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Friday, April 8, 2016

Life and Style Advice For The Guys From ‘The Style Guy’ Glenn O’Brien

This interview first appeared on The Makeup Examiner February 27, 2015

Despite having taken a backseat and focusing more on the behind the screens tasks at TME, when I was offered the opportunity to do a Q&A with a men’s style expert, I was pretty stoked. When I found out it was Glenn O’Brien … I was rather intimidated. Yes, you read that correctly. This woman, who is afraid of nothing, was actually scared at the thought of interviewing that esteemed gentleman. Glenn’s bio reads like a “How-To” on living life to the fullest, but hey … anything for the guys. Right? So without further ado, here is the interview with Glenn that gives stellar advice on how to do life … with style! 

Yvonne P. Mazzulo: I recently watched a brief interview that you gave about “How To Be A Man”. In the interview you’d stated that “fashion is doing what everyone else is doing and style is what you are doing”. Do you believe that everyone should develop an individualistic approach rather than following what’s trendy? 

Glenn O’Brien: I think that following one’s own instincts builds personality and confidence. Showing genuine individual style is part of what distinguishes a person from the crowd. It shows you’re not afraid to think for yourself.  But I’m not saying all fashion is bad. Over the last ten years men’s clothing has changed its shape, becoming slimmer, with shorter jackets and flat front trousers. That’s not a trend, it’s a direction. I think men should pay attention to directional shifts because they aren’t just novelties, they are real cultural markers. 

Again referencing the interview, you stated that if you approach everything like an art project it would turn out all right. What advice do you have for the guys that aren’t so artistic?

Glenn: There’s a difference between being artistic and being creative and problem solving. I think the key factor in being effective in your work is really applying intelligence, logic and even instinct to the job at hand. Simply doing things the way they’re usually done isn’t going to lead to distinguishing yourself. 

What advice do you have for the guy who is afraid to try anything new because he may make a mistake?

Glenn: Life is really a matter of learning by trial and error. Even if you’ve done your homework and prepared for something new, you still have to experience it and get a feel for it. A lot of the satisfaction we get in life comes from overcoming fear and facing challenges. And challenges are inevitable. You can try to hide from them, but they’ll find you eventually.

I have a housemate that’s just graduated from university. What advice can you offer for transitioning from “college-style” into the work force?

Glenn: You’re not going to follow the herd to the top. At the same time you don’t want to come off as a show off or a freak.  In college we tend to blend in with our peers and maybe we try to display character in a sort of juvenile, rebellious way. What works in Animal House or The Hangover isn’t going to work in Wall Street or Up In the Air.  Career is a whole new movie. Think big pond, not small pond.

You’ve spoken about dressing with a sense of occasion, which I completely agree with. Can you elaborate on that for my readers?

Glenn: I often see young couples where the girl looks really put together in a nice dress and shoes, with well-styled hair and makeup, and the guy is wearing an un-tucked t-shirt and Seinfeld jeans and sneakers. Evolution is all about life adapting to the conditions around it. If you’re not learning and adapting you’re not evolving.

How do you find your own style? Do you have a muse?

Glenn: My grandfather was a Naval officer and then a businessman and he was always well groomed and paid attention to detail.  I think I picked up a lot of ideas about style from Hollywood movies. Certain stars always looked good no matter what part they played -- Cary Grant, Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra, James Coburn … today we have Clooney. I see a lot of men doing interesting things, but they are usually subtle.  People think of dandies as show offs but the greatest dandy of all, Beau Brummell, said “If people turn to look at you on the street, you are not well dressed.”

What advice do you have for the ladies to help the guys achieve their best self?

Glenn: Ladies shouldn’t hesitate to recommend or gift products to their guys. Women often understand the difference the right products can make. I recommend the new Dove Men+Care face and hair ranges -- including the Deep Clean+ Face Scrub, Hydrate+ Pro Moisture Shave Cream, Sensitive+ Pro Moisture Shave Cream, Ultra Hydrating Cream, Thickening Spray Gel, Fortifying Styling Gel and Fortifying Styling Paste. The brand is helping men shine in their everyday “red carpet” moments (i.e. meetings, presentations, date night, etc.) with their collection of new grooming and styling products.

Glenn O'Brien graduated from Georgetown, where he edited The Georgetown Journal. He was editor of Andy Warhol's Interview, then New York bureau chief of Rolling Stone. After a year growing a beard at Playboy he became the first Editor-at-Large in magazine history at High Times, a title which he intended to mean that his whereabouts were unknown. For 12 years he wrote the column “Glenn O'Brien's Beat” for Interview, and was the magazine's Tri-State Editor. He produced and starred in Glenn O'Brien's TV Party, which David Letterman called “the greatest TV show ever,” and he wrote and produced the film Downtown 81, starring Jean-Michel Basquiat. He has also worked as a stand-up comedian, an advertising creative director, and copywriter. He is a Pisces with Aquarius rising, is married, and has two children. He currently resides in New York.

You can catch the ultimate style advice in Glenn’s “The Style Guy” column at GQ and grab a copy of his book “How To Be A Man”! Dove Men+Care products are available online at Dove Men and retailers nationwide.

Note: A very special thank to Mr. O’Brien for taking time from his schedule to share his expert advice with TME readers (and me)! If you’re ever in our neck of the woods, stop by. You’ll always be welcome.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Men’s Winter Skin Care and Shaving Tips With Dr. Jeffrey Benabio

We can all whimsically sigh that summer is officially over and days lounging poolside are now a memory. As we go into the cooler seasons, it’s time to change up our skincare regimen and that goes for the guys as well. But, the transition from “fun-in-the-sun” skincare to protective winter skincare can be challenging and not every guy knows the healthiest way to achieve and maintain amazing skin.

Here at The Makeup Examiner, we are huge advocates for encouraging men to learn how to care for their skin and to embrace a little “luxury” time for themselves. This is especially true for the harsher conditions that colder months bring. With this in mind we again turned to skincare expert, Dr. Jeffrey Benabio for his expert advice.

The Makeup Examiner: From our experience, men tend to believe in the “one-size” product theory. As women, we know that different skin types require skin type specific products. What are the various skin types and what is the easiest way for our guys to determine theirs?

Dr. Benabio: I think too much attention has been given to “skin types.” Sure, some people are more prone to having dry or oily skin, but the truth is that our skin changes. There are many factors that can alter your skin, ranging from hormonal fluctuations and medications to weather changes and skincare products. For example, most people don’t suffer from dry skin in the summertime because of the excess moisture in the air. However, when cold weather approaches, there is less humidity in the air that causes many people to suffer from dry skin. Many men (and women) have “combination” skin with some dry and some oily areas.

Once skin type is determined, what is the best avenue for our guys to approach skin care for each skin type?

Dr. Benabio: For example, if a guy has consistently dry, itchy, red skin, then he should look for skincare products that are extra moisturizing, like Dove Men+Care’s Hydrate Face Wash that replenishes lost moisture in the skin. And he should avoid using bar soaps that can strip natural oils off the skin leading to further dryness. Instead, he should look for body washes with built-in moisturizers like Dove Men+Care’s Clean Comfort Body and Face Wash that cleanses skin and helps prevents further dryness.

As we move away from summer and toward the colder weather, what tips can you offer the guys to protect their skin against the elements?

Dr. Benabio: Colder weather means less moisture in the air and more dryness in your skin, so I always suggest moisturizing more frequently. While you may have a moisturizer or skincare routine that worked well in the spring/summer, it may not cut it in the winter months. To fight wintertime dryness, I recommend using Dove Men+Care skincare products. The Dove Men+Care Hydrate+ range, which includes a face wash and face lotion, helps moisturize dry skin and absorbs quickly without feeling greasy. The Dove Men+Care Aqua Impact Body and Face Wash, is made with ultra-light micro-moisture technology that’s clinically proven to fight dry skin. Guys shouldn’t forget about their hair, which can also become dry and brittle in the colder winter months. The Dove Men+Care Aqua Impact Shampoo is specifically designed to moisturize and strengthen hair and as an added bonus, smells great too.

Do our guys need to change up their shaving routine for the colder months? If so, what’s the best approach to attain a great shave?

Dr. Benabio: Again, it’s all about moisturizing. Dry skin can become flaky which can make for a rough shave. That’s why it’s important for guys to use a moisturizing shave gel like Dove Men+Care’s Hydrate Shave Gel that lathers quickly and softens skin leading to a closer, smoother, more comfortable shave. It’s also a good idea to consider using a calming post-shave balm like Dove Men+Care’s Hydrate Post Shave Balm that absorbs into the skin quickly, soothes any skin irritation caused by shaving, and is lightweight and non-greasy.

Dr. Benabio is Physician Director of Healthcare Transformation, Kaiser Permanente in San Diego, CA and advised on the creation of the new Dove Men+Care Expert Shave product line. Dove Men+Care is available at retailers nationwide.

Note: A special thank you to Dr. Jeffrey Benabio for again taking time from his extremely busy schedule to share tips with TME readers! For more skin care advice, visit Dr. Benabio on YouTube

Friday, June 12, 2015

TME 2015 Father’s Day Gift Guide

Although we all value the father in our lives that doesn't stop a busy schedule from giving us that “Uh-Oh” moment when we realize that we've forgotten to get Dad something for Father's Day -- which by the way is Sunday, June 21! With that said, Dad probably doesn't need another tie and he may just want to try out the latest men’s grooming products. Yep. Dad is a closet Suavie and needs encouragement. Team TME has again searched to find gifts that Dad will love for Father’s Day … and we haven’t limited our search to grooming. This year, TME Father’s Day Gift Guide has something for every Dad! 

Gift Guide – Where To Find!

Our Gift Guide contains just a few ideas to give dad something special for Father's Day. The companies referenced within are simply a location point and while each gifting suggestion is perfect in and of itself, you don't have to spend a ton of money to make Dad feel appreciated. Get creative, check out TME's "Gifts For Him" and to all the dads out there, Happy Father's Day!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

New Partnership Rewards Women for Sharing Beauty Advice

When women find their latest beauty obsession, it can be hard to keep it to themselves. Case in point is the amazing beauty hack, the TME covered, from Deepica Mutyala! It is not a surprise that sharing the latest “it” product is common, given that 84 percent of people say they trust recommendations from their friends and families and that 79 percent actually take action on those recommendations.

To promote the benefits of sharing among friends and family, Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant ($5.49) is partnering with Rocksbox, the innovative jewelry subscription company that was created out of the practice of sharing the latest fashion finds with friends. The partnership will kick-off with interactive experiences in New York City and Los Angeles where women will have the opportunity to share the latest innovative products and trends at the Dove Dry Spray Friendship Suite.

The events will highlight the brand's latest innovation … Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant. Through a series of fun and engaging activities, event attendees will have the opportunity to experience the premium benefits of this new product, which is formulated with ¼ moisturizers that offer all the care of Dove in a spray antiperspirant that goes on instantly dry for a cleaner feel.

Women who attend the New York City and Los Angeles events will also receive a stylist consultation to identify new jewelry trends that fit their individual style, plus a necklace to take home and a one-month Rocksbox subscription to try unlimited designer jewelry offerings for themselves.

Dove is inviting women across the U.S. to #TryDry with Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant for the chance to win over $10,000 in prizes, including spa, dining and entertainment gift cards. Consumers can get involved by visiting, write their review on new Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant and then share it on their Twitter or Facebook pages for a chance to win prizes. For complete rules, visit TryDryRules.

Dove Dry Spray Friendship Suite Dates and Locations

New York City
  • Date: Wednesday, February 25, 2015
  • Time: 11:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
  • Location: 312 Bowery, New York, NY 10012

Los Angeles
  • Date: Tuesday, March 3, 2015
  • Time: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
  • Location: 1538 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90028

Friday, October 17, 2014

Dove Men+Care Hair Launches the ‘Hair to the Throne’ Contest

According a recent survey by Dove Men+Care, most couples acknowledge that women get the majority space in their bathroom. In fact, guys report having as little as one-third of the overall bathroom space to place their things. With such a small share of shower to call their own, nine-in-ten guys reach for the bottles and balms that belong to their partner … and shampoo tops the list!   

Dove Men+Care Hair, which offers fortifying hair care products designed for men’s specific needs, has launched the “Hair to the Throne” contest, to help men reclaim bathroom space, and products, of their own. The brand is partnering with well-known husband and wife design duo, Mark and Theresa Clement, to dole out more than $30,000 worth of prizes, including a dream bathroom renovation -- and the product to stock it -- as well as an exclusive consultation with the couple. 

“As longtime partners, the campaign really resonated with us,” said Theresa Clement. “We’ve definitely encountered the ups and downs of sharing space, just as any couple,” says Mark, “and it’s really fun to talk about it in such a positive and lighthearted way.”  The duo, boasting a fusion of DIY-know how, architectural training, and a keen eye for design, is eager to help couples across America balance their space with innovative solutions. Their series of how-to videos are currently featured on the Dove Men+Care website.

So, how to enter the “Hair to the Throne” contest? Residents of the fifty U.S. states and D.C can to enter for a chance to win the Dove Men+Care Hair “Hair to the Throne” contest, from September 29th through October 4th by visiting Dove Men+Care Hair!

About Mark and Theresa Clement: Home improvement duo Mark and Theresa Clement continue to share their design & building expertise with viewers across America. The husband and wife team has created makeovers for top networks such as the DIYNetwork, and HGTVPro. The couple also hosts a weekly radio show called, “MyFixitUpLife:” fusing Mark’s how-to brilliance and Theresa’s formal architecture and design experience to provide expert advice to their listeners.  Mark is the author of the critically acclaimed novel, “The Carpenter’s Notebook,” and was formerly the executive editor of “Tools of the Trade” magazine, while Theresa penned the “Do-It-Yourself Home Improvement” and “DIY Quick Fix” guides. The couple resides in Philadelphia with their two young children, Lexi and Jack, who are already showing a knack with tools!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Dove Encourages Women To Share Positive Beauty Image With Next Generation

Over ten years ago, Dove started a conversation about real beauty in an effort to create a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety. The global beauty brand believes that everyone can make a positive impact on a girl’s self-esteem; in fact, Dove research has shown that when girls have a positive role model, they are less likely to let anxieties about their looks hold them back.

Launching today, Sep. 30, the new Dove: Legacy campaign will encourage women to express their beauty with confidence, since female role models play such an important part in how girls perceive their own beauty. Legacy, a short film, spotlights how women can pass down positive feelings of beauty to a girl in their life, just in time for the 5th Annual Dove Self-Esteem Weekend taking place at the United Nations.

The film draws on a range of experiences and unique stories from several mothers as they share their lists.  Ultimately, it is revealed that the daughters’ lists are remarkably similar to their mothers’, emphasizing how connected girls are to their role models and how feelings of beauty can be passed on to the next generation.

Celebrating its Beauty Legacies at the 5th Annual Dove Self-Esteem Weekend, Dove will celebrate its beauty legacies at the kick-off to the 5th Annual Dove Self-Esteem Weekend (October 10-12) at the United Nations on October 9.  The brand will ignite a conversation on beauty legacy and self-esteem with Jess Weiner, Dove Global Self-Esteem Ambassador, Ruby Karp, an influential voice on girls’ issues and social media, and Gabi Gregg, body image role model and blogger behind the site Gabi Fresh.  Jess Weiner will also lead an empowering self-esteem workshop for girls from Dove partner organizations including Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Girls Inc., and Girl Scouts of the USA.

Everyone Can Get Involved  - Dove believes all women have a role to play in setting a positive example for the next generation by expressing their own beauty with confidence. Women who want to join the Dove Self-Esteem Project and participate in the 5th Annual

Dove Self-Esteem Weekend can do so in several ways:
  • Watch Legacy and tell the world who you #FeelBeautifulFor on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Visit Dove on Facebook for more information on the 5th Annual Dove Self-Esteem Weekend, to access free self-esteem tools and resources specifically created for moms, mentors and teachers to motivate and inspire young girls, to locate events at local retailers, and more
  • Add “Dove” on Snapchat to take part in a full week of exercises aiming to explore self-esteem and build confidence
  • Jess Weiner and Dove Self-Esteem Educators will be available on Snapchat from Monday, October 6 through Wednesday, October 8 to answer self-esteem questions one-on-one in a safe forum

Friday, May 2, 2014

Get Groomed for the Derby with Dr. Allan Peterkin

Dr. Allan Peterkin

The Kentucky Derby is finally here! Turning to Dr. Allan Peterkin today, May 2, The Makeup Examiner offers her suavenistas all the answers to get your face in shape for this weekend’s event and beyond. Whether you’re going to be at the track or at a local viewing party, you know that you want to put your best face forward for the races … and the ladies. After all, the Derby is more than a horserace … it is the kick-off event for the social season. So, how can you achieve the best facial hairstyle?

Yvonne P. Mazzulo (The Makeup Examiner): Regarding facial hairstyles, we’re seeing everything from clean-shaven to full beards. What styles would you say are current for the season?

Dr. Allan Peterkin: Well, I think a lot of men tend to shave off their scruff and winter hibernation beards for spring and summer months, when it is much warmer. The modern Derby has generally been a clean-shaven affair. With the recent surge in facial hair trends, however, I think men are starting to wear what fits them best and there's more freedom for stylish self-expression.

What advice can you share to guide men on what look they’re best suited for?

Dr. Peterkin: Determining your face shape and giving your facial features some thought is the first step in choosing the right beard or mustache. Make note of the strength of your jawline, the prominence of your cheekbones, the size of your lips, and the volume of your cheeks. All of these can affect which facial hairstyles will complement your look and which will not. While faces come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, they are all basically one of these three: Round, Square/Angular, or Oval. Choosing the best style for your face shape is about achieving a fine-tuned balance between face and hair. Your barber can help you decide or check out specific tips in my book on grooming “The BeardedGentleman-The Style Guide to Shaving Face".

Once a guy has chosen a facial hairstyle, be it full beard, clean-shaven or somewhere in between; how can they achieve that style? 

Dr. Peterkin: I would advise someone who would like to grow a beard to be sure to take all of the necessary steps that accompany caring for both facial hair AND FACIAL SKIN. Bearded or not, men need to care for their skin by cleansing and moisturizing, I’d recommend using a cleanser like the Dove Men+Care Hydrate+ Face Wash and their Face Lotion with SPF.

The easiest beard to grow and maintain is the short length trimmed beard. You can care for this beard simply by keeping the margins clean (shaving outside the natural growth) and regularly trimming your beard with scissors or a clipper to maintain a uniform length.

A lot of men look good with stubble (and women when surveyed like that look).

How does skincare factor into a good facial hairstyle look and what advice can you offer about skincare?

Dr. Peterkin: What most men don’t realize is the key to your grooming regimen is skincare. Guys only need a few products to care for their skin, and certain brands have made it easy for guys to maintain a quick, regular grooming routine. For example, the Dove Men+Care face range is designed to care for men’s skin in three easy steps, which require only 3 basic products which work in sync: face wash, shave gel, and face lotion or post shave balm.

Some guys have issues with growing in a beard evenly, what advice can you offer to help achieve a thicker and even beard?

Dr. Peterkin: Patience is key. Let your facial hair grow for a few weeks to determine maximal growth patterns and then keep it in check by shaping and trimming it to give it a cleaner and sharper look -- constant maintenance helps with the uneven growth. If you can't grow a full beard, you can still consider your options-sideburns, stubble, a mustache or soul-patch.  When shaving, use a shave gel that moisturizes your skin and shave outside the natural growth on your neck and above your cheeks, but not with too much precision that it eliminates the natural look. Use pictures of yourself as a reference and create visual parameters – keep that in mind when shaving the perimeter on the upper cheek and at the neckline.

What is the best way for guys to maintain their chosen look throughout the season?

Dr. Peterkin: Moisturize! Moisturizing is the most important step in a grooming routine --so if you haven’t started yet -- start now! This is especially important for older guys, who are most susceptible to dryness and wrinkles. I’d recommend using a lightweight moisturizer every morning and evening to help care for your skin, keeping it healthy and fresh, bearded or not. If you do have facial hair, you can also use a dab of the lotion or of Dove's post-shave balm to condition your beard and keep it soft.

What are your plans for Derby Weekend?

Dr. Peterkin: I recently bought two fine top hats, but won't be able to make the Derby this year. It's on my list for next year! I plan to lie low, and enjoy the beautiful weather!

Note: A very special thank you to Dr. Allan Peterkin for his time and expertise. Dr. Perterkin’s books can be found online at AD Peterkin and at Barnes &Noble. The Dove Men+Care Face Range is available at Dove and mass retailers. 

Dr. Allan Peterkin is a facial hair expert, pogonologist (beard scholar), and a Dove Men+Care Face Range Expert. Dr. Peterkin has authored three bestselling books on facial hair and is a leading authority on contemporary styling choices for men lending his expertise to the likes of Men's Health, GQ and Esquire, as well as in documentaries from National Geographic and Morgan Spurlock (“Mansome” 2012). He also appeared as a judge at the 2012 National Beard and Mustache Championships held in Las Vegas. Dr. Peterkin’s books include; “One Thousand Beards-A Cultural History of Facial Hair”, “The Bearded Gentleman-The Style Guide To Shaving Face” (co-written with Nick Burns) and “One Thousand Mustaches-A Cultural History of The Mo.”

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Dove DermaSeries Review

In April Dove introduced a new line of skincare specifically formulated for severely dry and sensitive skin. Dove DermaSeries is a full-range line of skincare that was developed in partnership with dermatologists, such as Dr.Ranella Hirsch, to help bring both immediate relief and skin repair.

The Dove DermaSeries collection includes ultra mild cleansers for face and body, body cream and an intense repair treatment. Since The Makeup Examiner suffers from severely dry skin, TME was pretty excited to try this line, most especially with the warmer weather and skin-baring clothes just around the corner. The Dove DermaSeries includes five specific products designed to be used together for maximum results and relief.

The Dove DermaSeries skincare regimen begins with “The Cleansers”:

Dove DermaSeries Ultra Caring Gentle Cleansing Bar – This intensely moisturizing bar is infused with skin-natural lipids and is specially formulated to provide ultra-mild cleansing for extremely dry, irritated skin while effectively removing oil, dirt and makeup without leaving skin tight or dry. The Makeup Examiner despises soap due to the fact that I can’t stand the feeling of residue, but I can happily report that the Ultra Caring GentleCleansing Bar ($7.99) doesn’t have this issue and is so gentle and effective.

Dove DermaSeries Ultra Caring Gentle Body Cleanser - Specially formulated to provide ultra-mild cleansing for extreme dry, delicate and irritated skin, this body cleanser is infused with glycinate (extremely mild cleanser with rich lather), hydrating glycerin and skin-natural lipids to gently cleanse while replenishing skin’s natural moisture barrier. Ultra CaringGentle Body Cleanser ($15.99) is a must-have for anyone with skin issues. It leaves the skin truly hydrated for which I noticed immediately and after having used the Body Cleanser for several weeks, I may jut have found a year-round solution.

Dove DermaSeries Ultra Caring Gentle Cream Face Cleanser - A non-foaming, cream facial cleanser enriched with skin-natural lipids; specially formulated to provide ultra-mild cleansing for even the most delicate of dry skin. Ultra Caring Gentle Cream Face Cleanser ($15.99) is an effective facial cleanser -- even removing waterproof makeup -- that left my skin thoroughly cleansed and hydrated.

Step Two for the Dove DermaSeries skincare regimen is “The Moisturizers”:

Dove DermaSeries Intense Repairing Body Cream - Contains the PPAR Activation Complex, which replenishes lipids and creates a better quality hydration barrier. This rich cream provides immediate relief of dryness symptoms while repairing dry and damaged skin overtime. Intense Repairing BodyCream ($17.99) is my favorite product in the DermaSeries line. With quick absorption and no greasy feel, Intense Repairing Body Cream offered me instant hydration and I can see a marked difference in the look of my skin.

Dove DermaSeries Intense Repairing Rough Patch Treatment – Also containing the PPAR Activation Complex and a blend of natural oils to repair and protect severely dry skin, this emollient rich balm is meant to be used as a spot treatment to soften thick, rough patches of skin on areas such as elbows, knees, heels and hands. TME brought in a housemate, who has eczema, to test this particular product. What she had to say about Intense RepairingRough Patch Treatment ($18.99), “It’s a thick ointment formula that takes a few minutes to absorb. But it did bring instant relief upon application and after less then a week of use, the red and dry patch of skin seemed to be healed”.

The entire Dove DermaSeries collection is effective and TME would recommend these products for anyone who suffers from severely dry, sensitive or eczematous skin. We found DermaSeries to be of better quality than other OTC products designed for the previously mentioned skin issues and far more convenient then prescription creams. The Dove DermaSeries Collection can be found at Dove and select retailers partners nationwide.


Thursday, April 3, 2014

Hollywood's Leading Stuntman Shares His Best Grooming and Fitness Secrets

In an ongoing series to bring the guys some much deserved attention, The Makeup Examiner caught up with Hollywood Stuntman, Bobby Holland Hanton on April 1, to discuss men’s grooming, health and lifestyle. Bobby Holland Hanton is an National Gold Medalist (GB), former footballer and award-winning stunt double who has worked with the likes of leading men Chris Hemsworth in “Thor: The Dark World” and “Heart of the Sea,” Christian Bale in “The Dark Knight Rises,” Daniel Craig in “Quantum of Solace,” and most recently Channing Tatum in Jupiter Ascending (set to hit theaters July 2014).

Bobby has won SAG Awards for “Inception”, “Harry Potter the Deathly Hollows” and “Skyfall”; two Taurus World Stunt Award nominations for “Quantum of Solace” and “The Prince of Persia the Sands of Time", and landed in the 2009 Guinness World Records for the most targets hit with a back somersault throw in one hour. So, when it comes to understanding what it takes to push your body to its limits, and still look amazing, Bobby knows of what he speaks!

The Makeup Examiner: Your resume is amazing! Modeling, acting, gold medalist … How did you get into the intense world of stunt double?

Bobby Holland Hanton: I have had a physical career since a very young age, particularly in gymnastics. I enjoy being active, and crave the adrenaline that comes along with the job. I got a call out of the blue to audition to double for Daniel Craig in "Quantum of Solace." It was a dream come true. I went in for four or five vigorous exercise auditions; six weeks turned into six months, and I've never looked back.

I’d read that your schedule for “Thor: The Dark World” was up at 5:30 am and you kept going until 10 pm. With such an intense schedule how do you keep your energy at level?

Energy levels were very difficult to maintain, all due to the fact that my diet was so strict. I had to play around with a few things, changing around the diet, experimenting with different foods within the diet at different times. I was given Paleo protein bars from a nutritionist that I would eat as a last resort. For me, real food is better, say a breast of chicken, but sometimes that wasn't necessary available at times I needed the energy. I also had protein shakes, and powder which would offer an energy boost. Another thing I found effective is black coffee.

What advice can you give my readers for maintaining energy levels throughout the day?

Find a clean protein bar that works for you. I try and avoid ones with sugar, to eliminate the crash. I also would say a quick, double espresso shot or some black coffee.

Regarding diet and exercise, is there a different regimen for when you’re working on set versus down time?

During my down time I have the capabilities to train twice a day, more consistently. When filming or on set, I have to find time and squeeze in a workout whenever I can, whether it be during lunchtime, or late at night after we've wrapped for the day.

You've doubled for so many leading men, all of whom look so different. How do you morph into someone like, let’s say, Channing Tatum for “Jupiter Ascending” or Chris Hemsworth for “Heart of the Sea”?

For Chris, I was working out twice a day for nearly 9 months, with heavy weights and a lot of protein mixed in with my diet. Upper body workouts were very frequent. I have found that between movies it has been best to maintain a middle ground, and I have been blessed to have the ability to change body types rather easily.

As a woman, I know that makeup can give our skin a bit of a beating. With all of the makeup that’s used for your roles, how do you care for skin?

It is extremely important to maintain a strict grooming regimen, especially when I am constantly wearing makeup like you said, and wigs, while being physically active. I am lucky enough to work with DoveMen+Care who offer a full range of products specifically made for men’s skin, face and hair. I love the thickening shampoo, which truly does work, when I have wigs pulling at my hair for 12 hours a day (in Thor!). I also use the Odor Guard PW, which is extremely gentle on my skin, and keeps me moisturized after all of the makeup and prosthetics used in many of these Superhero movies.

What is your everyday skincare routine and how can the average guy implement this into his lifestyle?

I am all about having a routine day in and day out from skincare to diet and exercise. I wake up in the morning and have a quick shower, where I’ll wash and cleanse my face thoroughly. I immediately apply face lotion to keep my skin moisturized throughout the day following the shower. If I am filming outdoors, I love to use the Dove Men+Care Hydrate face lotion, because it has SPF. Just like my diet and exercise, I think discipline is a large part of a skincare regimen. Guys must take the extra 5-10 minutes every day to care for their skin and be sure they are applying the correct products to ensure the skin stays moisturized.

Can you share what you’re working on now and what we can next see you in?

I am currently working on the new Avengers (Captain America), and then have some things in the pipeline, which I cannot disclose at this time unfortunately -- but stay tuned for more to come! The movie releases, which you can expect to see me in throughout the months, are Maleficent (May), Jupiter Ascending (July), and Heart of the sea (2015).

What’s the most important thing that you’d like my readers to know regarding an overall healthy lifestyle?

An overall healthy lifestyle requires discipline. You have to set a goal for yourself and strive towards that. I try and focus on the longevity in trying to maintain that goal. For example, I give myself a treat day, which keeps me disciplined throughout the week, I looking forward to that day. You must set goals, but also rewards too – otherwise the goals seem quite unattainable at times.

Note: A very special thank to Bobby Holland Hanton for taking time from his busy schedule to share his expertise on a healthy lifestyle! Dove Men+Care products are available online at Dove and retailers nationwide. You can check out some of Bobby's stunt work at Bobby Holland Hanton and find more men's lifestyle tips by clicking ... HERE

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Expert Men’s Skin Care and Shaving Tips from Dr. Jeffrey Benabio

Dr. Jeffrey Benabio

After a long and lingering winter, (Yes, it’s snowing here today March 25 – 6 days into Spring) we’re all geared up to embrace warmer weather. But, the transition from winter skincare to warmer weather skincare can be challenging and not every guy knows the healthiest way to achieve, and maintain, amazing skin.

As a huge advocate for encouraging men to learn how to care for their skin and to embrace a little “luxury” time for themselves, The Makeup Examiner turned to Dr. Jeffrey Benabio for his expert advice. Dr. Benabio is Physician Director of Healthcare Transformation, Kaiser Permanente in San Diego, CA and advised on the creation of the new Dove Men+Care Expert Shave product line. In conjunction with the esteemed Doctor’s tips, TME has procured a quick “how-to” video. So read on to find out the best way to take care of your skin. And ladies, please encourage your guys to groom ‘cause seriously … is there anything sexier than a well-groomed guy? 

The Makeup Examiner: Is there a difference between a man and a woman’s skin?

Dr. Benabio: Absolutely. For one, the obvious difference is that men have more hair, especially on their face. Men also tend to have thicker and oilier skin than women, which is why they should use products made for their skin. Their pores are also generally larger, which allows for more dirt and debris to get into the pores and makes their face more prone to acne and blackheads.

What role did you play in the creation of the Dove Men+Care Expert Shave range?

The new Dove Men+Care Expert Shave rage is developed in collaboration with barbers and dermatologists, like myself, who understand men’s shaving and skin needs.  I worked with Dove Men+Care to develop the new shave products by offering insights and face care experience since I see guys every day and understand their skin needs and concerns.  Together, we have developed the brand’s most caring shave line yet.

What makes the Dove Men+Care Expert Shave range better than other men’s grooming products?

The Expert Shave range is clinically proven to better moisturize and hydrate skin for the ultimate caring shave. This range was created to focus specifically on the act of shaving and the common skin care concerns that come with it, including irritation, dryness and roughness. It features products that deliver superior levels of moisturization to prepare, shave and repair the skin, before, during and following shaving.

As we move away from winter and towards warmer weather, what tips can you offer the guys to protect their skin?

The best advice I can give is to never stop taking care of your face. Dove Men+Care also developed a face range to help men take better care of their faces. Surprisingly, almost half of US men never use face wash or a face lotion.  The Dove Men+Care face range is an easy, effective way men can care for their skin.  The line is designed specifically for men and leaves skin feeling clean, smooth and hydrated. As the temperatures rise, you begin to sweat more often, which clogs pores.  The Dove Men+Care Hydrate+ Face Wash gently cleanses your skin and helps replenish lost moisture and fight skin dryness.  Follow the face wash with the Dove Men+Care Hydrate+ Face Lotion for advanced protection against dry skin. This lotion also has Broad Spectrum SPF 15 to prevent sun damage, which makes it suitable for everyday use.

What is the perfect shave?

The Dove Men+Care Expert Shave three-step approach delivers a superior shave experience. When used together, the Expert Shave regime will better care for skin before, during and after shaving.

The first step is the “pre-shave” because preparation is an important step most guys don’t think about. The Dove Men+Care Expert Shave “pre-shave” products cleanse and soften men’s skin and stubble to prepare for a smooth shave. First, apply the Exfoliating Pre-Shave Scrub as it cleans and scrubs skin for a closer shave, and lifts hairs to help reduce ingrown hairs. Next, apply the Softening Pre-Shave Oil, specially formulated to soften hair and moisturize your skin to help protect skin while shaving.

The second step is “the shave” and using the right shaving products can make all the difference. The Dove Men+Care Expert Shave line includes two shave creams that contain high levels of moisturizing ingredients to help protect skin during shaving, the Smoothing Shave Cream and the Total Comfort Shave Cream. The Smoothing Shave Cream’s creamy lather helps protect against irritation and leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated. The Total Comfort Shave Cream is the richest, most protective Dove Men+Care shave formula designed especially for drier skin. It softens hair on contact and provides smooth razor glide. 

The third and final step is the “post-shave” because even the best shave can be tough on your face. The Dove Men+Care Expert Shave Intense Post-Shave Balm helps rehydrate and soothe skin quickly to help relieve shaving irritation and is clinically proven to help skin repair after shaving.

What is a “must-do” for guys to protect their skin?

In terms of shaving, a “must-do” for guys is preparing your skin pre-shave and caring for your skin post-shave. Because you’re dragging a blade across the skin of your face, you want to do everything you can to prepare and soften your stubble with products because a superior shave is not about that hardware, it’s more about the software (a.k.a. the products you use on your skin.)  For post-shave care, you want to use a product that doesn’t contain alcohol, as it can cause irritation. Follow up your shave with a soothing balm that rehydrates skin.

Note: A special thank you to Dr. Jeffrey Benabio for taking time from his extremely busy schedule to share tips with TME readers!


Upgrade Your Shave in Three-Steps

The Dove Men+Care Expert Shave Range three-step approach delivers a superior shave experience for men. Used together, the products better care for men’s faces before, during and after shaving:

Step 1 “Pre-Shave:” Products cleanse and soften men’s skin and stubble/beard to better prepare the face for a smooth shave
Step 2 “Shave:” Shave creams are clinically proven to provide superior hydration for the ultimate caring shave
Step 3 “Post-Shave:” Absorbs quickly to soothe skin and help relieve shaving irritation

Superior Shave Experience

The Dove Men+Care Expert Shave range includes five products, each of which draws on the 50 years of experience Dove has caring for and moisturizing skin:

  1. Exfoliating Pre-Shave Scrub ($21.99): clinically proven to hydrate skin as it cleanses, while lifting and scrubbing stubble to help reduce ingrown hairs
  2. Softening Pre-Shave Oil ($21.99): formulated to soften hair and prepare the face for a closer, more comfortable shave with moisturizing ingredients
  3. Smoothing Shave Cream ($21.99): creamy lather helps protect from shaving irritation and ensures a smooth razor glide to leave skin feeling soft and moisturized
  4. Total Comfort Shave Cream ($25.99): moisture-enriched formula designed for men with dry skin, this protective cream softens hair on contact for a smooth razor glide and is clinically proven to hydrate skin and help reduce shaving irritation
  5. Intense Post-Shave Repair Balm ($25.99): fast-absorbing, soothing formula is clinically proven to re-hydrate skin and help reduce irritation after shaving

The entire Dove Men+Care product line is available at Dove Men Care and select retail locations.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Celebrity Stylist Jason Schneidman Shares Oscar Winning Men’s Hair Care Tips

Jason Schneidman "The Men's Groomer"
In an exclusive interview, The Makeup Examiner caught up with Celebrity Stylist and Chris McMillan veteran, Jason Schneidman on Feb. 27 to discuss what’s hot for men’s hair. Jason has an extensive portfolio of clients and is responsible for Bruno Mars’ sexy retro style or as Jason likes to call it “the modern pomp”, as well as Hugh Jackman’s classic gentleman look and Jonah Hill’s fun, young style. Jason is also the Dove Men+Care hair expert and after you read Jason’s styling tips, read on for an Oscar worthy giveaway!

The Makeup Examiner: Can you share a bit about your background?

Jason Schneidman: Sure! I’m the Dove Men+Care hair expert, and I’m known as “The Men’s Groomer” in Hollywood. I’ve been cutting hair since I was a teenager, and I have over 10 years of professional experience in the industry. Day-to-day, I’m a hair stylist at the Chris McMillan salon in Beverly Hills, but I also style celebrity clients, developing looks for the red carpet, press tours, advertisements, and editorial work. My work takes me all over the globe, and some of my favorite recent experiences were with Bruno Mars at the Super Bowl and with Hugh Jackman on-set of his new commercial.

When did you join the Dove Men+Care family?

I joined the Dove Men+Care family in 2013, just as the brand launched its first-ever hair care range, specifically designed to meet men’s needs. It’s been a great partnership thus far and has given me the opportunity to express my love for men’s hair while supporting a brand I’ve been using for years.

We’re seeing Jared Leto’s long locks to Jonah Hill’s short crop and Bruno Mars’ sexy, cool retro style. What do you see as the on-trend hairstyles for men?

Cuts that push the needle are definitely going to earn style [creed] this year. Gatsby cuts are fading out, and we’re seeing a more relaxed cut from the traditional, clean cut barbershop style. For example, the three styles you mentioned are perfect examples of different levels of this on-trend look since they all push boundaries to be a little edgy, but still stick to my mantra of “effortless cool” for a timeless look. Jonah’s hair is of course the most traditional, but I trimmed the sides closer down and gave him a little volume in the flip in front so that it’s not your average corporate cut. Bruno’s hair (which I’ve coined as the “modern pomp”) is an awesome evolution of his old pompadour and the more natural hair he was recently rocking, and finally, Jared’s hair is the most extreme, but still on-trend since more guys than ever are embracing their natural look, growing out their hair (and beard!), and even experimenting with the “man bun.” Personally, I love the man bun since it’s easy for dads like me who are juggling a crazy work/life balance but still want to be in style.

How can my readers achieve these looks at home?

The first step is to make sure hair is prepped with the right fortifying shampoo or 2-in-1. I really recommend the Dove Men+Care Aqua Impact Shampoo because it offers the best care for hair needing moisture—and it’s proven to make hair 3x stronger. I also use their Thickening Shampoo since it builds a good foundation when I’m going for a more voluminous look. I recommend guys wash their hair the night before styling or a big event since it’ll save them time day of and their hair will have just enough build-up and volume to be a good base to start your styling process (but still be clean).

As far as Jonah’s look goes, this one is cool, effortless and takes less than a minute -- a guy’s dream come true! First I cut a part into the hair, which makes it separate effortlessly and easier to style. All you need to do is to comb hair through in the desired direction and then use a small round brush (like my Men’s Groomer brush) and blow dryer to gently pull up the front for a small flip to the side, and then set in place with a matte paste that you can warm up in your hands and run through hair all over.

For Bruno’s look, prep the hair with a Crème and Mousse for a little shine and extra texture.  Gentle comb through the hair and then use your fingers to shake out the hair to let the curls bounce out. Use a brush like mine to build up the pompadour in the front, and then finish with a light mist of hairspray.

Finally, for Jared’s man bun look, just make sure your hair is clean. Pull your hair back with a comb and let the bun sit low on your head. This is the easiest style of all since it is universal and works for all hair textures. Personally, I like when the hair is a bit messier and sits higher up.

What are the best products for different hair textures?

A matte styling paste with medium hold works on all hair textures, and I use this on all of my clients since the product allows me to redefine their natural hairstyles. I love the pastes because they are moldable and versatile, and they can be used to create a sleek timeless look like Leonardo DiCaprio’s or a more edgy rock star look like Bruno Mars’. It’s also better than your typical gel or hairspray since you can re-apply to refresh your look without that crispy and flakey appearance that other products create.

However, if you have tightly coiled/dry hair, you should stick to richer cream or oil-based products like sheens or creams/lotions. These will moisturize your dry hair and you should definitely avoid hair spray and anything with alcohol in it since it will deplete moisture from your hair, making it frizzy and brittle.

What advice can you offer the guys for everyday grooming?

My best advice for guys is to “be you” and make your products work for you! Invest in products that are fortifying, make your hair stronger and don’t weigh it down. For everyday grooming for real men, check out the Dove Men+Care hair care range.

Note: A special thank you to Jason for taking time from his super busy schedule!

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