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Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Summer Hair Fixes From Celebrity Hairstylist Bill Murphy

Summer is in full swing and we’re all looking forward to some fun in the sun. But this season also brings an array of hair problems. Straight or Curly, it can be challenging to beat the summer heat and bad hair days. Fortunately, The Makeup Examiner scored some rockin’ tips from Celebrity Hairstylist Bill Murphy. Bill is also the creator of Recitals Hair Care and offers easy tips for looking amazing while enjoying the best of beach weather!

“Hair dries faster during the summer than any other season. The combination of wind and humidity additionally causes frizz and renders hair brittle. The trick is to keep hair moisturized,” shares Bill.

Recitals’ latest product Melody Moisture Miracle Crème ($31), which The Makeup Examiner has had the privilege of testing out, is a multi-purpose product that acts as a leave-in conditioner, styling product, shaving cream and even an overall body moisturizer. Yep, an awesome multi-purpose product for summer! Formulated for all hair types from organic ingredients and botanicals, this wonder product goes deep into the hair shaft, and skin as well , for the ultimate in hydration. TME cautions that a little goes a long way, as she ruefully found out the first time that she used MelodyMoisture Miracle Crème as a leave-in.

Sunburned Scalp: Oh, like that’s never happened to you? Prolonged exposure to the sun can often result in sunburned scalp. An easy remedy for tender or dry/flaky scalps or even limp hair due to product build up is use cucumbers. Slice a cucumber in quarters and rub gently on your scalp. This will effectively sooth the scalp, moisturize dry scalp and eliminate product build up.

Color Fade: If you decided to spend time poolside, remember that this may leave hair color looking unnaturally brassy because of chlorine. Hair color fades naturally with every washing but even faster with the harsh detergents in conventional shampoos. Opt for a sulfate and paraben free product like Recitals Symphony Volumizing Shampoo to better maintain your hair color.

About Recitals Hair Care – Recitals Hair Care is a line of natural restorative, maintenance and styling products formulated with only the highest grade organic and botanical ingredients without silicones or parabens. Recitals Haircare offers unique blends that seamlessly work in flawless harmony and easily absorbed into the hair shaft to effectively deliver elasticity, firmness, as well as a silky soft, glossy, youthful feel and appearance. Recitals Hair Care products are available online at Recitals.

This article first appeared on TME August 1, 2014

Friday, August 1, 2014

Hottest Hair Trends For Fall/Winter 14-15 from Celebrity Stylist Bill Murphy

Fall is just around the corner … stop whining … we’re not any happier about it then you. Okay, we’re lying; we love all the seasons, as each one brings amazement of its own. And yes, we’re still in the throes of summer, which is why as an added bonus, Celebrity hairstylist and creator of Recitals Hair Care, Bill Murphy is not only sharing the most fabulous F/W 14-15 hair trends, but he’s is also shared a few summer hair care tips!

Clockwise - Dsquared2, Nicole Miller, Loris Azzaro

Here are Bill’s top five forecasts for the upcoming season:

1. I LOVE THE SIXTIES - The 1960s are back in a big way with mod fashions showing up on the runway. “Hairstyles always reflect what you wear,” says Bill. The angular bob made iconic by Vidal Sassoon will undoubtedly be resurrected but in a 21st century version of geometric shapes without the harsh edge. “We're looking at softer, more diffused lines, less stylized interpretations that don't go over the top," Bill explains. “And for long hair, think straight but with some volume on top.”

2. TWIST and SHOUT – “For the rest of the year, we’ll be seeing a lot of creative braiding and twists for hair,” Bill says. “There’s no right or wrong way to do it since you can really put your own spin into this. Whether you twist it up in a bun or let braids fall around your shoulders or in back, it’s a great new look.”

3. BOHEMIAN NEW WAVE - "Stylish, very modern yet very convenient," is how Bill describes the next trend. "I see this as the ultimate in versatility. It's somewhere in the middle of structured and carefree while remaining uncontrived. Think cascading natural waves. When you leave it down, it's strong yet romantic. If you want something more elegant, you just pull it back in a bun and let strands fall in soft, natural tendrils to frame your face. This gives you the ability to quickly adapt to circumstances whether you're going to work, going out to a formal evening, or spending a carefree weekend with friends."

4. IN LIVING COLOR - "Colors are getting eclectic," declares Bill. "It won't be about highlights and lowlights so much as an overall glossing. Women are experimenting more with rich, pretty or even offbeat colors. However you wish to go, try not to experiment on yourself and consult with a professional colorist.” On this point, we here at TME must disagree and defer to Color Expert, Marco Pelusi. For the latest Hair Color Trends for Fall 2014, check out “Fall 2014 Hair Color Trends withCelebrity Colorist Marco Pelusi

5. HEALTHY HAIR IS ALWAYS IN STYLE - "None of the latest trends will matter much if your hair is dry, damaged or fried," says Bill. "Unfortunately, most of us have fast paced lifestyles that keep us from pampering ourselves the way we deserve. That's why I formulated my Recitals Haircare line of products. Used regularly Recitals helps you achieve strong, healthy, naturally shiny hair - and there's nothing more stylish, more fabulous and more glamorous than that."

You can catch more tips, and Recitals Hair Care products, online at Recitals!

Photos courtesy of NowFashion