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Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Kristen Bell Get The Look and Summer Hair Health 101

Summer Is Here! Okay, well actually not until like 6:07 am EST tomorrow, June 21. But we have some amazing tips for a chic and easy summer hair look from celebrity hairstylist, Dimitris Giannetos, as well as rock star summer hair care tips from renowned dermatologist Dr. Joyce DavisTo start, let’s focus on Kristen’s look! Dimitris used ECRU New York to give Kristen an updated classic style for the 2018 MTV Movie and TV Awards on June 16th.

“For Kristen’s look I wanted to do something modern and polished because of her edgy dress. I decided to go with a low sleek middle-parted ponytail. I added just one element at the end using black electric tape to create a leather band look!

I prepped the damp hair using my favorite Marine Thickening Balm from ECRU New York and then I blow-dried the hair with a large round brush. Next, I added the amazing Silk Nectar Serum. This protects the hair from the heat so that there are no split ends and it doesn’t make the hair heavy at all! I just love it! After, I flat-ironed the hair in small sections.

I gave her a very strict middle-part, and then I sprayed a flat brush with the Sunlight Styling Spray and brushed the hair to the neckline. I used an elastic band with 2 hooks to secure the ponytail and then I wrapped the black electric tape around it so it felt and looked like a leather band.  I sprayed the end of a toothbrush with the Sunlight Styling Spray to make sure there are no wisps or fly away pieces on the hairline. Lastly, I used the Silk Nectar Serum on the pony for a soft and shiny look!” -Dimitris Giannetos

How easy is that?!? This is sort of the perfect summer style that crosses ultra-chic with summer comfort. But, what happens if you’re a mere mortal and have misbehavin’ summer hair? Like many of us who color our hair, it’s a challenge to keep the rich color and highlights that we worked so hard (and spent so much money!) to maintain. That’s why we turned to Clairol’s dermatologist, Dr. Joyce Davis, for her expert tips on keeping your scalp and hair color happy and healthy all summer long.

Dr. Davis’ Top Tips:

  1. Shampoo less often: In the warmer months, our skin goes into oil overdrive, which gives the illusion of greasy strands. To counteract this, our first impulse is to shampoo more often. This is a scalp and color no-no, says Dr. Davis, since it causes your scalp to get dried out and itchy, as you’re eliminating the hair’s natural oils that nourish the scalp and hair. Additionally, excessively shampooing your hair causes the color to fade, with the need to color your hair arising sooner than usual. As we all know, coloring hair too often causes hair to become damaged and brittle; so, try to shampoo twice a week, max.
  2. Protect yourself: We all love tanning under the warm summer sun (preferably with a marg in hand!), but the sun is actually your hair and scalp’s worst enemy.  While the sun is great for getting a few highlights, Dr. Davis says it’s actually detrimental to those who color their hair as it fades the color at the roots and burns the scalp. This results in over-coloring your hair, since the need to blend your color becomes more apparent, in addition to dried out skin and dandruff. Dr. Davis recommends wearing a hat, spraying your roots with some SPF or staying under an umbrella. If looking for a healthy hair color option, Dr. Davis recommends Clariol’s Nice’n Easy -the formula actually makes hair healthy after you color, thanks to its EDDS technology, which provides conditioning in every step!
  3. Rinse your hair… with water before jumping in the pool, to minimize chlorine damage to your strands and your scalp. Chlorine not only fades color and can even cause color to change completely, it’s super harsh on your scalp, causing irritation and dryness. Since hair is very porous, thoroughly rinsing your hair with non-chlorinated water causes the hair to absorb clean, healthy water, as opposed to chlorinated, chemically-charged pool water that breaks down hair and results in faded color, split ends and itchiness.

In an effort to maintain rich color, a healthy scalp and hydrated hair, Dr. Davis says that it’s vital to find a hair color that keeps up with your summer routine. She recommends using Clairol’s Nice’n Easy as a tool to achieve beautiful color without compromising on your hair’s health; it’s non-drip crème formula is super easy to use at home and the formula protects your scalp from the risk of an allergic reaction (which is the last thing you want on top of all the harmful summer effects!).

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Celebrate National Pink Day from Your Lips to Your Hair

Oh yes, there’s a holiday for everything! And we will happily celebrate this one… any excuse to wear pink right? So, what is National Pink Day? National Pink Day is observed annually on June 23rd (this Saturday) and it’s a day that is set aside for the color pink and all it represents. We found a few fun and inexpensive products, from COVERGIRL and Clairol, to help you celebrate on of the silliest but funniest holidays of the year!

COVERGIRL’s NEW Exhibitionist Lipstick in shades like Bombshell Pink, Enchantress and Spellbound are the perfect hues to show your support for the day, while Clairol’s Color Crave Hair Makeup in Shimmering Rose Gold and Semi-permanent in Flamingo will give your hair the perfect pink pop! Feeling super bold? Add COVERGIRL’s NEW truNaked Peach Punch Palette to your look to rock bold pink eyes. By the way, the palette smells delicious.

COVERGIRL Exhibitionist Lipstick ($6)
  • Highly pigmented color payout
  • Rich color in one swipe
  • Leaves lips feeling moisturized and soft
  • Glides on smoothly

Clairol Color Crave Semi-Permanent Color in Flamingo ($9)

Mermaid hair, unicorn streaks and all over bold color are now achievable for all with eleven shades that are visible on blonde, brunette and bleached hair. The mix of shades was chosen to provide a full palette of options across the color spectrum. Color Crave Semi-Permanent Color gradually fades on tone, true to color wash-after-wash, lasting 15+ shampoos.

COVERGIRL truNaked Peach Punch Palette ($10)

The popular truNaked collection is back with a new scented palette with colors inspired by the hottest and best-selling palettes in prestige. Scent included for an irresistible sensorial experience!

  • Intensely pigmented shadows offer rich payout
  • Smooth, blendable application with different finishes: matte and shimmer

Clairol Color Crave Hair Makeup in Shimmering Rose Gold ($9)

The innovative formula in Color Crave Hair Makeup is backed by science and technology inspired by nature. A washable hair makeup option for achieving on-trend looks features 3D micro-crystals that temporarily bond to the hair’s surface and coat each strand. The formula boasts a healthier alternative to permanent color thanks to no ammonia, no peroxide and no parabens.

All COVERGIRL and Clairol are available at mass retailers nationwide. Oh, by the way tomorrow is the first day of Summer 2018 and you might want to check out out Summer Beauty Section for the best tips on how to stay cool and look amazing! 

Friday, February 23, 2018

Get Julianne Hough’s Red Locks

Have you seen Julianne Hough’s new auburn locks? Julianne’s hair is gorgeous! The former “Dancing With the Stars” judge took to Instagram on Valentine’s Day to show off her sexy new look and we are loving it! With Spring 2018 just around the corner, now is the perfect time to change up your locks and we’ve found the perfect way to do this at home.

Clairol’s New Nice’n Easy makes it easy to recreate this look from the comfort of your own home! Nice’n Easy comes in a multiple red shades, such as Medium Warm Auburn, Light Radiant Auburn and Dark Auburn, so whether your beginning as a blonde or brunette, there’s a shade to help you make the leap to red!

We realize that at-home color can be terrifying to a lot of people. But there seriously isn’t anything easier and Clairol Nice’n Easy ($7.99) recently launched a revamped formula that offers up a healthy, deeply conditioned, natural-looking color – we know first hand! For the first time ever in a home hair color product, Clairol trades in the traditional hair color ingredients for ME+, a revolutionary dye molecule that reduces the risk of an allergic reaction. ME+ is the key to an allergy-gentle formula that still gives 100% gray coverage, rich, layered tones and contouring highlights.

In addition to phenomenal color results with significantly reduced risk of an allergic reaction, the color care formula offers an upgraded color experience, with a no-drip formula that smells like fresh flowers, not ammonia. Have you checked out the My Shade App? It's a must try to check out new hues for you! 

Clairol Nice’n Easy is available at major retailers nationwide. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Christina Hendricks Goes Blonde and James Corbett Shares How We Can Too

This article was first published March 30, 2015 on TME

In January, Clairol Nice ‘n Easy announced Christina Hendricks … Madison Ave’s favorite iconic redhead … as their new Nice ‘n Easy Hair Color Ambassador. Nice ‘n Easy has excitedly shared that Christina Hendricks has gone back to her roots – literally, revealing her new look as a golden blonde! 

Christina hasn’t been this shade since her teens! This hair color shift comes at a very pivotal time in her career as Christina says goodbye to her much-loved fiery red-headed character “Joan” in the “Mad Men” series finale and prepares for new projects on the horizon. Christina colored her hair with Nice ‘n Easy Permanent Color in 8G, Natural Medium Golden Blonde. For women looking to shift a shade like Christina just in time for Spring, we touched base with Clairol Color Director James Corbett to find out all about how to go bombshell blonde!

TME: With Christina Hendricks going from her signature fiery red to bombshell blonde, do you think that blonde is going to be the hot trend for hair color in 2015?

James Corbett: Absolutely! The blonde bombshell trend will always be a hot hair color, especially this year. The trend is saturated warm golden blonde just like Christina’s new color. A similar trend that will stay is Ecaille and the lighter version of Ecaille is in the golden hues like Christina’s. When a gorgeous Hollywood icon like Christina does a major color change it can help perpetuate the golden hair trend.

We’ve witnessed more than our fair share of over processed, damaged blonde hair. What causes this and how can it be avoided?

James: This comes from knowing when to do a touch up application of Nice ‘n Easy or an ammonia-based color, and when to do just the roots and when to run it through the hair.  The trick to avoiding over processed hair is simple -- don’t over process it! Most people run bleach or ammonia-based hair colors through the ends too many times, as they try to get their roots and ends to be even or match. This causes ammonia burn out or damage to the ends.  Ammonia is needed to get the lift that is desired in being blonde, so it is not always a bad thing, but it can be damaging if run through the ends too many times. 

Most of the time the ends just need a refresher of the tone because you are just touching up the roots.  The roots and the ends of your hair are two different things in a touch up. The roots are new growth and are different than the ends, so they are going to react differently and need to be treated as such. The ends have already been colored and most likely just need an adjustment of tonality and shine -- not needing to be “lifted” or lightened again.  Using a non-ammonia product like Natural Instincts is perfect to adjust tone and add shine.  It also has great ingredients like aloe that conditions to tone hair.

For women who want to go from a dark shade to blonde, what are the issues to consider?

James: The darker the hair, the more warmth (unwanted orange/ red tones / brassy) you will expose when going blonde. When shifting a shade, we recommend staying within two levels of your natural color for the most optimal results. 

Can we really go blonde at-home?

James: Yes, but you have to be realistic in your expectations. The darker the natural hair color the more difficult it will be to go blonde in one single process. You might need to shift a shade lighter, and then achieve blonder pieces by highlighting on top of your shade shifted base color. Again, we recommend staying with two levels of your natural color. 

What’s the best way to choose the correct shade of blonde?

James: Overall, hair color is also classified on a scale of 1- 10: 10 being the lightest and 1 being the darkest.  To achieve the most optimal results shift a shade with Nice ‘n Easy within two levels of your natural hair color.

Don’t be afraid of ash -- it kills the brass (orange tones). The natural brown / dark blonde will expose warm tones as you lift; you need ash to balance it out so it is a pleasing sunny blonde without being too brassy.  If you have lighter hair or if you have a large percentage of gray hair you have less brown to begin with so you will not be exposing as much warmth. If this is your case, choose a golden blonde shade to add the sunny disposition (color) you are looking to achieve.

Also remember that color does not lift color so you cannot expect to run a lighter blonde shade from roots to ends through previously colored darker hair and get a lighter all over result; this is usually the mistake that is made when you see a person with roots that are lighter and the ends darker.  

Once we’ve gone blonde, what do you recommend to maintain our locks?

James: Condition, condition, condition! Think of your hair as you would your finest silk blouse treat it with the same care.  The conditioners that come in every box of Clairol color are amazing and you almost always have extra so save them for weekly deep conditioning treatments. Put the conditioner in your hair and let Clairol make you gorgeous and glowing as you relax!  

Nice ‘n Easy offers true-to-you color that’s easy to find with 45 shades to choose from, delivering natural-looking tones and highlights. You can pick up a box of Clairol Nice ‘n Easy at mass retailer’s nationwide.

Note: A very special thank to James Corbett for again taking time from his very busy schedule to share his expertise with TME readers!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Celebrate National Color Day With James Corbett & Clairol Natural Instincts

In honor of National Color Day, today Oct. 22, we’re excited to share with you some new tips and tricks from famed celebrity colorist, James Corbett to help you celebrate! Changing your hair color is one of the most flattering ways to switch up your look, yet many women think a noticeable change requires a serious commitment.

Clairol Natural Instincts makes it possible to #FlirtWithColor by trying a new shade of shiny, healthy hair color that lasts just 28 washes. To celebrate National Color Day without the commitment, embrace a richer hue, bring out red or golden tones or cool down unwanted brassiness in just 10 minutes. 

A subtle tweak to your hair color can also bring out a whole new side of your personality, opening up a new realm of style possibilities. 

Does warming up your blonde make you feel more glam? 

Or does adding red tones make you feel bolder? Clairol invites you to celebrate National Color Day by flirting with a new shade and exploring an exciting new side of your personality with Natural Instincts.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Christina Hendricks announced as new Clairol Nice 'n Easy Hair Color Ambassador

Clairol Nice 'n Easy announced today, Jan. 7 Christina Hendricks as its new Hair Color Ambassador. The famed Madison Avenue redhead Christina will appear in ads beginning this month to inspire women nationwide to “shift a shade” to find their true, natural-looking hair color, just as she did with Nice 'n Easy years ago.

Fun Facts About Christina and the partnership … that actually goes back decades!
  • Christina wasn’t born a redhead, though with Nice ‘n Easy hair color, it’s often believed to be her own. 
  • Naturally dark blonde, she was first inspired to color her hair by Anne of Green Gables -- another of the world’s most iconic redheads.
  • Christina shifted to red early in her career for an Italian editorial piece using Clairol hair color for its natural-looking results. She chose to stick with the brand ever since!
  • Her hair color resulted in her landing the biggest role of her acting career to-date: “Red” AKA Joan Holloway in Mad Men.
  • While the title “Hair Color Ambassador” is new to Christina, she is no stranger to the brand. She was a model for Miss Clairol in the 90s and always keeps her Nice ‘n Easy shade in her beauty box for easy touch-ups.
  • She applies Nice ‘n Easy 6R Natural Light Auburn herself at home.

Clairol and Christina are encouraging women to shift a shade to find their true hair color, just as she did with Nice ‘n Easy. Clairol Nice 'n Easy Hair Color is available at retailers nationwide!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Clairol made an official announcement on Oct. 7 that James Corbett is the new Clairol Color Director! James is the owner and lead colorist at the James Corbett Studio in New York City, which opened in May 2012 and brought organic into the minds of the masses that visit the upscale salon.

Training with the best colorists in the business including Frederick Fekkai and Louis Licari, James has been perfecting his coloring craft for over sixteen years. With an understand that the correct color can uplift and inspire women, James intends to share his tips, tricks and techniques to make amazing hair color easily achievable.

From Clairol’s perspective, the brand shares the same philosophy of making it easy to achieve hair color “confidence,” as in confidence that the color we choose is going to make us look great. And by teaming up with James, who brings his passion for creating “walking, wearable art” for women, Clairol intends to make Fall 2013 hair color hot, beautiful, and achievable at-home. Readers, check back for a TME exclusive with James Corbett!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Clairol Shares Color Duo Technique

Clairol Global Creative Director of Color and Style, Marcy Cona, developed a unique color technique to kick off summer. With plenty of backyard barbeques and beach vacations still on our schedules, it’s probably time for a touchup and Marcy has kindly decided to share her amazingly easy Color Duo how-to with The Makeup Examiner readers.

Two major pluses for The Makeup Examiner, regarding Clairol, are of course the brilliant creative mind of Mary Cona and the fact that the product is a quality at-home brand. As previously shared with TME readers, Marcy develops her own personal hair color techniques that are inspired by up-and-coming hair color trends and she develops them using Clairol Nice ‘n Easy products so the readers can replicate her inspirations at home. The Color Duo technique was derived to add a double dose of dimension and shine for natural-looking highlights, while helping to eliminate brassiness. 

Marcy Cona’s Clairol Color Duo Technique:

1. Product/Shade Selection
  • Current shade – light brown to dark brown, medium blond to dark blonde
  • Choose one shade for the base and one shade for the mid-shaft and ends
  • Shade One: Choose a shade 1-2 levels lighter than shade two, within the same tonal family, for mid-shaft and ends.
  • Shade Two: Chose a shade for your roots and hairline that will contrast and provide a backdrop for shade two.

 2. Prep
  • Read instructions, put on gloves provided in the box before using any color, and perform Allergy Test 48-hours prior/Strand Test to predict results
  • Prepare your hair color essentials (Petroleum Jelly or Waxelene, Plastic Clips, Large Tooth Comb and Towels)
  • Part dry hair into four equal sections and secure each section with a plastic clip

 3. Application
  • Mix Shade One and apply to the mid-shaft of your hair and let process for 15 minutes
  • Mix Shade Two and roots and hairline and let process for 15 minutes

4. Finish
  • Rinse with warm water until the water runs clear
  • Use the inbox Clear Seal Glossy to condition your hair for 2-5 minutes
  • Rinse and style your lovely locks! 

©2013 TyDus Enterprises and The Makeup Examiner All Rights Reserved 

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Sexy summer hair color tips from the House of Clairol

Hello again lovelies! The House of Clairol decided to be sweethearts and share with TME readers, step-by-step tips for two incredibly easy and super sexy hair color trends for gorgeous summer hair.

Now, loyal readers know that The Makeup Examiner is less then enthusiastic about the ombre hair color trend. Ssshhh. I know that ombre has been THE hottest trend on the red carpet. Sometimes it just takes a different perspective to change one’s mind. Enter … Clairol Color Director, Marie Robinson, who has flipped the script, taken the uber popular ombre hair color trend and quite literally … flipped it around! Yes, The Makeup Examiner loves the Reverse Ombre look.

The next amazing hair color trend for summer comes from Marcy Cona, Clairol Global Creative Director of Color and Style. Marcy’s Color Tapestry technique combines two beautiful hues, adding dimension to the look and leaving shiny, natural-looking highlights … like the ones that you get when you’ve been having fun in the sun. Watch the Reverse Ombre and Color Tapestry Technique videos on The Makeup Examiner’s blog and print out the step-by-step tips below!

Reverse Ombre Technique – Marie Robinson

Product/Shade Selection: Current shade - blonde to medium brown; Nice ‘n Easy liquid hair color; Use 2 shades in the same tone family for desired color; Choose a shade 1-2 shades darker than your current color for your first shade; Choose a shade 3-4 shades darker than your current color for your tips to add drama.


1. Read instructions, put on gloves provided in the box before using any color, perform Allergy Test 48-hours prior/Strand Test to predict results

2. Prepare your hair color essentials (Petroleum Jelly or Waxelene, Plastic Clips, Large Tooth Comb and Towels)

3. Divide hair into 4 large, equal sections. Secure each section with a plastic clip


1. Prep your lighter shade of Nice ‘n Easy; start application several inches away from scalp to mid length to all 4 sections

2. When mid-lengths are fully saturated, prep your darker shade and apply from ends of hair to middle where your first color ends

3. Process for 25 minutes


1. Rinse, condition and style

 Color Tapestry Technique – Marcy Cona

Product/ Shade Selection: Use 2 shades in the same tone family for desired color; Current shade - dark blonde, light brown to medium brown, medium brown to dark brown; Choose one Natural Instincts shade for tone, second Natural Instincts shade for depth; Tone Shade - up to 3 shades lighter than your starting color; Depth Shade - current color or 1 shade darker


1. Read instructions, put on gloves provided in the box before using any color, perform Allergy Test 48-hours prior/ Strand Test to predict results

2. Prepare your hair color essentials (Makeup Sponge, Petroleum Jelly or Waxelene, Plastic Clips, Large Tooth Comb and Towels)

3. Shampoo and towel dry hair

4. Curly texture: separate into four equal sections; secure each with a plastic clip

5. Smooth texture: create deep side part and separate into four equal sections, ear to ear; use plastic clips if necessary


1. Apply lighter shade from roots to tip in all 4 sections

2. Braid each section. Using the makeup sponge, apply depth shade on the surface/along the weave of the braid, leaving the ends out

3. Process 10 minutes


1. Rinse with warm water

2. Use your inbox Color Conditioning Treatment to condition your hair, leave on for 2- 5 minutes, rinse and style