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Friday, September 15, 2017

NYFW Badgley Mischka, Coach & Michael Costello

The makeup at Badgley Mischka was inspired by chic and carefree beauty – a girl on a coastal holiday in Capri. Coach’s beauty looks were completed with “beyond nude” semi-matte manicures that focused on the health and natural beauty of the nails. Michael Costello’s show illustrated a modern secret garden inclusive of all races, bodies and sexual orientation, brought to life with ethereal, angel-like makeup.

Badgley Mischka Spring / Summer 2018 Presentation

“The inspiration for this look comes from a girl on a coastal holiday in Capri, Italy that represents the chic and carefree Italian beauty.” said Gucci Westman, lead makeup artist for Badgley Mischka on behalf of INGLOT Cosmetics.

Skin: “The INGLOT AMC Cream Foundation was used as the base to create beautiful, even skin. The INGLOT AMC Liquid Illuminator #70 was used on the high planes of the face including the cheekbone, brow bone and tear duct to highlight the face.”  

Cheeks: “On the cheeks bones I applied INGLOT Freedom System Blush in #124 to add a subtle color and highlight to the face.”

Eyes: “To create a rusty transparent eye, I used the INGLOT AMC Liquid Illuminator #70 as a primer and base for INGLOT Freedom System Eye Shadow where I mixed shades #449, #607, #609 and #614. Then eyebrows were filled in with INGLOT’s Eyebrow Pencil and to complete the eyes, I used INGLOT Lash Enhancing Mascara to the top lashes only.”

Lips: “To finish the look, I mixed 3 different shades of INGLOT Matte Lipstick in #229, #408, and #438 to create a matte metallic red lip.”

INGLOT Creates “Beyond Nude” Semi-Matte Manicures for Coach 
Spring/Summer 2018

At the Coach Spring/Summer ‘18 runway show, the theme for nails is one step beyond nude – Raw, simple yet manicured and naturally beautiful. Lead nail artist Naomi Yasuda created simple, semi-matte chic nails using INGLOT products, with an emphasis on unique treatments that fuse polish and care. The focus was on the health of the nail, showcasing its raw, natural beauty while using a unique ridge-filling treatment to create an even surface. To create the look, Yasuda used the below products step-by-step:

Inspiration: “This is especially great for models during busy show seasons,” said Yasuda. “The treatment will strengthen the nails for their next show, too.”

  • To start off the manicure, Naomi used INGLOT pH Cuticle Remover. “This is my favorite and one of the best! It softens hard cuticles and exfoliates loose skin on the nails. We then gently push and trim the cuticle to give the nail a nice clean look,” said Yasuda.
  • Nails were then filed and buffed with INGLOT Nail File 180/240 Blue and INGLOT Nail Buffer to create a soft, smooth finish.
  • Lastly, INGLOT Ridge Filler was applied to create a semi-matte finish and make the nail healthier and smoother, filling in any damage or misshapen surfaces to the nails. The treatment, unique to INGLOT, evens the nail plate and conditions with algae extract.

 INGLOT Debuts Ethereal Beauty Looks for Michael Costello Spring/Summer ’18

“We’re converting the idea that glamour is something reserved for the elite,” said Michaela Polaco, lead makeup artist for INGLOT. “The inspiration comes from our desire to accentuate women’s natural features. We achieved this by creating very supple, fresh and radiant skin, an effortless, wearable yet sexy eye and a lip that looks stained from a glass of wine. The palette is ethereal yet evokes the thought, ‘I could pull that off.’”

Skin: “To create a dreamy effect on the skin, I mixed INGLOT AMC Face & Body Illuminator with INGLOT HD Corrective Primer as a base, so the skin radiates through the makeup look and lasts throughout the night.”

Cheek: “After the base was applied, on the apple of the cheek I applied INGLOT Sparking Dusts #02 & #03 (frosted loose powder in light nude and bronze) to give skin a shimmery look accentuating each woman’s glow.”

Eyes: “I wanted to maintain the ethereal feel on the eyes, so I mixed INGLOT AMC Pure Pigment in #115, a holographic rose gold shade, with INGLOT Duraline – It’s a magic serum that turns powder products into cream or liquid. This created a long lasting, high-shine metallic element that mimics a glossy lid, without the mess.”

Lips: “To finish the look, I applied INGLOT HoldOn Lip Primer, lined the lips with INGLOT Soft Precision Lipliner #56 and finished with INGLOT Sleeks Cream Lip Paint #91, a creamy, rosy long-wear paint with a glossy yet flat texture.”

All INGLOT products used to create this look are available at more than 600 retail locations worldwide and online at INGLOT Cosmetics!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Redken SS2016 NYFW Tory Burch, Coach, Oscar de la Renta

Show: Tory Burch Spring/Summer 2016

"This look gives a nod to the late-50s, early-60s, but it’s not meant to be a completely retro idea. There’s a juxtaposition and slight sophistication to it with a little bit of height at the crown, which is super flattering, and then the messy, sexy knot, so it feels like these beautiful women came from somewhere exotic. It’s all about balance – the look is pulled together, but the formality is offset with the softness around the face and a bit of a wet finish.” – Guido


1. Spray Redken pillow proof blow dry express primer all over damp hair and comb through.

2. Apply a quarter-size amount of Redken stay high 18 high-hold gel-to-mousse throughout damp hair, focusing on the crown.

3. Blow-dry using a round brush, lifting the top section of the hair to create volume.

4. Backcomb the top section of the hair to create additional height and use hands to smooth hair into desired shape.

5. Use fingers to create a short, off-center part, and then pull hair back into a low ponytail and tuck behind the ears.

6. Mist the length of the ponytail with water and then twist it into a disheveled, messy knot, securing with hairpins.

7. Pull out a few strands of hair from the bun and around the hairline and mist again with water to add softness.

Show: Coach Spring/Summer 2016

“There’s always something so cool and effortless about the Coach girl. The look this season is very easy and real with a lot of natural, cool texture. I created a natural center part with my fingers, and then simply added some softness and richness with Redken’s One United before enhancing the hair’s natural movement with Redken’s fashion waves. It’s a really beautiful, modern look that’s attainable for the everyday woman, which we are seeing more and more on the runways today.” – Guido


1. Start with damp hair. Create a natural center part with fingers, and then thoroughly spray Redken One United all-in-one multi-benefit spray all over hair.

2. Twist the length of hair into a loose, low bun, securing with pins.

3. Allow hair to dry naturally in the bun, then let down and tuck hair behind the ears.

4. Mist Redken fashion waves 07 sea salt spray all over, working it into the hair with fingers to enhance the texture and create additional movement.

Show:  Oscar de laRenta Spring/Summer 2016

“The look at Oscar De La Renta this season is all about softness, richness, ease and sophistication. It’s amazing how effective a ponytail can still look today, and how a beautiful, simple style can say so much. Before blow-drying the hair, I prepped it with Redken’s pillow proof blow dry express primer and satinwear 02 to protect it from the heat and get that rich, silky texture. The very short part gives a little bit of height in the back, which gives a softer silhouette. I tied a piece of ribbon with one loop, so it isn’t a full bow, around the ponytail, so it feels very romantic and feminine. It’s amazing how a little bit of ribbon can change a simple ponytail into sometime much more poetic and special, and you can really do that with any kind of material. Like we’ve been seeing at many shows this season already, it’s these small details and nuances that really make a simple hairdo new and modern.” – Guido


1. Spray Redken pillow proof blow dry express primer all over damp hair and comb through.

2.  Apply a nickel-size amount of Redken satinwear 02 prepping blow-dry lotion all over hair, focusing on the roots.

3. Use fingers to create a short center part.

4. Using a round brush, blow dry the hair smooth, lifting the hair at the crown to create a bit of volume.

5. Gather hair into a low, loose ponytail and secure with an elastic.

6. Pull little bits of hair out of the hairline to create a soft, drooped shape around the face.

7. Finish by loosely tying a ribbon around the elastic.

Authentic Redken products can be found online at Redken and select salon locations.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Coach NYFW AW 2015 Get The Look

Redken Global Styling Director Guido created a cool, clean look at the Coach presentation this season, playing up the individual personalities of the models and the coolness of the new collection. He washed the hair with Redken’s new Frizz Dismiss Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner and let it dry naturally to create clean, frizz-free texture, and then applied move ability 05 lightweight defining cream-paste near the part for a smooth finish with natural shine.

“At Coach this season I left the hair as natural as possible and really played up the individual personalities of the girls. A lot of the shows this season want to keep the girls’ personalities – they don’t want armies. So, I started with clean hair, washing the girls’ hair the night before with Redken’s Frizz Dismiss Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner to get rid of any frizziness or wildness, and then let the hair dry naturally to get that great texture. I created a part that’s just off-center so it feels very not-thought-about, and then applied a bit of move ability 05 with my fingers to take any frizz away. There’s this sort of coolness about natural hair, and we’ll probably see a lot of it this season because it feels very modern.” ~Guido, Redken Global Styling Director

Create the Look:
  • Start with clean hair by washing with Frizz Dismiss Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Allow hair to dry naturally and then create a slightly off-center part
  • Using fingers, apply move ability 05 lightweight defining cream-paste to the hair near the part to add smoothness and natural shine. 

Redken Products Used: frizz dismiss sulfate-free shampoo, frizz dismiss conditioner, move ability 05  light weight defining cream-paste