, but instead she stumbled on a new approach to life. Many of the beautiful Japanese philosophies she learned help her to be more mindful and balanced, without losing the efficiency of multi-tasking.

One of her favorite philosophies that apply to both life and skincare is Ban-No, meaning all-purpose and all mighty. And translating this into life, your things should work hard for you so that you don’t have to work as hard. Every TATCHA formula is crafted to deliver multiple benefits, offering skin everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t.

The newest addition to the TATCHA family is Water Cream ($68) -- this is an anti-aging moisturizer created to hydrate, balance and refine skin in one step.  The unique, oil-free formula is a burst of Zen for your skin, releasing refreshing hydration and powerful Japanese botanicals that leave behind smooth, poreless skin that is perfectly prepped for makeup and one less thing for you to worry about.

Some of Victoria’s other favorite philosophies for mindful multitasking at home that she shares with us are so basic, and yet, so very profound. These are the philosophies that our own founder adopted as a means of survival and we encourage you to sit back, relax, read, and implement what you can into your own world.

  • Wabi sabi: Imperfections make things more unique. We can so often feel off-balance by a desire to do each and every thing perfectly, in work and in life, but this philosophy teaches us to embrace the flaws. Cooking a meal for a loved one doesn’t have to be Instagram-worthy—a chipped plate or a crooked sushi roll only makes it more treasured.
  • Ichi-go, ichi-e: Just this one moment, once in a lifetime. This saying reminds us of the preciousness of each interaction we have. There are ways to multi-task while also allowing us to spend time with the people we care about. Instead of taking a work call while making dinner, catch up with a friend or loved one while chopping veggies.
  • Omakase: Entrust to others. This word is most often encountered at sushi bars, but also applies to our lives. When ordering, it gives the chef authority to make what they want, at the price they set. In life, it reminds us to trust and lean on the people who surround us to help us achieve what we need to do.
  • Kaizen: Make small, continuous improvements. It might not seem like much, but kaizen teaches us to take small steps, towards the change we want. It’s much easier to multi-task when you’re working on small changes towards a goal, rather than trying to accomplish something radical. 
  • Shankankan: The beauty of taking your time. It is easy for us to rush through our work, turning them into mindless endeavors but Shankankan reminds us to slow down, to take time and enjoy the work at hand.
  • Nyunanshin: Have a flexible mind. Originating in martial arts, the concept of nyunanshin says that we should maintain an open mind and be receptive to new teachings. There are always more efficient or better ways of completing the task at hand so it’s important to seek out new perspectives.
  • Chisoku: Know when enough is enough. Chisoku comes from a Zen principle that says there is no limit to human desire. As such, it is up to us to know when to be satisfied. It can be easy to lose ourselves in a flurry of work, but chisoku reminds us to know when our work is done, so we can step away and enjoy other things.
  • Yataiki: Find joy in small things. Even when tasks seem mindless, there are ways to make them uplifting. Allow yourself to notice the beauty of the flowers as you run, or the sound of your favorite song as you work.

We are beyond thrilled to have been able to share Victoria’s insights with you and looking to the future of TATCHA, you can expect a revitalizing treat -- Violet-C Radiance Mask ($68) -- launching in July 2017. The TATCHA Violet-C Radiance Mask is a creamy treatment packed with the anti-aging and brightening power of 7 fruits, 2 unique types of Vitamin C and antioxidant-rich Japanese Beautyberry that rinses away to unveil bright, radiant skin.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

How To Find The Perfect Swimsuit Online

Melissa Liebling-Goldberg of Spring

Although it may not feel like it -- Spring 2017 is here. And with it begins the preparation for swimsuit season. Was that a collective “ugh” that we heard? Yeah, we feel the same! Most of us do not have hours to spend at the boutique searching for the perfect suit and turning to the Internet, while a logical avenue for saving time, can be a futile endeavor. Seriously! How many times have you purchased swimwear only to receive it and find that the suit is nothing like what you’d expected? Of course, there’s also the hassle of returning the suit and starting the process all over.

Well, buying a swimsuit online doesn't have to be a dreadful experience. The Makeup Examiner checked in with VP of Editorial at Spring, Melissa Liebling-Goldberg, to pick her brain for foolproof ways to find that perfect swimsuit online. Melissa states that finding swimwear online is as easy as sticking to a few basic rules.

1. Keep your “in-store” frame of mind

We usually choose realistic styles, sizes, cuts, and colors that look best on us when we are about to confront a mirror. Apply that same reasoning as you add items to your online cart. Choose styles and sizes that work with your body type and that you’ve been wearing consistently. And if you’re anticipating a smaller or bigger size this season, make sure to take your measurements and compare them with the brand’s sizing chart.

2. Narrow your search

Discovery is endless on the web! As an online shopper, you are exposed to millions of options, which can be confusing and overwhelming once approaching checkout. Choose 3-5 cuts and styles you’ve worn in the past and that flatter your frame.

Styling Tip: To play up your chest try using a halter style, print or color, or a push-up. If you have a larger bust, try picking a suit that allows for cup sizing on top. Choosing a string bottom means you can adjust it to fit you, no matter what your shape is.

3. Follow the KLT Rule -- Know, Love, Trust

If you are nervous about buying online, try sticking to brands that you already know, love and trust. Chances are that will leave you feeling great and worry-free about your online purchase. Visit Spring for a plethora of brands and options.

There you have the rules to stick with to increase the opportunity of easily finding the perfect swimwear online! Note: A special thank you to Melissa Liebling-Goldberg for taking the time to share her expertise. Oh, if you’re worried about not being “swimsuit” ready, we have you covered on that point too! Checkout some bangin’ tips from our favorite Fitness Guru, Brooke “The Sculptor” Taylor!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Life and Style Advice For The Guys From ‘The Style Guy’ Glenn O’Brien

This interview first appeared on The Makeup Examiner February 27, 2015

Despite having taken a backseat and focusing more on the behind the screens tasks at TME, when I was offered the opportunity to do a Q&A with a men’s style expert, I was pretty stoked. When I found out it was Glenn O’Brien … I was rather intimidated. Yes, you read that correctly. This woman, who is afraid of nothing, was actually scared at the thought of interviewing that esteemed gentleman. Glenn’s bio reads like a “How-To” on living life to the fullest, but hey … anything for the guys. Right? So without further ado, here is the interview with Glenn that gives stellar advice on how to do life … with style! 

Yvonne P. Mazzulo: I recently watched a brief interview that you gave about “How To Be A Man”. In the interview you’d stated that “fashion is doing what everyone else is doing and style is what you are doing”. Do you believe that everyone should develop an individualistic approach rather than following what’s trendy? 

Glenn O’Brien: I think that following one’s own instincts builds personality and confidence. Showing genuine individual style is part of what distinguishes a person from the crowd. It shows you’re not afraid to think for yourself.  But I’m not saying all fashion is bad. Over the last ten years men’s clothing has changed its shape, becoming slimmer, with shorter jackets and flat front trousers. That’s not a trend, it’s a direction. I think men should pay attention to directional shifts because they aren’t just novelties, they are real cultural markers. 

Again referencing the interview, you stated that if you approach everything like an art project it would turn out all right. What advice do you have for the guys that aren’t so artistic?

Glenn: There’s a difference between being artistic and being creative and problem solving. I think the key factor in being effective in your work is really applying intelligence, logic and even instinct to the job at hand. Simply doing things the way they’re usually done isn’t going to lead to distinguishing yourself. 

What advice do you have for the guy who is afraid to try anything new because he may make a mistake?

Glenn: Life is really a matter of learning by trial and error. Even if you’ve done your homework and prepared for something new, you still have to experience it and get a feel for it. A lot of the satisfaction we get in life comes from overcoming fear and facing challenges. And challenges are inevitable. You can try to hide from them, but they’ll find you eventually.

I have a housemate that’s just graduated from university. What advice can you offer for transitioning from “college-style” into the work force?

Glenn: You’re not going to follow the herd to the top. At the same time you don’t want to come off as a show off or a freak.  In college we tend to blend in with our peers and maybe we try to display character in a sort of juvenile, rebellious way. What works in Animal House or The Hangover isn’t going to work in Wall Street or Up In the Air.  Career is a whole new movie. Think big pond, not small pond.

You’ve spoken about dressing with a sense of occasion, which I completely agree with. Can you elaborate on that for my readers?

Glenn: I often see young couples where the girl looks really put together in a nice dress and shoes, with well-styled hair and makeup, and the guy is wearing an un-tucked t-shirt and Seinfeld jeans and sneakers. Evolution is all about life adapting to the conditions around it. If you’re not learning and adapting you’re not evolving.

How do you find your own style? Do you have a muse?

Glenn: My grandfather was a Naval officer and then a businessman and he was always well groomed and paid attention to detail.  I think I picked up a lot of ideas about style from Hollywood movies. Certain stars always looked good no matter what part they played -- Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra, James Coburn … today we have Clooney. I see a lot of men doing interesting things, but they are usually subtle.  People think of dandies as show offs but the greatest dandy of all, Beau Brummell, said “If people turn to look at you on the street, you are not well dressed.”

What advice do you have for the ladies to help the guys achieve their best self?

Glenn: Ladies shouldn’t hesitate to recommend or gift products to their guys. Women often understand the difference the right products can make. I recommend the new Dove Men+Care face and hair ranges -- including the Deep Clean+ Face Scrub, Hydrate+ Pro Moisture Shave Cream, Sensitive+ Pro Moisture Shave Cream, Ultra Hydrating Cream, Thickening Spray Gel, Fortifying Styling Gel and Fortifying Styling Paste. The brand is helping men shine in their everyday “red carpet” moments (i.e. meetings, presentations, date night, etc.) with their collection of new grooming and styling products.

Glenn O'Brien graduated from Georgetown, where he edited The Georgetown Journal. He was editor of Andy Warhol's Interview, then New York bureau chief of Rolling Stone. After a year growing a beard at Playboy he became the first Editor-at-Large in magazine history at High Times, a title which he intended to mean that his whereabouts were unknown. For 12 years he wrote the column “Glenn O'Brien's Beat” for Interview, and was the magazine's Tri-State Editor. He produced and starred in Glenn O'Brien's TV Party, which David Letterman called “the greatest TV show ever,” and he wrote and produced the film Downtown 81, starring Jean-Michel Basquiat. He has also worked as a stand-up comedian, an advertising creative director, and copywriter. He is a Pisces with Aquarius rising, is married, and has two children. He currently resides in New York.

You can catch the ultimate style advice in Glenn’s “The Style Guy” column at GQ and grab a copy of his book “How To Be A Man”! Dove Men+Care products are available online at Dove Men and retailers nationwide.

Note: A very special thank to Mr. O’Brien for taking time from his schedule to share his expert advice with TME readers (and me)! If you’re ever in our neck of the woods, stop by. You’ll always be welcome.