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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Easy Tips For Sustainable Living

Happy Spring 2019! Happy Earth Month! Ah... before you roll your eyes and click away… I'm not going to tell anyone how to live his or her life. All I’m going to do is simply pass along information that I’ve learned along the way in my personal journey towards being a better global citizen. First, I’d like to take a second to thank my mother for teaching me how to respect the planet… attempt not to recycle something in that woman’s house and you’re likely to end up buried in her compost. Uh… love you mom! I, digress.

So you’ve probably heard Recycle, Reuse and Reduce, but what does that really mean and how can you implement these ideas, easily, into everyday life? Recycling can be a bit confusing because sometimes we’re not sure what is and isn’t recyclable. Check out this recycle chart from One More Generation!

Cost effective and eco-friendly ideas:
  1. Don't heat an empty house - During the winter, turn down your thermostat to 68 degrees when you're home and 55 degrees at night or while you're on vacation.
  2. Clean your refrigerator coils – You’d be surprised how much gross stuff accumulates at the bottom of your fridge. By vacuuming out the dust you actually help the fridge work more efficiently, therefore saving money.
  3. Use cloth napkins instead of paper napkins – This might be a really foreign concept at first, but once you get used to it you’ll be pleased with the financial savings and you’ll also save a tree.
  4. Pack your lunch – This saves money, but when you pack your lunch use an insulated lunch bag versus a paper bag. Also, use a refillable bottle versus a plastic one.
  5. Cancel your newspaper subscription and read the news online – Like beauty news, here at TME! ☺Okay, shameless self-promotion aside… catch your news online.

Put your money where your mouth is: There’s a lot of power in your wallet and committing to purchasing eco-friendly products lets companies know that you, the consumer, are in charge.
  1. Shop for eco-friendly beauty products – Throughout the month, TME will be reviewing and highlighting quite a few eco-friendly beauty brands.
  2. Switch to eco-friendly detergents or make your own eco-friendly cleaning products.

Eco-friendly odds and ends:
  1. Collect your dryer lint and put it in the backyard for the birds. Now’s the perfect time, as the birds a building nests.
  2. Donate your magazines - Read them then pass them on to friends or your local hospital.
  3. Organize your errands – by scheduling errands, you’ll save on gas and help the environment. Also, try carpooling.
  4. File your taxes electronically to cut back on paper usage. Heads Up … tax deadline is a just days away.
  5. Take your own canvas bags when shopping – Seriously, do you need to add to your plastic bag collection?
  6. Make a resolution to be even more eco-friendly … starting today!

The tips above are all examples of basic R’s of sustainable living. You can find lots more tips at Tree Hugger and don't forget that Earth Day 2019 will be celebrated on Monday, April 22 -- and that there's still plenty of time to participate! 

Friday, April 20, 2018

Earth Day Essentials from Youth To The People

In honor of Earth Day, clean up your skincare routine with Youth To The People. From leafy green cleansers to the new rare berry-infused oils, Youth To The People is made up of 100% recyclable packaging and cold-pressed vegan ingredients making a positive impact on both skin and the environment. Further reasons to love this brand -- all products are formulated without soap, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic fragrance or added color to leave your skin looking naturally awesome! If you’re not familiar with this powerhouse skincare brand, we have a rundown below of the products that will give you brighter skin and a cleaner future.

Youth To The People Superberry Hydrate and Glow Oil ($44): This intensely hydrating oil contains Maqui, the most antioxidant dense fruit in the world, açaí and goji berries creating a potent antioxidant elixir for your skin. This velvety soft formula also contains Prickly Pear and Squalane Oil to lock in moisture as well as Jojoba and Sunflower Oil leaving skin with a more radiant complexion.

Age Prevention Cleanser ($36): This nutrient-rich gel cleanser helps balance your skin, and removes daily dirt and toxins to keep your pores so fresh and so clean. Packed with antioxidant-rich kale, spinach and green tea to give you that fountain-of-youth glow, it also protects you from free radicals and environmental stresses that try to bring you down.
Age Prevention Moisture Cream ($48): Get ready for some leafy green moisture with this lightweight, multi-function, antioxidant-rich moisture cream. All the super foods you love, including kale, spinach and green tea, combine forces with Hyaluronic Acid to create a mighty moisturizer that restores, rejuvenates and conditions while protecting against free radicals and environmental stresses. Use it day or night (or when you roll in at dawn) to give you the healthy, beautiful skin you’ve always dreamed of.
Age Prevention & Brightening Serum ($62): This high performance serum uses fast-acting peptide molecules to maintain skin elasticity and promote natural collagen synthesis, while infusing antioxidant-rich kale into the skin. And Vitamin C doesn’t just boost your immune system; it both brightens skin and prevents hyper-pigmentation to work like Photoshop in real life. This super serum also takes on premature wrinkles and fine lines by reducing damage caused by free radicals and environmental stresses, and then locks in moisture with hyaluronic acid for an added bonus. It’s glow time.
Age Prevention Superfood Eye Cream ($35): Small but mighty, this nourishing cream delivers vital nutrients with Youth To The People’s proprietary superfood blend of kale and spinach, tried and true aloe, ultra-emollient sunflower oil and an army of reparative vitamins. Equipped with Tripeptide 5 to reduce fine lines and boost collagen plus Crosslinked Hyaluronic Acid to plump and lock in moisture so all eyes are on you!
Age Prevention Superfood Mask ($44): Get your greens from land and sea, this age prevention mask is packed with the best superfoods on earth. Formulated with Spirulina, Bioactive Microalgae and Hyaluronic Acid (plus kale & spinach!), these superhero ingredients protect from free radical damage while nourishing your skin for a healthy, youthful glow. Leave on for 10 minutes and discover results you can see!

About the Brand: Youth To The People was created with one simple mission in mind: what you put on your skin should be as whole, nutrient-rich, and clean as what you put in your body. The precise, custom formulas feature 100 percent vegan ingredients, cold pressed extracts, gentle preservatives, and earth friendly packaging. Youth To The People is available at Youth To The People and Sephora

Friday, April 6, 2018

Earth Month Hair Essentials

Happy Earth Month! And to celebrate, Team TME wanted to make sure that you knew about a few of our favorite hair (and Planet) loving products. Beginning with getting your locks clean -- Maui Moisture offers a plethora of shampoos, conditioners, and stylers that are effective and eco-friendly. It’s become one of our favorite budget-friendly brands. Of course you need a tool to style those luscious locks and Olivia Garden never fails. Read on to find out more about these two eco-responsible beauty brands.

Maui Moisture is inspired by handpicked and handcrafted ingredients that can be found on tropical islands like Maui, all of which are responsibly sourced, vegan and made with eco-friendly materials. These products do not contain any parabens, phthalates, sulfate surfactants, colorants, petrolatum, silicones, gluten, or mineral oils. Maui Moisture offers seven ranges for all hair textures and types. Each product within the Maui Moisture Collection will run $8.99 each. Now can you see why we love this brand?!?

  1. Maui Moisture Nourish & Moisture + Coconut Milk – This collection is formulated for individuals with normal to dry hair who need gentle hydration. Formulated with Coconut Milk, Guava Oil and Mango Butter, hair is left detangled and nourished with no leftover residue. Available in a shampoo, conditioner and raw oil mist, these products work to hydrate strands while providing luscious shine.
  2. Maui Moisture Heal & Hydrate + Shea Butter – This collection is a dream for anyone with dry, damaged, or over-styled hair. The four products in this collection include a shampoo, conditioner, raw oil, and hair mask, all focused on intense hydration and moisture retention. Formulated with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Macadamia Oil, hair is softened, quenched and repaired from over-processed, damaged hair.
  3. Maui Moisture Strength & Anti-Breakage + Agave Nectar – This collection comprised of a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask is formulated for those who chemically treat their hair regularly and are looking to help repair, strengthen and fortify hair. Formulated with Agave Nectar Extract, Hibiscus Oil and Pineapple Oil extract, hair is left smoothed, healed and perfectly hydrated.
  4. Maui Moisture Smooth & Repair + Vanilla Bean – Seeking hair that’s sleek and smooth with a shiny finish? This collection of shampoo and conditioner helps tame frizz, reduce hair bulk and add intense shine. Made with Vanilla Bean Oil, Cocoa Butter, as well as Kukui Nut Oil, hair is left defrizzed, restored and mended.
  5. Maui Moisture Curl Quench + Coconut Oil – Formulated for thick, curly hair, this shampoo, conditioner, curl milk and curl smoothie, contain a blend with Coconut Oil and Papaya Butter, as well as Plumeria Extract. The collection helps to condition curls, reduce frizz, and improve overall curl definition.
  6. Maui Moisture Thicken & Restore + Bamboo Fibers – Enhance, strengthen and thicken your hair with this shampoo, conditioner, and blowout spray, all made with Bamboo Fibers. The unique formulas, made with Bamboo Fibers, Castor Oil and Neem Oil, work with each hair strand to help create thick, full, and voluptuous tresses along with a fresh and spicy scent. The formulas help to promote thicker, stronger, healthier hair.
  7. Maui Moisture Color Protection + Sea Mineral Collection - The new Maui Moisture Color Protection + Minerals range harnesses the power of sea botanicals like Minerals, Algae, and Sea Kelp to give you mermaid hair that’s vibrant, smooth, and shiny.

Olivia Garden, a leader in the hair care industry for over fifty years, introduced the first eco-friendly brush collection in 2006 using a design patent that included striped bamboo. Now in 2018, with advanced technology and innovative ingredients, Olivia Garden is introducing a new line of bamboo brushes unlike anything on the market.

The EcoHair Collection uses a new proprietary bamboo technology with an anti-slip grip and ergonomic handle that is softer, more durable, and easier for styling. Bamboo is a 100% natural renewable resource, unlike wood, that preserves the natural forests and surrounding eco-systems. The new EcoHair Paddle brush design features a new “secure-fit” cushion frame system where the cushion snaps into the brush body with no glue, for guaranteed durability. In addition, the brushes boast a beautiful and unique whitewashed bamboo and blue design.

Olivia Garden EcoHair Collection:
  • EcoHair Paddle ($20.50) – comfortable ballpoint tips that are gentle for hair and scalp to detangle, brush, and create updos
  • EcoHair Combo ($23.95) – special blend of ionic and boar bristles for superior styling and daily care
  • EcoHair Detangler ($20.50) – for gentle detangling on wet or dry hair with special memory-flex bristles

Maui Moisture is available online at Ulta and other major retailers. The Olivia Garden EcoHair Collection, as well as other Olivia Garden products can be online at Olvia Garden and select retail locations.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Top Eco-Chic Beauty Products For Earth Day and Everyday

Each year since 1970, Earth Day has been celebrated on April 22. An early Happy Earth Day to you! No one at The Makeup Examiner is going to tell anyone how to live his or her life, but we are going to share a little bit of our founder’s story. Yvonne was raised in an eco-conscious household by an --across the board-- activist mother. She shared with us that she’d always taken for granted that other people lived the same way that she did. Entering her teenage years, she had zero interest in the things that her mother taught her and became very interested in big business. 

Fast forward to eight years ago when she left a position as a CEO and decided to become a freelance writer. Wanting to give a voice to the voiceless, Yvonne focused on women’s issues. The media outlet that gave her a steady gig had asked if she’d wanted a beauty column. As she tells it, “I thought, ‘Yeah, like a hole in the head,’ but I took the gig anyway and hit the ground running. Six years later, I have been privy to a unique view of the beauty industry and have worked with so many amazing and wonderful people. This journey has taught me more than I could have imaged to learn about sustainably, the environment and how to tell the difference between a true eco-friendly product and a brand that is just straight up greenwashing.” Sustainable, organic, and fair trade are the issues that we hold close to our hearts and in celebration of Earth Day, Team TME has chosen a few of our favorite eco-friendly brands! Oops, we almost forgot that each of the brands listed are also cruelty-free!


Chantecaille - Chantecaille Beauté launched its brand with the philosophy of making women feel beautiful and beautifully making a commitment to the environment through responsible practices and philanthropic endeavors. Chantecaille’s philosophies haven’t changed, and we’ve yet to try a Chantecaille product that we don’t love. Non-GMO Too!

Rouge Bunny Rouge (RBR) – Pretty much still in the Indie category, Rouge Bunny Rouge is quickly becoming a favorite by all. With enchanting (and minimal) recyclable packing, Rouge Bunny Rouge has us hopping for more!

jane iredale - The Makeup Examiner Team chose jane iredale, as the brand’s Hydration Sprays have earned ECOCERT’s Natural and Organic Cosmetics certification. In conjunction with earning the aforementioned award from ECOCERT, jane iredale products are made without harsh chemical dyes, talc, parabens, formaldehyde, heavy metals or synthetic preservatives.


Gabriel Cosmetics – Offering a plethora of colors, Gabriel Nail Polishes are both eco-friendly and “5-free.” Plus, the brand is completely committed to sustainable practices.


Davines - Davines is a cruelty free, organic and sustainable brand that belongs to 1% For the Planet! There isn’t much more to elaborate upon other then to say that each product we’ve tried from this Italian brand is exceptional.

Pureology – Understanding the importance of water conservation, Pureology has taken conservation measures that include designing shampoo and conditioner packaging that use 39 percent less water during the manufacturing process, utilizes 100 percent recyclable packaging made of 50 percent post-consumer recycled materials, uses 100 percent vegan ingredients, and ultimately saves nearly 60,000 gallons of water each year through its overall conservation efforts.

ECRU New York – ECRU is dedicated to making products that are eco-friendly. ECRU New York’s products are not tested on animals and do not harm the environment. Of course, all of the brand’s packaging is recyclable.


Eco-Amour Advanced Skin Fitness – This brand has been a TME favorite for a long time. All Eco-Amour products are organic, vegan, cruelty-free and packaged in recyclable containers.

Merlot Skin Care - Featured on The TODAY show with Kathie Lee and Hoda, is a family-owned and operated brand with its products made in the USA. That aside, the entire Merlot Skin Care line is cruelty-free and incorporates the healing benefits of natural red grape seed antioxidants, which are gentle and effective.

NUDE Skincare – The brand’s products are made without parabens, phthalates, sulphates and other harmful chemicals, and they also avoid non-biodegradable mineral oils and silicones.


L’Occitane - The beautiful company with Parisian-inspired stores across the nation offers many eco-friendly products. L’Occitane offers refill pouches for most of its best-selling product formulas like soaps, face wash, shampoo, etc., which is the perfect way to refill your bottle or jar without having to purchase another container.

Daily Concepts – The brand’s products are environmentally-friendly and made from natural components such as soy based foam, charcoal and turmeric. Daily Concepts is a vegan brand and is committed to the global community through it’s participation in Lava Mae, a non-profit organization determined to “deliver dignity one shower at a time” to the world’s homeless.


Lotus Wei - The Makeup Examiner chose to highlight this particular company because of its all-around philosophies of integrating the plant, planet and beauty. Lotus Wei offers Flower Elixirs, Balancing Serums, Energy Mists, and Transformative Perfumes. Each of which are available in varying moods -- Joy Juice, Infinite Love, Pure Energy, Inspired Action, Quiet Mind and Inner Peace -- aimed to help us focus upon a specific issue in our lives by shifting our mood and physiology.

For more information on living a “greener” life, visit the Eco-Friendly or Earth Day sections on TME and visit the Earth Day website.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Sex Is Organic Shouldn’t Your Sexual Wellness Products Be Too?

We put a lot of focus upon what we put into our bodies such as organic foods, but seem to overlook items that are just as important -- sexual wellness products! Did you know that the vagina, and the scrotum, are two of the most absorbent areas of the female and male bodies? So why are we not turning to better, well in our opinion, safer products for sex? Recently, Sustain Natural, the pioneering brand of all-natural sexual wellness products introduced a new line of organic sensual personal care items, which included a package redesign by renowned designer Karim Rashid

The brand’s line of organic sensual personal care is the first in the U.S. to recognize two often-ignored phases of intimacy: foreplay and post-play. Sustain is celebrated for its existing line of Fair Trade certified condoms, aloe-based organic lubricants and 100% cotton post-play wipes. With the addition of organic sensual personal care, Sustain has established itself as the go-to brand for vagina-friendly products. Sustain Natural’s new line of sensual wellness products include Body Wash, Body + Massage Oil, and Body + Lip Balm, formulated specifically for before, during and after sex.

Body Wash ($16.90) – specially formulated suds made with organic aloe that cleanses and soothes your body, for washing up before or after sex. Made of 79% organic ingredients.

Organic Body + Massage Oil ($14.90) – a special blend of organic almond and jojoba oils combined with aphrodisiacs like orange, ylang ylang, and ginger to create a sultry, slippery way to glide hands over bodies. USDA Certified.

Organic Body + Lip Balm ($12.90) – made of organic beeswax, cocoa butter and aphrodisiac oils like sunflower seed oil and vetiver root oil, perfect for any rough patches on your knees, elbows and heels. USDA Certified.

All of the personal care products are made with certified organic ingredients and are available in two scents: Unscented and Citrus & Ginger. They are non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and free of parabens, petroleum, synthetic fragrances and irritating SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), an inexpensive and widely used chemical found in many mainstream personal hygiene products. You can find Sustain Natural products online at Sustain Natural

About Sustain Natural: From tampons, to condoms, to lubricants, most sexual and reproductive health products contain harmful ingredients that can hurt rather than help your body. Sustain is committed to always putting women’s health first, which means their products are better, safer, and more vagina-friendly than traditional brands. Sustain Natural’s products are all free of toxins and carcinogens commonly found in most condoms, tampons, lubes … you name it. Environmentalists at their core, they create all of their products with the planet in mind. From sourcing Fair Trade latex for their condoms, to using organic ingredients in their personal care products, Sustain believes in building a brand that makes the world a better place. Since its inception, Sustain Natural has always been committed to women with its dedicated fund 10%4Women, in which 10% of profits go to organizations including Planned Parenthood to provide access to reproductive healthcare and family planning services for low-income women in the U.S.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Lotus Wei Perfume Review: Earth Month Celebration

Happy Earth Month! Lotus Wei is the fourth and final review of eco-friendly beauty products for the celebration of Earth Month. The Makeup Examiner chose to highlight this particular company because of its all-around philosophies of integrating the plant, planet and beauty.

Katie Hess
In 2000, Katie Hess, flower alchemist and the founder of Lotus Wei, began sharing her custom-blended flower remedies with a few friends. Today, Lotus Wei products can be found in retails stores worldwide and has been featured on OWN and a plethora of media outlets and publications. The Makeup Examiner was very struck by Katie’s personal belief in “transformative actionfor the benefit of all”. It is her belief in the healing power of flower essences and a deep respect for our planet that places Lotus Wei at the top of the list.

Lotus Wei offers Flower Elixirs ($35), Balancing Serums ($50), Energy Mists ($40), and Transformative Perfumes ($45). Each of which are available in varying moods -- Joy Juice, Infinite Love, Pure Energy, Inspired Action, Quiet Mind and Inner Peace -- aimed to help us focus upon a specific issue in our lives by shifting our mood and physiology.

The Makeup Examiner had the opportunity to check out Lotus Wei Infinite Love Perfume, which is a lovely blend of rose, red mandarin, and honey. Infinite Love contains organic essential oils, transformative flower essences, and organic grape alcohol. Delivery is via a spray bottle and it’s free of phthalates, synthetics, and chemicals. Infinite Love’s purpose is to help focus upon unconditional love of you. (Is there a more worthy or important endeavor?).

Aside from producing organic eco-friendly perfumes and elixirs, a visit to the Lotus Wei website offers an abundance of information and helpful guidance about the transformative actions of flowers. From the “Tools +Apps” tab, visitors can print out journal pages to help guide you on your way to wherever you need to go or download the free Lotus Wei app that offers on-the-go info about flower alchemy. For more information about the transformative action of flowers or Lotus Wei products, visit Lotus Wei.

Full Infographic can be found at Lotus Wei


Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Three Simple Eco Tips For The Beautynista

Vitória Régia Water Lily at Pantanal Matogrossense, Brazil - Theo Allofs/Corbis

Being a green beautynista doesn't mean that you have to go full-tilt tree hugger, but you can take a few very simple steps to make your beauty regimen more eco-friendly. So, in honor of Earth Day, today April 22, and our lovely planet, The Makeup Examiner offers up a few tips that can be easily integrated into everyday life.

Bring Your Own Bag - Paper and plastic bags use a tremendous amount of resources and at least 80 percent of them never get recycled! Grab your own tote bag when you’re headed out on a shopping spree to Sephora. To make getting into the habit of using your own bags easier, keep them by the front door. Check out Global Girlfriend for chic totes that are Fair Trade and Eco-Friendly.

Drink Tap Water and Use Your Own Container – Bottled water is so passé. According to TreeHugger, out of the 50 billion bottles of water being bought each year, 80% end up in a landfill. 17 million barrels of oil are used in producing bottled water each year. Bottled water costs 1,000 times more than tap water. Drinking 2 Liters of tap water a day only costs 50 cents per year. Plastic leaches toxins into the water, which have been linked to health problems such as reproductive issues and cancer. A great option is a S’WELL Bottle ($25-$45) made from stainless steel or wood, which keeps drinks hot for 24 hours and cold for 12 hours, plus S’WELL donates to charities around the globe!

Go Green When You Clean – Isn’t it kind of counterproductive to use nasty chemicals to clean your home? You can Google DIY green cleaning products, but if you’re not the DIY type, check out Seventh Generation. Seventh Generation has been producing plant-based cleaners for over 25 years and offers an affordable alternative to toxic cleaners.

So, there you have three of the simplest ways to help improve the state of our planet. Of course I can’t write about green efforts without calling attention to greenwashing. Eco-Friendly, Organic, and Natural have become marketing buzzwords used to entice the consumer into thinking that they’re purchasing a “greener” product. If you truly want to become more eco-conscious, take the time to research brands -- from the products themselves to the processes used. Happy Earth Day Lovelies! Now, go check out one of the Earth Day festivities happening around the globe!


Friday, April 18, 2014

jane iredale Review: Earth Month Celebration

Happy Earth Month! jane iredale products are the third review of eco-friendly beauty products for the celebration of Earth Month. First and foremost, The Makeup Examiner chose to review jane iredale, as the brand’s Hydration Sprays have earned ECOCERT’s Natural and Organic Cosmetics certification. In conjunction with earning the aforementioned award from ECOCERT, jane iredale products are made without harsh chemical dyes, talc, parabens, formaldehyde, heavy metals or synthetic preservatives.

For the past 20 years, the jane iredale brand has been a favorite amongst celebrities and industry professionals, as the brand focuses upon creating uplifting and natural makeup. In order to get a good feel for the brand, The Makeup Examiner tested out the newly reformulated jane iredale Hydration Sprays and Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener. To start, jane iredale POMMIST and D20 Balance Hydration Sprays ($27) are 100 percent natural and 30 percent organic, and the products’ sourcing, manufacturing and packaging have a minimal effect on the environment. Each Hydration Spray quickly refreshes tired skin, plus is fantastic for setting makeup as they conceal pores and fine lines creating a smooth, long-lasting finish! (Hello, love!)

jane iredale Hydration Sprays:

POMMIST - Hydrates, conditions and protects all skin types. Features the added benefit of Pomegranate Extract, a powerful antioxidant and UV protector. Contains organic Pomegranate extract, White tea leaf extract, and Rosemary leaf extract.

D20 - Helps to hydrate and plump skin cells and contains ingredients to calm and protect the skin. Ylang ylang leaves an uplifting scent and has a balancing action on the secretion of sebum. Made with organic Chamomile flower extract and Myrrh extract.

Smooth Affair Facial Primer & Brightener ($48) is this incredible primer that can also be worn alone for a perfect sheer glow. The translucent pink formula is packed with botanicals that have anti-aging properties, brightens and evens skin tone, minimizes the appearance of pores, and controls oil. This may just be the go-to product for summer!

A few more items to note about the jane iredale brand: Certified cruelty-free by PETA, 2013 CEW Eco Beauty Award Finalist and most products are both vegan and gluten-free. Readers can find products online at jane iredale, at spas in over 40 countries, and select retail location throughout the US.


Friday, April 11, 2014

Choiselle Artisanal Bath and Body Care Review: Earth Month Celebration

Happy Earth Month! Choiselle bath and body are products are the second review of eco-friendly beauty products for the celebration of Earth Month. First and foremost, The Makeup Examiner chose to review Choiselle because of the brand’s green standards. Choiselle uses organic ingredients selected from small organic farms, which helps increase sustainable living for all involved.

Every good story begins with a good back-story. Nydia Norville, founder of Choiselle, became frustrated when she couldn't find pure products to help alleviate her severely dry skin. Frustration led to action. Remembering her childhood and watching her grandmother mix up skincare and medicinal remedies, using ingredients from Grandma’s backyard garden, Nydia began “cooking” up concoctions in her kitchen.

“I tried everything and nothing really worked, especially in the winter, so I decided to try to make something myself. In the process of researching different ingredients commonly used by existing brands, I noticed that an overwhelming amount of brands mislead their customers by making claims to produce products that are natural or organic but instead, the ingredients listed are mostly fillers and synthetic ingredients that are known to be harmful,” says Nydia. What Nydia is referring to is the common practice of “greenwashing”.

In January, Choiselle launched a line of prestige natural bath and body care products made from certified organic ingredients such as shea butter, sunflower oil, essentials oils and safflower oil. All products are free of parabens, petroleum, and toxins that are known to disrupt the natural balance of the skin. Nydia opted instead to utilize plant-based ingredients that have been used for centuries to soothe and protect the skin.

Choiselle is a small brand in regards to its current offerings, but that is all that is small about the luxurious, skin-nourishing products. Choiselle offers Body Butter ($35), Bath & Body Oil ($25), and Body Lotion ($42) and all formulas are available in three scents -- lavender, lemongrass and ylang ylang. The packing is minimal, yet sophisticated and comes in reusable/recyclable glass.

What’s brilliant about offering body butter, oil and lotion is that our skin needs different levels of moisture at various times. The scents themselves are everything that one expects from true essential oils that add to the transformative experience. The Makeup Examiner wasn’t disappointed with a single product in the line, but her must-have for summer is definitely Choiselle Bath & Body Oil, which you can mist on and go!

So, do the products work? YES! From outside packing to inside product, Choiselle offers a prestige, artisanal line of bath and body products. Choiselle Bath and Body products are available at Choiselle. Choiselle will be expanding its product line with the release of lip balms, shampoos, conditioners and shower gels! 

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Birchbox Launches All-Natural Limited Edition Box

Birchbox announced on April 8, the launch of its Limited Edition: Free For All Box and this fits in perfectly with The Makeup Examiner’s Earth Month Celebration! The Limited Edition: Free For All Box ($44) is filled with all-natural products that are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals, and GMOs, and features an exclusive pouch by the humanitarian fashion label FEED.

These handpicked best-in-class products rely largely on natural extracts from fruits, flowers and veggies. The Makeup Examiner knows first hand that several of these products are absolute must-try items!

Included in the Limited Edition: Free For All Box:

  • FEED – FEED 10 Pouch
  • Jurlique – Purely Bright Radiance Serum
  • Alima Pure – Lip Tint in Rhubarb
  • LOV Organic – Assorted Teas
  • W3LL People – Hypnotist Eyeliner
  • Shamanuti – Activated Charcoal Cleanser
  • Karma Organic Spa – Nail Polish Remover with Soybean Oil and Tea Tree Oil
  • eco-armour – Shave with Benefits Shave Foam with Mint and Eucalyptus (TME Favorite, which you can read all about right HERE!)

The Limited Edition: Free For All Box can be purchased exclusively at Birchbox. For subscribers and customers interested in discovering more clean products, Birchbox has created a new shop category … Ingredient-Conscious Picks. Each product featured in the shop is free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, petrochemicals, and GMOs. Happy Earth Month! 

Friday, April 4, 2014

Shea Terra Organics Review: Earth Month Celebration

Happy Earth Month! Well … every month is indeed Earth Month, but Earth Day itself is celebrated on April 22nd and with this, The Makeup Examiner has chosen to spotlight Eco-Friendly products throughout the month. In celebration of Mother Earth, and to bring focus to the fact that we do not have to sacrifice product quality in order to achieve a respect for our planet, TME offers you the first review in The Makeup Examiner’s Earth Month Celebration! 

TME has previously reviewed Shea Terra Organics, but this brand was impressive enough to highlight again. To begin, founder Tammie Umbel has spent the last 15 years working with local communities, in Africa, identifying ingredients linked with ancient beauty traditions and creating skin care products to share with the world. But, it is the way in which Tammie procures these ingredients that set the standard for eco-friendly brands.

By adhering to fair trade practices, Shea Terra Organics directly contributes to the sustainability of local economies. And by using Certified Wildlife Friendly ingredients, the brand produces quality skin care products without harming the Earth or exploiting its resources.

Now that you know a little information about the business practices of Shea Terra Organics, let’s get to a few of the products.

Shea Terra Organics Moroccan Mud-Tox Body Cleanse in Menthe Tea Vanilla ($18) is a luxurious at-home spa treatment that is a perfect avenue to detox and shed that winter skin. Delivered in powder form, Moroccan Mud-Tox Body Cleanse is mixed with water to create a paste. You apply the paste all over for a full detox, or to target areas, and after approximately 10 minutes, rinse to reveal refreshed skin.

Shea Terra Organics Argan & Olive Nourishing 2-n-1 Body Scrub Dark Amber ($18) is a 2-in-1 cream scrub that exfoliates with natural, organic ingredients and moisturizes skin in the process. Dark Amber offers a relaxing scent, reminiscent of what you would experience at the spa. Apply to wet skin, rinse and baby soft skin is revealed.         

Shea Terra Organics Jasmine Ylang Ylang Relaxing Bath Oil Drops ($20) is a TME favorite. Add a few droppers full of this exotic fragrance to your bath and let the relaxing scents take effect.

All Shea Terra Organics products are cruelty-free, organic and many products are packaged in glass, which is 100% recyclable. Find Shea Terra Organics at Shea Terra and select retail outlets. Read about other offering from Shea Terra Organics in this TME Review!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

‘Living Beautifully’ with EcoTools

In celebration of Earth Month, EcoTools announced on April 9 a new charitable platform to give back to local non-profits. The Living Beautifully Project endeavors to extend EcoTools eco-friendly philosophy by giving back to consumers’ local communities.

The Living Beautifully Project is an extension of the brand’s philosophy of helping women look beautiful and live beautifully. From now through April 30, $1 from each purchase made at will be added to a total donation made to non-profit organizations, up to $100,000. But the Living Beautifully Project is more than just donating money.

The Project will give EcoTools customers a say in who receives the brand’s annual donation. After donations are collected, in June EcoTools will give costumers an opportunity to vote … so stay tuned for when the voting opens. Living Beautifully Project donations will only be received via orders placed on the EcoTools website and as a special thank-you to those who participate, customers will receive free shipping with code LIVEBEAUTIFUL at checkout.