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Monday, October 20, 2014

Dr. Lili Fan Probiotics Skincare Unveils Total Eye Care

Dr. Lili Fan

Given that our brows frame our eyes and our lashes accentuate the shape, one could easily say that these facial features are the most important of any. Furthermore, and contrary to popular belief that a woman’s “assets” are slightly south, poll after poll reveals that the first feature a man notices about you is your eyes. And just in case you were wondering, apparently the first thing that us ladies notices about a man is his smile.

Dr. Lili Fan Probiotics has introduced several new products to the brand’s lineup to help address the concerns we encounter as we age. Probiotic Age Defying Eye Serum ($65) targets the advanced signs of aging around the delicate eye area, this formula features Dr. Fan's high-performance Probiotic, peptides blend, vitamin C, and sophisticated natural moisturizing ingredients. All work synergistically together to promote youthful-looking skin. Probiotic Age Defying Eye Serum addresses one of the main skin concerns, but there is also another that many of us do not realize. This would be the fact that our hair, as in brow hair, tends to thin as we age, as do our lashes.

Probiotic XEyebrow Enhancer ($65) and Probiotic X Mascara with Lash Booster ($35) are formulated with Dr. Lili Fan’s patented blend of peptides and Probiotic for strengthening, conditioning and nourishing. Offering the ability to gain fuller brows and lashes within 4-12 weeks. Probiotic X Mascara with Lash Booster’s formula offers fuller and longer looking lashes instantly, with the added benefit of enhancing growth.

About Dr. Lili Fan: An experienced biochemist, microbiologist and practicing ophthalmologist, Dr. Fan led in the development of human cell culture methods for the determination of efficacy and safety of potential cosmeceutical bioactives. This methodology allows complete replacement of animal testing for human topical products. Dr. Lili Fan Probiotics products are available online