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Monday, June 22, 2015

Scentbird Perfume Subscription Review June 2015

We are now in our second month of a one-year subscription with Scentbird. Our review for TME’s first month had us singing the praises of this unique upmarket perfume sampling subscription service. And the June 2015 Scentbird subscription has us doing the happy dance. For those of you who may not have read last month’s review you may be asking, “What is Scentbird and how does it work?”

Scentbird ($14.95/month) is a monthly fragrance subscription service, with subscribers receiving a .25 oz sized vial of perfume. Subscribers can choose their fragrance from Scentbird’s 350 plus perfume offerings or opt to receive Scentbird’s monthly-featured scent. First month’s subscription is sent with a velveteen drawing string bag and sturdy, chic atomizer, as well as instructions for how to use the atomizer. Subscriptions are sent out on the 15th of each month. Consecutive months, subscribers receive a vial of their perfume, which we find to be brilliant as it less waste and better for the environment.

For June 2015, we again opted to go with Scentbird’s featured scent -- Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs. Here is a prime example of why Scentbird is a phenomenal subscription service. First, the subscription arrived in a timely fashion and a .33 oz bottle of Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs costs $24.00. So for $9.05 less, you can take the perfume for a 30-day “test drive” and if you don’t like it you haven’t lost out. By the same, Scentbird offers the easiest way we can think of to find your next favorite scent.

Scentbird also offers a gifting option, which we just found out about (oops). Team TME can think of very few gifts so lovely as receiving a monthly fragrance. The price point makes Scentbird affordable to gift to friends, mom, sister or girlfriend. The only issue that we have with Scentbird is that it does not offer men’s fragrance at this time. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the brand will introduce men’s fragrance into the fold because guy’s want to smell nice too (and we want them to smell nice too!). You can subscribe to Scentbird by visiting its website. Check back next month, as we’re getting a little wild a choosing our own scent! :D