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Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Adir Abergel Reveals News Look On Charlize Theron

To celebrate Charlize Theron’s upcoming role in Fast & Furious 9,  and her character’s return, Celebrity Stylist Adir Abergel revealed a stunning and dramatic hair transformation on September 2, 2019! To create this look Adir collaborated with friends from his hair community -- Colorist Shannon Gallacher and Hair Stylist Jonny Eagland helped him bring this look come to life.

“I had been thinking about how to take Charlize’s dark hair into something cool and modern. I created the concept around 90’s image of Linda Evangelista shot by Peter Lindbergh,” said Adir.

To start the process Abergel began with the cut. He reached out to London based Hair Stylist Johnny Eagland to do the precise undercut for this style. Abergel wanted it to be scissors over comb for this part of the style.  “I love collaborating with my hair brothers and sisters,” said Adir. 

Once the undercut was complete, Adir then cut Charlize’s hair into a symmetric bowl right above the ears and right below the brow. He cut the hair straight across and then connected it into a slight V in the back of the head. This made the look feel modern with a softer edge.

For the color, Adir collaborated with London based Gallacher to transform Charlize’s dark hair into a wheaty blonde. The look is dark in the undercut, grounded by dark roots and accented with cooler tones of wheat and beige highlights in the bowl part of the style. 

Abergel used Virtue ColorKick to achieve more vibrant results and protect the hair from any damage from the coloring process.  Throughout the process he also applied conditioning treatments for just three minutes using Virtue Restorative Treatment Mask to deeply hydrate the hair and add shine to the hair.