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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Tata Harper and Maiyet Partner For Summer 2016

Tata Harper and Maiyet have collaborated for Summer 2016 to continue to set a new standard of quality with the launch of a 100% organic t-shirt locally produced in L.A. and their “Kiss Me I’m Nontoxic” campaign. What could be better for summer than a super cute, lightweight t-shirt, where all the proceeds are donated to charity?

Tata said of the collaboration: “We are both luxury brands & have both raised the standards for the way luxury brands do business by taking on the challenge of sourcing ethically & using sustainable materials.”

The partnership came together in support of the Breast Cancer Fund’s Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, because they believe you deserve quality products made with real ingredients by real people … so that you look really cute. Tata Harper and Maiyet will donate $30 to the Breast Cancer Fund's Campaign for Safe Cosmetics from the sale of each t-shirt.

Together, they are raising awareness and donations for the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics with the sale and promotion of these shirts. This important foundation advocates for legislation and company policy to protect our health and eradicate harmful ingredients from personal care products.

In addition to their current actions to raise awareness and funds, Tata Harper and Maiyet will contribute an additional donation of $1 for every post of Instagram tagged with #kissmeimnontoxic through August 31st that features the t-shirt or brand products. All profits from their shirts will be donated to the Breast Cancer Fund. You can grab this cute t-shirt at TataHarper!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Campaign for Safe Cosmetics names number one organic retailer

The FDA is sketchy when it comes to the regulation of cosmetics and there are actually no laws that regulate how the word organic is used for personal care products leaving the cosmetics industry to self-regulate. In a report released on Dec. 11 by Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Whole Foods Market has been named the highest ranked retailer for personal care product safety.

Whole Foods Market was commended for implementing "a rigorous and transparent approach to screening the personal care products it sells." The report further shares that "no other national retailer comes close to rivaling Whole Foods Market's leadership in the realm of safer personal care products."

Whole Foods Market announced its “Premium Body Care” standards in March 2008, which was the first private standard for personal care products created by a major retailer in the United States. The company now offers more than 3,800 personal care products that meet these rigorous standards.

In September 2012, the company announced that all organic personal care products in its U.S. stores are third-party certified, making Whole Foods Market the first national retailer to mandate certification for all organic personal care products on its shelves. While nowhere near having the same rigorous standard as Whole Foods Market, CVS ranks second by having made great progress toward consumer beauty product safety standards and surprisingly, Macy’s is last on the list with a notation of “failing behind.”